The Snake Charmer – Chapter 1 – Distracted Studies (Adult 18+)

A very warm late spring day without any classes on my schedule affords me the opportunity to dress extremely casually in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt before heading to the quiet of the beach-town college campus study lounge. I can feel summer just around the corner, invoking thoughts of competitive beach volleyball, minimal clothing, and ample parties – making it difficult to concentrate, but still I need a strong finish to the semester, so it’s time to focus.

Once in the large study lounge, a grouping of two stuffed-cushion mission style chairs catches my eye as the perfect location, so I head over and set my backpack on the right edge of the knee-height square table in front of me, then ease back into the chair with my textbook in my lap.
I take a moment to gaze out the floor-to-ceiling window immediately to my left, enjoying the scenic view out toward the ocean and the warm sunshine streaming into the room, both making for a relaxing environment in which to study.

After thirty minutes spent getting through some intense material, I notice an attractive student settling into the opposing seat five feet away across the table. We share a quick smile and I return to my textbook. A pretty, tall, fit woman with striking green eyes sitting five feet away from me is not exactly conducive to distraction-free studying, but I’m certainly not complaining.

A short chapter later, she’s settled in with a textbook in her lap, eyes focused on the pages, and her long, tanned, sunlit legs extending from her very short running shorts out alongside the table – definitely the legs of an athlete. She appears momentarily lost in thought as I glance up to find her pretty eyes focused on the cover of my book, lingering for several seconds before moving back to the pages of hers.
I wish this book was as interesting as she seems to think it is.

After getting through a particularly difficult chapter, I pause for a quick break. Placing my book on the wooden chair arm, I clasp my hands behind my head and stretch my tall athletic-built body, arching my back and stretching my chest – still a little tight from my earlier workout.  Towards the end of my stretch I look over at her and realize that the subject of her earlier glances wasn’t my book, it was, and is, the contents of my running shorts!
Her eyes quickly shift back to her studies and I look down to find the warm sunlight illuminating the visible outline of my cock lying underneath the thin white material.  These new shorts are so lightweight it’s almost like wearing nothing, which suits me quite well as I’ve always enjoyed the warm sun on my naked body, but I hadn’t considered that they’d be somewhat revealing when sitting in the sunlight. A mischievous smile comes over my face as I place the bottom edge of the book back in my lap and return to studying.
Distracted and oddly stimulated by wicked thoughts of indulging her curiosity, I subtly squirm in my chair to pull the thin material tighter against my crotch leaving less to the imagination and wait patiently to see how, or if, she reacts. She doesn’t, at least not at first, but within a few minutes I find her again peering over the top of her textbook at my shorts – a sight that further piques my curiosity and injects arousing sensations into my body. She looks lost in a daydream while staring at the easily discernible size shape and color of my lightly clad suntanned package – a daydream I’m only too happy to innocently support. Her eyes remain focused between my legs for an arousing cock-swelling ten seconds before returning to her studies leaving me even more distracted with thoughts of teasing her while we study.

I let a minute pass before again casually squirming in my seat while seemingly oblivious to the hem of the left leg of my shorts rising a half-inch off my thigh.  A hint of fresh air on my sensitive shaft tells me I’ve provided her with a glimpse of my bare flesh prompting me to nervously watch for her reaction while being careful to maintain my guise of innocence – both for fun and in case I’m misreading her and taking this too far.
It doesn’t take long to get confirmation via an extended stare that a view under my shorts is every bit as intriguing to her as the one through the thin material.  Ten seconds of those mesmerizing eyes on my crotch sends a heightened sense of arousal flowing into my body making me hunger to feed her horny thoughts in whatever way she desires.  My cock stirs growing closer to the hem heightening sensations of both nervousness and excitement.

I’m flying blind not knowing what’s truly going on in her mind – curiosity?, horniness?, a cock fetish?, ready to report me for being a pervert?  The look in her eyes and increasing length of her stares tells me the latter is highly improbable, so I decide to relax and enjoy wherever this playful encounter takes us.

