Flight To Paradise (Adult 18+)

I have been looking forward to this trip to for almost a year. Through advance planning on my part I managed to successfully defend myself against my clients best attempts to invoke Murphy’s Law on the day of my departure, and I now find myself settling back into my first class seat on a plane bound for Jamaica and a week of wild, very adult fun at a nude beach resort where sex and adult games are enjoyed out in the open. A mischievous grin slowly appears on my face as I put my cell phone in airplane mode, thus shutting it off from the outside world and any attempts to contact me.

The flight attendant greeting the boarding passengers glances my way, catching my grin and flashing a seemingly knowing smile. From my window seat in the last row of the first class cabin configured with two seats on each side of the aisle, I casually watch my mostly tanned, resort-wear attired fellow passengers making their way past me until the flow slows to a trickle, then close my eyes and begin the process of replacing thoughts of work and to-do lists with ones of the warm Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches, and a very hedonistic resort destination where I and the other guests will spend our days naked in the warm sun.

After a few minutes I open my eyes and notice the aisle is empty. Good, the boarding process is almost complete and we will be airborne shortly. Two more minutes pass and I look up from browsing the drink menu to see the flight attendant welcoming an attractive but rather stressed looking woman dressed in a business suit.  She stops at my row, stuffs her carry-on bag into the overhead compartment then falls into the seat next to me.
“Business attempting to encroach on your vacation?” I inquire.
A long breath escapes from her mouth “You have NO idea”, she responds looking straight ahead.
“I’ve been there myself and I swore it wasn’t going to happen today so I let everyone know I would be incommunicado after lunch for that very reason.”
A slight smile comes over her face. “Thanks for the Jimmy Buffett reference, I needed that”.
Nice pull. I think to myself, impressed with how she instantly caught that song title connection.
“No problem”. I relax back in my seat “Soon I’ll be Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville” I respond in an intentionally corny manner.
“Don’t push it” she fires back, eliciting a laugh on my part.

The sound of the plane door closing precisely at 10 p.m. signals the official start of my vacation, bringing about an anticipatory excitement.  Soon the last hurdle is crossed as the plane powers smoothly into the air, Jamaica-bound.
Once at altitude, I order two drinks – one for myself and the second for the stressed-out fast-asleep woman beside me. The rum goes down smoothly and soon I’m drifting off to a light nap myself in the dimly light cabin.
Thirty minutes later or so, I stir in my seat and slowly open my eyes.  My empty drink glass comes into focus, then I glance over to find hers empty as well.

“Mmmmmmmmm nice” slips out of my mouth as I turn my head and notice she’s changed into a skimpy little halter sundress that has her breasts nicely on display.
“Pervert” she responds looking straight ahead.
“Guilty,  and I suppose you’re heading to the islands to become a Nun?” I ask.
“As a matter of fact, I am”.
“Too bad.  I guess I won’t be seeing you at Hedonism II then”. I say in a hushed tone so as not to awaken the neighbors in front of us.
She turns and makes eye contact, leaning slightly towards me, and whispers
“You never know, I may be assigned to that den of naked hedonistic debauchery to attempt to save you”
Our eye contact lingers for several seconds then I glance down at her full breasts barely covered inside the top of her dress, then back to those pretty brown pools.
“Or me, yours”.
“Possibly” she responds.  “Mother Superior is unlikely to approve of my revealing nun costume, uh I mean *habit* “.
“It’s hot and humid in Jamaica.  How can she expect you to wear all that clothing?”
“I know, right?”
“I mean who says you couldn’t be just as effective in your soul-saving endeavors while wearing a bikini?”
“Exactly”.  She pauses for a couple seconds “Too bad I didn’t pack one”.
Just then, the flight attendant arrives with another round of drinks.
I raise the armrest between us.
“To naked nuns”  I propose.
We clink glasses then down half of our drinks before relaxing back into our leather seats.

