The Snake Charmer – Chapter 2 Distracted Studies (Adult 18+)

This is chapter 2 of the adventures of two college students who by pure chance discovered their exhibitionist/voyeur inclinations. While not absolutely necessary, in order to understand the background and characters I recommend reading Chapter 1 before reading this Chapter.  Enjoy!

Chapter 1 can be found here

The warm sun on my 3/4 naked body, co-eds in bikini’s, and the sound of the ocean were all so addictive during a couple of hours of late spring competitive beach volleyball this morning, however I do have to get some studying in before a test this evening.  After a quick shower and lunch I slip on a new pair of running shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops then head to the campus study lounge – probably not the best place to concentrate given my encounter with the “snake charmer” a few weeks ago, but I can’t resist.

Glancing into the corner of the room I find my preferred chair occupied (the one facing the back wall where I entertained the inquisitive snake charming voyeur a few weeks ago), so I walk over and ease into the nicely cushioned opposing mission-style chair and immediately dive into my study material.

After an hour of cramming, I’m feeling good about my progress and take a short break to free my mind, during which my thoughts quickly turn to the memory of sitting in the now-empty chair across from me, and the woman I’ve nicknamed “snake charmer” who helped me discover a deeply enjoyable exhibitionist side I never knew I possessed. I still vividly remember her curiosity about what was up the leg of my shorts and how surprisingly arousing it was to teasingly unveil my growing cock while she watched with such intense interest.
She and I have shared a few brief e-mail exchanges since then – mostly one liners when thoughts of our encounter crossed each other’s minds, and I’ve seen her around campus and at local beach restaurants – both times with a guy I assume to be her boyfriend.   A smile comes over my face remembering the risks she took in engaging me in knowing glances, and the way she instantly got my playful non-verbal disapproval of how covered up her sexy body was when with him on these warm Spring days.  I’m guessing that he’s the reason behind her conservative attire on those occasions, and he probably has no clue as to the sexy voyeur that lives inside her.  All I know is from my perspective it’s a damn shame to cover up that toned, fit body, especially with the weather warming up in our college beach town.

After a couple of minutes of intensely erotic cock stirring thoughts of her, I’m finally able to get my head back in the game and begin to review the material for a test this evening – breezing through the material with relative ease, that is until I’m distracted by a tall attractive woman wearing a short summer dress entering the room.

Snake charmer!  Arousal flows into my body upon seeing her again.

She searches for a place to sit, smiling when she sees me.  I flash a warm inviting smile then give her lightly clad body a two second approving scan before pretending to read – hopefully causing thoughts of our little innocent distraction game to stir in her mind.  The next thing I know she’s standing five feet away on the other side of the knee-height table between us.
I find her gaze easy to catch, and she’s very amenable to me checking out her toned body in that very short spaghetti-strap v-neck slip dress.
Our eyes meet in an intense stare – her mind, like mine, no doubt lost in thoughts of our first encounter, and she wastes no time checking out the bulge in my shorts before easing down into the chair making eye contact with a warm smile on her face.

So much for concentration on my studies.

I lean forward “How have you been?”
She smiles “Good. Crazy busy and really looking forward to summer. You?”
“Busy as well – studying plus training for the West Coast beach volleyball tour this summer. You should come out”
“Yeah, you’ll definitely see me at the beach”
I smile, picturing her hot, fit, body in a skimpy bikini, and judging by the look on her face she’s reading my thoughts perfectly.
Being in a quiet lounge, we end the conversation and settle into study.

She removes her shoes and extends her long olive completed legs out between the low table between us and the large ocean view window placing her nicely manicured feet, tight calves, and long toned thighs alluringly on display. Sensations of arousal flow through my body as scan her legs, pausing at the hem of her little dress sitting high on her thighs before continuing up to the nicely manicured fingers grasping her book, the tastefully exposed cleavage of her full breasts, the tips of that shiny brunette hair gracing the tops of her well defined shoulders, and up to her pretty face  where I discover she’s been watching me admire her body.
Horny energy immediately flows as our eyes lock in a stare that lingers for several arousing seconds punctuated by her little mischievous grin. Her focus shifts to my lightly clad package, then back to my blue pools where I greet her with a knowing smile before we settle in to study, hopefully reprising our game where we distract the hell out of each other while doing so.

After finishing a few more pages I look up to find her focused on reading.  Just seeing her sitting across from me again has me physically aroused, and although I’m facing into the room and can’t show any bare flesh, I make sure the state of my cock is readily apparent through the thin material of my new running shorts – a soft, white, slightly-sheer nylon material that brought snake charmer front and center to my thoughts when I tried them on in the store.

I need to study, but can’t keep my eyes off of her, nor can I focus when her pretty green orbs are checking my body out as I’m trying to read.  Within a couple of minutes our frequent perusal of each others bodies has us locked in a dance, spiraling together into a steadily increasing state of sexual hunger, deeply enjoying the mutuality of our risky erotic desires.

I again find myself admiring her sun-warmed bare legs – enjoying how she’s allowing the hem of her dress to teasingly creep up her thighs to the point where it’s barely concealing whatever she’s wearing underneath. Is she considering a game of role-reversal?  I become lost in thoughts of where she might take this.