The facade of my innocence in this dance soon begins to break down as the sight of her prying eyes arouses me to the point where my cock is now visibly longer and firmer.  The logical part of my brain kicks in attempting to splash cold water on this little game, but a slow simmering rush takes over, compelling me to continue.   Using the bottom of the book binding I discretely keep the thin fabric over my shaft, covering it the best I can while my growing member extends towards my left hipbone.  I look up and find her watching shyly but intently – her eyes frequently bouncing from my shorts to her book and back.
These sensations of becoming sexually aroused in front of an anonymous, very willing audience in this somewhat public place have me drifting into a deeper state of arousal with each passing minute. My mind readily yields control to my libido and I find my eyes slowly scanning and feeding off her long legs stretched out beside the table, from the nicely manicured toenails on her attractive bare feet, up her well-defined calves, to her firm tanned thighs naked up to the hem of her very short running shorts slit at the hipbone. The outline of her perky tits and firm nipples sitting obviously naked under that skimpy crop top hold my gaze as I fantasize about where this might lead.  I sense her watching me enjoy her body, and ease my eyes up to hers, engaging her in a silent gaze before we return to pretending to study.

Mmmmmmmmmm, game on, I think to myself in response to seeing a sexy smile slowly form on her lips seconds after resuming her studies – or at least pretending to.

My perusal of her toned body combined with the now open mutuality of our dance has caused my swollen head to press firmly upward against the tenuous grip of the hem of my shorts leaving my shaft barely covered.  Again I feel her eyes on me, intensifying the pulse-quickening rush flowing into my horny body as I stare at my book retaining very little of the material I came here to study.

A minute later our eyes reconnect with a stimulating intensity that deepens the sexual tension between us driving our desire to further explore these exciting newfound exhibitionist/voyeur inclinations. A half-smile eventually appears on her lips before her stunning eyes slowly, purposefully, drift down to my fabric-draped semi-erection.  The glazed look in her green pools, prominence of her firm nipples, and the small wet spot between her legs all give me a bright green light to continue with my tease. I watch her face, wanting to read her thoughts as she stares at my clearly visible evidence of arousal sitting barely inside the leg of my shorts before turning her attention back to her textbook.

Despite the facade being broken, we continue – she, the horny coed voyeur trying to study, and me the seemingly oblivious student attempting to do the same.  I toy with her over the next several minutes, teasingly varying her view from being completely covered, to the length of my shaft being partially visible as it lays parallel to the hem of my shorts – a tease her frequent gazes tell me she clearly enjoys.  

This scenario is all new, daring, risky, unexpectedly exciting, and I’m loving every second of it!  

My heart sinks when she closes the book and leans forward to place it in her backpack.
Don’t leave. I think to myself.
I not-so-discretely eye her limber body as she stretches – admiring her entire toned physique until becoming lost in arousing thoughts while staring at her tight abs. She’s watching me. I can feel it, yet I persist for several more seconds before raising my eyes to hers to find a lingering intense stare that slowly softens as a warm appreciative smile appears on her soft lips.
To my great relief, she retrieves another book from her backpack – a smaller text that hides less of her body – and settles back into the chair, re-extending her beautiful tanned legs alongside the low-height table.
A deeply intense rush grips me as her eyes again meet mine then slowly move down my athletic body, pausing to take in the sight of my swollen rod straining upward against the tenuous grip of the lightweight fabric of my shorts.
A few seconds of the cock-stiffening stare from those gorgeous eyes has my head threatening to break free from the grip of the hem. I hesitate for a few seconds, then discreetly press down with the bottom on my book allowing my swollen head to ease out into the open.
I briefly wonder if I’ve gone too far, but the intense mesmerizing look in her eyes tells me clearly that’s not the case.
Our eyes meet again, feeding off each others hunger as our bodies become increasingly aroused. Another inch of exposed flesh greets her when her gaze moves downward, a sight that elicits a long blatant stare that over the next minute slowly steadily coaxes all seven inches of my precum-tipped semi-erect cock out of my shorts onto my tanned inner thigh. She studies my glistening bare member for several arousing seconds before her eyes rejoin mine in a deeply engaging gaze followed by a soft smile before resuming our role-play.

Basking in the glow of the freedom and rush I once again pretend to read while pushing things further by beginning to slowly, almost imperceptibly massaging the bottom half-inch of my shaft. The sensations of the warm sun and gentle book massage in addition to her horny appreciative gazes all feel so amazing, taking me to a place where I’ve almost forgotten where we are.

Locked in a now tension-free dance, she again blatantly focuses on my exposure. I’m so fucking turned on watching her that I grow fully hard before her prying eyes. “Oh god” she softly whispers while intently ogling my full thick erection as I pretend to study.
She sees me looking to my right to check for onlookers and reaches over to stand her backpack on end to help block any unwanted views, then looks at me and returns my appreciative smile. Even with our minimal barricade, having my cock pointing upward is far too risky, so I relax and read while my erection softens slightly to a firm semi-erect state making it much more manageable.
Feeling completely in-sync with this beautiful soul, I ease back in my chair and make the massaging of my shaft with the bottom of my book binding more obvious – gliding it slowly and steadily along the bottom third of my shaft, manipulating the angle and view for her when she looks – which is more often with each passing moment.