A moment later a strong jolt hits the cabin from a patch of turbulence.  She grips my bare thigh just above my knee and digs her fingernails into my skin.
“Excuse me?”  I say.
“Sorry, I’m a fair weather flier”.
“Ok, I’ll let it go this time” – a grin slowly appearing on my face.
Thirty seconds later, another strong jolt, and this time I grip her firm tanned thigh.
“Excuse me?”  She fires back with faux indignance.
“Sorry, but that one was really strong” I reply, before gently easing my fingers over her bare skin in retreat.
For the first time in my life I find myself hoping for some turbulence, and mother nature doesn’t disappoint as the next bump finds her hand again on my muscular tanned thigh – quick to grasp and playfully slow to remove.
I softly clear my throat in mock objection.
“Looks like I lied” she responds with an *oh well* shrug.
“A half-hour in and you’ve already sinned?”
“Yeah well, might as well get the first one out of the way early”

Our game continues for the next thirty minutes as we drift near sleep – me slowly testing the waters by steadily inching my hand towards the hem of her mini-dress with every other bump and her following suit.  She lifts my hand and playfully moves it back towards her knee each time (as do I with her hand), although as our hands move higher, our reprimands have reduced to movements of a token inch at most.

Another round of drinks arrives.
“To turbulence”  I propose.
“Real or imagined” she responds with a warm smile.
We share an intense gaze lasting several seconds then ease back into our seats with our legs now permanently touching – both of us a bit sleepy, but exhilarated.

I glance out the window and see the lights along the Texas coastline.
“We’re leaving the mainland, heading out over the gulf”.

She leans over, placing her hand high on my thigh for balance and peers out the window showing obvious enthusiasm.  Her scent sends arousing sensations throughout my body as we watch the coastline disappear.  She turns her head and with our faces just a few inches apart whispers
“I can’t wait to get naked and party for an entire week”.
“So the Nun thing?”
“Yeah, changed my mind”
I smile “Their loss”, then continue  “I can’t wait either.  I’ve been looking forward to ripping my clothes off and letting my alter-ego loose for months now”.
Those pretty eyes, her intoxicating scent, the hint of rum on her breath, and the sight of her beautiful full mostly exposed c-cups sitting free in the top of her dress cause my cock to stiffen against the fabric of my shorts – a sight she discretely takes in before slipping back into her seat.

At the next hint of turbulence I place my hand high on her inner thigh, gently caressing her soft skin.  She lets out an easy sigh, and slouches in her seat inviting my fingers to slide higher, which they do, a half inch at a time, slowly teasing her until my little finger finds her naked wet petals.  I hastily grab a blanket and drape it over our laps for privacy, then continue gently, casually gliding my finger over her wet petals and firm clit.  The rum and thoughts of of a naked week of fun have us both floating and increasingly uninhibited.
I turn to her and let my baritone softly vibrate in her ear:
“Imagine laying naked side by side on padded beach loungers looking out over the Caribbean while touching each other”.
“mmmmmmm yes” she responds, then eases her hand onto my inner thigh.
“touching, stroking, arousing each other in full view of new-found friends”
“Feeding my inner exhibitionist” she says, now gently caressing my leg.
“Your beautiful tanned oiled body on display – nipples hard, breasts swollen, legs spread, exposed Sex soaking wet as you writhe under my touch”
She interjects “Your muscular body glistening, this cock is rock hard and pointing towards the sun as I stroke your oiled shaft”  she moans softly – her hand moving the fabric of my shorts upward allowing her to grip my naked erect cock.
I continue “Others getting aroused, kissing, touching, stroking as they watch us, and us them”
“Mmmmmmm yes, watching while being watched” she purrs.
“They watch you squirm, your hips rising to meet my touch, showing off those tight abs, those fine natural tits dancing slowly on your chest with every deep breath”.
“You sucking on one nipple while finger-fucking my soaked box”
She glances down to enjoy the sight of her right breast sitting barely inside the top of her dress completely exposed to my eyes only.
“Exactly.  I could have you straddle me with those gorgeous legs and sink down on my rod, slowly fucking me while others watch my hungry wet cock disappear and reappear from your tight pussy”  She turns to look into my eyes, obviously high from my constant touch and the mental images I’m placing in her mind.
A silent pause hangs in the air as she massages me – stroking, twisting, and squeezing my long thick erection.

