Uninhibited Beach Encounters – Chapter 1 – No Hesitation

Posts from a new blog I read yesterday are persistent in distracting me, infusing deep desires, and transporting me to a beach where I lay on a towel in a quiet spot under a cluster of palms, enjoying the filtered sun and warm breezes on my nude body.

A woman I’ve never seen before strolls by sharing a warm smile which I readily return. She stops in her tracks, pausing for several seconds, then approaches, silently standing over me staring down into my eyes with her beautiful welcoming green pools.  She has a soulful vibe about her – obviously comfortable baring her tall, fit, tanline-free naked form, as I am in revealing all of my 6′ 4″ athletic body.
Our eyes lock, and a mutual attraction develops quickly, freeing our eyes to scan each others bodies – mine over her firm upper body, perky c-cups, tight abs and long toned legs, and hers over my shoulders, firm pecs and muscular abs.  She smiles warmly upon seeing me remain relaxed below her while my cock steadily grows hard before her pretty eyes.

Without saying a word, her eyes again lock onto mine.  She steps over me, straddling my body, then drops to her knees and eases her tight wet sex slowly down my shaft.
Opening her eyes, she stares into mine while rising up until only my swollen head remains inside her. She pauses, allowing the warm onshore breezes to caress her spread petals and my wet shaft, then slowly buries me fully inside her body. Our eyes remain locked, my hands on her hips, our voices silent while she establishes a deeply sensual pace – five seconds up, five seconds down, repeat…
A minute passes before we engage each in casual conversation – our love of being naked at the beach, where we’re from, what stirs our souls, and other ‘first date’ type talk. A sensual purr eases from her lips creating a pause in our easy conversation as the back of my finger begins to caress her firm clit in a complimentary rhythm to hers. We’re casual and relaxed – neither one of us showing any sense of urgency, preferring to be perfectly in the moment to fully enjoy each sensation. The look in her eyes, her open lips, the way her hips sensually move and her breasts gently sway – breasts she brings to my mouth every minute or so to enjoy my tongue bathing her taut nipples.
We openly discuss not having a care in the world if we’re seen naked and/or enjoying sex on the beach as our bodies steadily climb – part of a very organic progression towards intensely sexual communication of the sensations flowing through our connected bodies.
We’re inexplicably drawn to each other and not questioning it for a single second.

Twenty, maybe thirty minutes of beautiful soulful sex passes before I see the aroused look in her eyes turn more intense.  Her back arches and soft-spoken deeply arousing moans ease into the warm air, mixing with the gentle sounds of the ocean in the distance.  I back off and glide my hands alongside her bronzed sun-warmed face, then over her toned shoulders and arms before cupping her swollen natural breasts, gently stimulating her erect nipples with my thumbs.  She leans down to kiss me, moaning against my lips upon feeling my finger return to her firm clit and my hips buck upwards repeatedly driving my erection deep inside her.  I take her close to the edge, then back off – enjoying her sensual uninhibited reaction as our kiss breaks and she rises up to again slow-dance on my body.
“Mmmmmm, so beautiful”
She smiles “Thank you”.
She moves so sensually, squirming and moaning with deep intensity for another minute, reaching a peak as a long, very sensual cock drenching orgasm grips her beautiful body. I watch her fly so high for a good two minutes as she soulfully rides me – enjoying every wave of orgasmic pleasure the flows into her sexy body, without even a hint of inhibition.  I’ve never been so drawn to a woman in my entire life.

Her hands move to my firm pecs, her intense stare mesmerizing me as she continually glides up and down my slick shaft.  She  steadily increases her pace until I’m close, then teasingly backs off – expertly riding my cock while deepening this inexplicable soulful connection between us.  She takes her time, varying her pace while searching my eyes to find that perfect moment where her sensual tease turns to a steady ride – every inch of penetration of my slick cock into her tight pussy driving me higher as she fucks me to an incredibly deep intense orgasm. I groan out as I explode inside her, thrusting my hips upward against her tight ass as my cum splashes against her walls.
“Mmmmmm, fill me” she moans.
The warmth in her eyes draws me deep into her as she eases up and down my shaft, sensually milking every drop of my creamy seed from my body into hers while I fly high into the cloudless sky above us.
I pull her down to my chest for a soft kiss that has our tongues lightly dancing and my hands caressing her ass cheeks as she continues to massage my shaft with her tight walls.

“Come here often?” I ask with a smile when our kiss breaks.
She returns my smile.  “I do.  I live here on the island”
“As often as I can.  I’d love to move here some day”
She closes her eyes momentarily upon feeling me remain hard inside her and squeezes my shaft before resuming a subtle ride.
“You should make that happen.  It will change your life”
That warm smile remains on her face as I freely caress her soft bronzed skin and her fingers roam over my muscular arms and chest.
I gently stroke her thighs while scanning her naked body.  “This island has obviously been good for you”.
“It has.  Listen, I’m sorry, but I’m really late to meet a friend but what a beautiful detour”
“Yes, it has been.  “Intense, and unforgettable. Same time tomorrow?”  I ask, smiling.
She kisses me while gliding up and down my erection, then rises up to again stand above me.
“I’ll look for you” she says, then turns and heads up the beach earning my undivided attention for a couple of minutes until her tight sexy naked body disappears in the distance….

Thanks for reading.  Comments are always welcome.

Chapter 2 of this story can be found here:

Uninhibited Naked Beach Encounters – Chapter 2 – Payback

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