I don’t know how we got here, but I’m beyond lost in this sexual haze, and she’s right there with me enjoying every move.

Within a couple of minutes, my massage causes a familiar intense energy to race into my thighs catching me by surprise. I squirm in my seat and back off to let the sensations subside – my cock throbbing in full view.  Again I scan her legs up to the wet spot on her shorts, then feed off her fine body before moving past her book to her face to watch those green pools devour my sun-warmed cock like it’s the first one she’s seen. It’s so incredibly arousing to be riskily feeding my beautiful voyeur all she wants to see.

I let my mind go and become so incredibly lost in the intensity of her stare while fantasizing about an explosive fuck with her riding me right here in the lounge. She feels it, soaking up the deeply horny look in my eyes and mirroring it back to me.  I hold still while she squirms as if she’s fantasizing about riding my erection, both of us locked in an erotic moment where time seems to stand still. I swear in the way she looks at me that she can read my mind about her dropping those skimpy shorts and mounting me right in this chair – both of us deeply lost in thoughts of the tight naked pussy under those shorts wrapped around my rock hard dick as she stares into my eyes and fucks me.
I ease my left thigh open as wide as the chair will allow and extend my lower leg alongside her outstretched tanned calves.  The sun shining on my freed cock and now visible freshly shaven tight balls sitting just barely inside my shorts invokes such an inexplicable feeling of freedom – a sight she devours with a deeply horny, surrendered look in her mesmerizing green orbs.

Our eyes again meet, both of us hungrily fucking each other in our minds while I absentmindedly massage my cock.   I watch her eyes drift down and become glued to my firm, thick, swollen rod causing the most intense sensations yet to flow steadily throughout my body.  Those eyes fuel my deep hunger – beautiful pools that pop up to mine when my body reacts to a wave of sensations rushing into my inner thighs.  My eyes close and my mouth drops slightly open as I ride the crest of another intense wave, then back off before it becomes uncontrollable.  This is all getting out of control, and I love every fucking second of it.
A warm encouraging horny smile greets me when my eyes open.
I stare back, so deeply aroused, so consumed by the rush, so addicted to giving her whatever she craves, another wave soon follows, and again I ride it while becoming even more intoxicated by the deeply intense look in her eyes.  I tease her by taking it right to the cock-twitching edge, drawing such amazing energy from the incredibly lost look on her face as she connects with a place deep inside me.  I feel the tops of her toes gently touch behind my ankle, and watch as her gaze slowly travels up my tanned leg from my firm calf to my muscular thigh, then pull back at the base of my shaft making me achingly hard, giving her the most erotic view I can with my swollen head pointed directly at her.   Her toes lightly grip my ankle as she stares hard for several seconds before her trip continues up to my eyes, locking onto them as I keep the deeply arousing pressure on the base of my shaft.  I close mine for a second as intense sensations begin to race up my thighs, then open them again to find her direct horny gaze into my blue pools.

As I’m about to release my hypersensitive shaft from the stimulating pressure of my book, she gazes down in a frozen stare prompting me to dangerously keep the pressure on my full thick spasming cock.  Time stands still for several seconds before those snake charming green orbs return to mine, drawing me deeper into her world, burning with lust as she watches mine glaze over and my mouth drop open.  

I’m close, too close, but the ache and hunger is so strong that it all seems beyond my control.  She flashes a devastatingly seductive look that connects deeply with my sexual soul, inviting me to climb higher.  Eyes locked, her toes gently gripping my ankle, I become completely lost in her gaze as the tingling energy flows freely, intensely throughout my body taking me right to the edge.

I manage to heavily mute my groan as my abs tighten, my upper body jerks slightly forward, and an unbelievably strong orgasm rips through my body!  I watch her face through my orgasmic fog, finding her now staring at my glistening, exposed, turgid cock with her mouth slightly open as waves of semen race up my shaft and explosively erupt onto my tanned thigh.  Dear god she has the most incredibly aroused look on her beautiful face.  My head spins as I ride the high of this explosive orgasm, aching for her to see it all – every pulsation, every wave, all completely exposed for beautiful voyeuristic eyes to record.  It feels so fucking intense, so impulsive, so amazingly freeing to let go after this long horny tease!  I lay back fuzzy-headed and relaxed in the chair while I fly, watching her intently, wondering what intense fantasy is running through her sexy mind as she stares glassy-eyed at my spasming cock.  Enjoying her gaze and the sensation of her toes still gripping my ankle, I lightly pull the bottom of the book binding back towards me coaxing the last few drops of semen onto my thigh. She looks up and I flash a gentle smile through my haze while enjoying the spark in those gorgeous eyes. Our gaze lingers, her face slowly softening until a warm smile appears informing me that she enjoyed this every bit as much as I did.  Her eyes again land on my semi-erect cock laying naked on my wet inner thigh before returning to her studies.