“But not this time” I continue.
She purrs softly and eases further back into her seat hooking her left leg over my right knee.
“This time, I take you to the edge and keep you just short of climax while your naked body squirms and the moans emanating from your infinitely kissable lips plead for release”.
“Mmmmmm, all of those eyes on me.  My feet in the sand, legs spread, my body writhing on the lounger, aching to cum”
“Keeping you right on that edge for a couple of minutes that seem like hours”
“The ache to cum struggling with an ache for you to make it last”
I finger her clit slightly faster, watching her eyes as her body climbs.
“Your gorgeous nude body squirming, that exhibitionist rush overloading your senses, every minute spent in the gym readily apparent as your thigh muscles and abs tense, easily lifting that tight ass off the lounger”
“Gripping and slowly stroking your rock hard dick”
“Mmmmm yes, with the same magic touch your using right now” I moan into her ear upon feeling her fingers massage and stroke my swollen shaft.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck” she softly moans, closing her eyes, panting and discreetly raising her hips up off the seat cushion.  I  back off slightly, letting my fingers drift between her soaking wet petals for a few seconds.

The look in her eyes when they reopen, speaks volumes.  Her mouth drops open as my touch resumes on her firm sensitive pearl.  Her back arches, causing her head to press back into the headrest and her fine tits to come dangerously close to breaking free from the top of her dress.
“Through your haze you see the arousal in others eyes and bodies.  Couples touching, stroking, watching, enjoying as you cling to the edge”

I let that thought linger in her mind while purposefully circling her clit with a steady motion.  Within fifteen seconds, I feel her grip my cock hard and watch as she arches her back, muting her orgasmic cry while attempting to keep her body relatively still.
She flies for a solid minute as I talk her through it while I gently massage her clit.
“Unlike right now, you’re unconstrained, demonstrative, freely expressing your feelings as waves of orgasmic pleasure rock your beautiful body”
I find just the right touch to make her body spasm.
“Mmmmmm, just like that I continue to arouse you throughout your flight, milking every second, every sensation from deep inside you until you’re laying relaxed and spent, with a beautiful smile gracing your pretty face”

She lays still for a good thirty seconds then opens her eyes and turns her body to lean into me.
“I want that.  Every word, every action, every onlooker, exactly as you said it.  I fucking want it”.
“Then you’ll have it”  I fire back.
She stares deep into my eyes trying to judge my sincerity.My hard dick is now in her right hand being slowly steadily stroked under the blanket. The fire in her eyes is intense and hypnotic.
“Would you really get off on others watching me stroke this big thick cock while you lay naked and exposed on that lounger?”
“Hell yes I would” I respond staring into her pretty eyes, leaving no doubt of the honesty of my answer.

Still stroking me slowly but with more purpose, she whispers
“You laying naked on that lounger, me on my side stroking your exposed cock and fondling your tight balls while others watch – some curious, others responding in kind”.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, fully exposed while enjoying your touch every bit as much as you enjoyed mine” I respond.
“My tongue circling your firm right nipple.  Mmmmmm, I love the way your dick responds to my touch” she whispers while squeezing my rock hard shaft under the blanket.
“My hand glides teasingly over your oiled glistening turgid cock, stroking and twisting as your long, lean, muscular body climbs – enjoying the ride while friends and strangers watch and engage each other”
“Your tits brushing against my nude body, one leg bent giving my fingers access to your wet snatch” I whisper.
“god yes” she responds.  “Then kissing my way down your abs and devouring that piece of meat”
“Mmmmmm, you confidently sucking my dick with that talented mouth as we play naked in the warm sun”.
A wicked grin comes over her face.
“I could give you an amazing blow job right there in front of everyone”.
I stare into her pretty eyes enjoying the pace of her hand job and the silence of her dramatic pause.
“But I want our voyeurs to see your cock being touched, stroked, fondled and teased”.
She strokes me faster and with more purpose, a sexy feral look in her eyes burning into mine.
I groan softly “you’re in the drivers seat” then close my eyes.
Her smooth warm voice resonates in my ear
“I want us all to watch you cum, to watch your warm seed explode into the air, splashing onto both of our nude bodies as your hips buck and your uninhibited groan commands attention”
“Mmmmmmmm fuck yes” I softly groan
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, is right, but first I’m taking you to the edge, to the point where you beg for release” she purrs, then eases her tongue softly around the inner portion of my ear.
“Ah, payback”
She eases her fingers over my balls and curls them underneath.
“These tight shaven balls exposed, this thick rod throbbing in the warm sun, my fingers skillfully twisting and stroking, keeping you just short of orgasm”
My body is throbbing, aching for release, and as I had done to her a few minutes ago, she’s keeping me right on the edge – expertly manipulating my turgid cock.
Again, her voice and warm breath are in my ear.  “I resist every urge to mount you and fuck your hungry body”
“As I do, to roll you onto your back and nail you” I fire back with our lips just inches apart.
“All in good time, right?”
“Exactly – teasing each other and our voyeurs – going a little further with each encounter” I respond.
I relax back into my seat and her lips are again at my ear.
“Keeping me soaking wet in anticipation”  “But for now, I’m showing off this big cock of yours.  Teasing you higher and higher, causing you to squirm, stroking and twisting as you climb, searching your eyes and body for that perfect moment”

God this woman gives amazing massage-style hand jobs
A familiar energy races into my thighs.  She senses my body tense.
“Not this one” she purrs into my ear, easing off on her touch, deciding the perfect moment is yet to come.
I look into her eyes allowing her to see the depth of my arousal.  She flashes a warm, open smile while driving me again higher with her perfect touch for a good thirty seconds.
Our eyes remain locked as an even more intense energy rushes into my body.  Instead of tensing, I find myself relaxing.  Our gaze breaks and I lay back in my seat, welcoming her pending gift.
“Mmmmmmm, like this one” she purrs directly into my ear.
My hips buck upward and I suppress a deep guttural groan as an amazingly intense orgasm explodes into my body sending me high into the clouds.
My head spins as her warm voice encourages me through every second of flight.
“Mmmmmm, finding that perfect moment for you to explode like a fucking volcano with a guttural masculine groan while spraying your warm cum high in the air splashing down onto our naked glistening hard bodies”
Her hand squeezes and strokes, coaxing every last drop out of my balls onto her slender fingers.
“Every drop, until you’re laying there naked and absolutely spent”

When I finally open my eyes, I turn to her.   She purrs strongly upon feeling my left hand slip inside the top of her dress, my fingers lightly caressing her firm nipple while placing a soft kiss on her lips.
We share an intense stare, followed by warm smiles, then ease back into our seats with my hand on her inner thigh, and her slender fingers rubbing my creamy seed over the swollen head of my cock.

“Nothing like starting a wicked vacation on the plane”  I offer.
“I love spontaneous encounters, especially when it happens so organically”
“Agreed.  Roleplay starting with just the very basic premise laid out can be highly erotic as well.”
She pauses looking a little lost, then turns and whispers in my ear “Mmmmm, stranger roleplay arouses the hell out of me”.
The depth of arousal in her pretty eyes as they connect to mine speaks volumes.  I gently grasp her wrist and bring her fingers between us, letting her watch while I suck her index finger clean.  She does the same with her second finger, then me the third, and her the pinky before she sensually licks my seed off the back of her hand while staring into my eyes.