Fuck, I can’t believe I did that!

Her toes are still gently touching my ankle as my eyes move up her legs stopping at a couple of drops of my eruption that splashed onto her firm calf.  I look up to see her watching me.  Our eyes meet and she immediately preempts any need to apologize with a warm smile before returning to her studies. I ease the material back over my spent cock – an action met with a playful clearing of her throats and raised eyebrow in objection. I look at her as if to say really?. She smiles and shrugs, prompting me to happily capitulate by restoring her view, albeit one with my cock partially inside of the wide open leg of my shorts vs. completely out in the open.

I feel remarkably relaxed while I breeze through another chapter, as she seems to be doing as well – save the occasional knowing smile between us and apparent daydream when her eyes focus on my exposed flesh. 

Fifteen minutes of study combined with playful flirtation pass, then sadly I see her begin to pack up to leave.
“Time for class” she says.
I frown.  She smiles.
She loads up her backpack, then pauses to focus on my slumbering penis with that lost look in her eyes.  This girl really has my number, I think to myself as erotic sensations from the past hour flood back into my body, reawakening my cock.
“Snake charmer” I blurt out.
Her eyes drift up to mine and she smiles, then stands and stretches, taking her time once she notices me admiring her firm, fit, lightly dressed body.
“Damn, girl” I say with an approving smile.
She smiles, embracing both the verbal compliment, as well as the non-verbal one of my cock once again growing firm in the warm sunlight, then grabs her backpack off the table and eases her nicely manicured feet into her flip-flops.

“Have dinner with me tonight”.  I request before sliding a post-it note with my contact information across the table.
She stares down at the yellow sticky but doesn’t pick it up.
“I can’t”
“Hmmmmm, well when you dump whoever you’re seeing, let me know”
She raises an eyebrow as if to say ‘excuse me?’ then flashes a little grin.
“At the very least we should be study partners” I add.
She gazes down at my swollen exposure for several seconds before responding “Not if I want to pass my classes”.
then flashes a seriously flirty smile before heading off to class.

I relax back into the chair and close my eyes, attempting to capture all that had just happened while feeling deeply pleased with myself that I explored this unique opportunity to its fullest.  I stare down at the sight she was viewing while reliving the erotic sensations of feeding the desires of this sexy voyeur.  Just the thought of her takes me back into that sexual fog – a sensation I let wash over me for several minutes.
It all feels like a dream, but as I ease my swollen cock back into my shorts I realize this was no dream and I’m damn sure going to look for her around campus and hopefully find more opportunities to play. The odds of the two of us meeting and boldly exploring newfound mutual desires were long at best but the universe was certainly kind to us today.

My phone alerted me to a late night e-mail around 11pm.

“Mmmmmmmm today was so incredibly hot!  Sleep well.
–Snake Charmer”

Awesome. She memorized my e-mail address.
I reply “So hot!  I’m naked under a single sheet very much in the state your eyes coaxed me into today, reliving every moment” 

She replies “Mmmmmmmm, ditto.  Sleeping naked and looking forward to tonight’s dreams.  ‘Night”

“Sleep well sexy woman.  Let’s play again, soon.

I smile, knowing that looking around campus isn’t the only way to find her, then lay my tall athletic body down on top of the cool sheet and get lost in thoughts of her naked in bed while I slowly stroke myself to another intense orgasm before drifting off to sleep…

Adventures of these two continues with the next chapter, which can be found here:
The Snake Charmer – Chapter 2 – Procrastination has its rewards

Thanks for reading.  Comments, ideas, and shared fantasies are always welcome.


One thought on “The Snake Charmer – Chapter 1 – Distracted Studies (Adult 18+)

  1. Delicious! “….gleamingly exposed turgid cock…: brought me right there!!
    You kept me really piqued throughout your story, and wet.. I think I almost heard that stifled groan when you climaxed, I really enjoy seeing a man working his cock.

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