“I’m envisioning a series of anonymous texts coming your way from a *stranger* throughout the week instructing you where to meet, who to look out for at the masquerade party, or any number of potential encounters”.
“You could well receive your share of equally intriguing texts”
“Such as?”
“Such as ‘it’s fuck-a-stranger night in the hot tub’ meet me at midnight”
Her hand eases over my cock through the material of my shorts.  Then she continues “That is, if you’re into that kind of thing”.
“Naw, that doesn’t do much for me”  I respond with a smile.  “Now, sex with a Nun in a hot tub is a different story”.

She smiles and we ease back into our seats – her fingers drifting over my half-covered renewed erection before settling on my thigh, while mine ease up her inner thigh coming to rest at the hem of her mini-dress.
“That could be arranged” she responds. while pushing the blanket off our legs onto the floor.

“My goal for the week is to ensure that when I board the bus at the end, that there are zero I-wish-I-had’s”
“That’s perfect.  Do everything”.
“And every one you want to, especially for a beautiful woman like you”
She looks at me. “Thank you, and I return the compliment, but despite what just transpired between us, I’m not into notching my bedpost.  I’m not into quantity”.
I look into her eyes.  “I feel the same way.  I came here to play and have fun, not to go on a numbers conquest”.
She searches my eyes, then smiles.
“Although…” I continue
She turns and leans towards me letting the intensity of my feral stare soak in for several seconds.  My eyes slowly ease down from hers to those soft lips, graceful neck, exposed upper chest and firm tan c-cups threatening to spill out of her dress.  My eyes return to hers as the back of one finger caresses her right nipple just inside her dress causing it to quickly become firm.
She looks down to my shorts eying my refreshed erection then eases the back of one finger to the hem to lightly massage my wet opening.
“Unfinished business wouldn’t fall under the category of a conquest, would it” I suggest in a continued whispered tone.
“No, in this case I’d categorize it as a crime”
“And we’d end up in handcuffs”
“I know!  Can you imagine *me*, a nun in handcuffs???”
“That would be terrible”  I respond in faux outrage.
“Awful” she grins, her eyes starting to look sleepy.
“You’ve had a long day” I say, then pull the blanket back up onto our laps.

I move in to place a soft kiss on her tender lips and close my eyes upon feeling the fingers of her right hand slip under my shorts firmly gripping my semi-erect cock, squeezing as it hardens her hand. She moans softly as my hand caresses her bare ass under that little dress.
“I can’t imagine a woman like you being offended if I don’t try to fuck you in an airplane bathroom”
She smiles.  “Not my first choice, no.  Especially with so many more interesting scenarios lying ahead.  Any ideas?”
“Anywhere and everywhere.  Beach, ocean, pool deck, hot tub, the garden up against a palm tree – to name a few.  Right now – laying on my back on the sand with a beautiful woman riding me under the warm sun”  The back of my index finger eases over her exposed nipple caressing it as she considers my current desire.

“Mmmmmmm, long slow penetrations without a care in the world” she offers

We remain silent, eyes connected, letting that picture play out in our minds, while I enjoy her moans as my left hand lightly massages her right breast under her open dress. She looks even sleepier now, so I raise my glass and we toast “to unfinished business”, then down the last of our drinks.  We ease back into our seats and slowly drift towards sleep.
I ease my hand onto her bare thigh under the blanket.
“Excuse me?” she whispers.
I chuckle and she responds in kind, slipping her hand onto my bare thigh.
I softly clear my throat in mock objection.
She grins and playfully slides her hand up higher, gliding the side of her little finger over the tip of my cock spreading the drop of precum over my sensitive skin.


She smirks, then purrs as my little finger finds her clit, lightly massaging it for a few seconds before sliding my hand up to mid-thigh as we ease into sleep, both of us surely dreaming about uninhibited play in the naked Jamaican paradise that awaits just four hours away….

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