My eyes rise to meet hers – those gorgeous orbs revealing that she’s been watching me in an equally aroused state while enjoying similar deeply erotic fantasies.  A lingering gaze ensues as we slowly, steadily, find our way back to that intense connection we shared when we first met.  I can’t get enough of the mesmerizing, cock-stiffening look in her eyes, nor does she seem eager for our horny stare to end.
Again glancing down at the small triangle formed by her closed thighs and the hem of her dress, I remain excited about how far she’ll take this tease, but as she did to me, I’ll need to seduce her into losing her inhibitions.

I slip back into the role-play of pretending to study with my cock firm in my shorts while riskily leaving the right leg open a half-inch providing a teasing sliver of a view. A skimmed half-chapter later I look up to find her using a highlighter on a few lines in her book causing her to press down gently on the spine – an action which eases the hem of her dress up an inch, revealing not the panties I’ve fantasized about, but a cock-stiffening revelation that she’s not wearing any!
In full role-play mode, she acts as if she’s oblivious – opening her legs slightly to give me a teasing view of her petals while pretending to study, just as I did to her during our first encounter.  Mmmmm, game on.
I study her face, wondering if she’s feeling that same rush I did when I fed her desires to see my naked flesh.  My answer comes when I find her staring at a single point on the page, face slightly flushed, those killer eyes glazed over.

I get through the next paragraph – needing to read it several times before her movement catches my eye, watching as she sets her book down and stretches – arms above her head while arching her back – drawing my eye to a momentary revealing of a bit more cleavage.  She stares down at my package, then up to my face to find me watching her while fantasizing about her naked underneath me in an explosive fuck.  I turn up the heat with my lustful fixed stare into her glazed-over green pools for ten seconds before my eyes slowly drift down to find her legs slightly more spread providing me with a better, but still teasing view of her naked pussy, which I soak up for several seconds before she crosses her legs cutting off my view.  I smile at the subtle grin on her face as she pretends to study.  “Tease” I whisper to myself.

It’s late afternoon and the lounge is beginning to empty out, allowing me to slouch a little and bring the leg of my shorts outside the confines of my chair into the warm sun, making the material more transparent.  Moments later, she looks down, smiling at the sight of my barely concealed sun-warmed erection, then relaxes in her chair, uncrossing her long legs leaving her left leg open allowing the hem of her dress to ride up just below her hip bones.  I stare at the sight of the sun now shining directly onto her fully exposed flesh, then up to her eyes to find them focused on her book while looking lost in a sexual haze.

I sense her peering over the top of her book to watch my eyes drift back down to enjoy the arousing sight of her exposed clit and ribbons of flesh of her supple petals for twenty cock-stiffening seconds before my eyes return to hers, finding her looking nervous, yet so incredibly turned-on.  I know very well what she’s feeling – that desire to feed my voyeuristic hunger to see her exposed, and hopefully reading how I want to crawl across this table and explore that soft juicy flesh with my tongue.  The look on her face speaks volumes – those two beautiful green pools reflecting such a deep state of arousal as exhibitionist juices flow throughout her beautiful body.

Feeding her fledgling exhibitionist desires and my voyeuristic hunger, I return to approvingly gazing between her legs while sensing her slowly relax further as she becomes more comfortable with being on display.   I’m so fucking turned on seeing her readily turn the tables like this, and I make damn sure she knows it via my libidinous stares and very visible erection through the material of my sunlit shorts.
Her horny gaze aimed at my crotch coaxes me to further open my right leg giving her a view of my naked flesh underneath.  Our subsequent gaze into each others eyes turns intense, connecting us even more deeply, providing me with strong evidence that she’s feeling the same sensations I was during our first encounter.

I watch those green pools as she stares down at my partially exposed precum-tipped member while I fantasize about her dropping to her knees and taking me in her mouth. She stares hard for several seconds before relaxing back into her padded chair with her ass at the edge of the cushion, then slowly eases her left leg open until I have a fully unfiltered view of her freshly shaved pussy.
Fuck, this girl is so much fun!
I adjust my position giving my erection room to grow rock hard while remaining barely inside the open leg of my shorts – riskily giving her even more blatant evidence of how I’m reacting to her.  She responds in kind, watching as I enjoy the sight of her perfectly formed sun-warmed petals, tracing those thin tanned ribbons of flesh up to the “v” of her hood, her skin freshly shaved clean with the exception of a small teardrop-shaped patch of close-cropped hair just above her clit.  I’m in a fog of disbelief and deep arousal watching her overcome her nerves and reciprocate with equal intensity to my previous display – exposed and lost in our dance while somehow projecting this beautiful sexy aura.

The way I look at her leaves no doubt that I’m aching to crawl between those long legs to get a delicious taste, opening those light brown petals with the tip of my tongue as it makes its way up under her hood, teasing her clit, keeping her right on the edge until she’s had all she can take and cums in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

The look in those pretty eyes intensifies, now reflecting a state of drunken arousal much like mine.  Her fingers glide onto the top of her open left thigh, nails digging gently into her soft skin, watching me as her digits glide up towards her exposed petals. A touch of nervousness comes over her face and she hesitates, then moves her hand back to her thigh. God how I’d love to see her let loose and touch those petals, but realize first-hand that it would be a step that goes well beyond flashing her pussy.
Again our eyes meet as her hand eases back up her thigh.  She closes her green pools prompting me to look down to find her fingers drifting over her clit – a simple touch that infused an obviously stronger than expected reaction causing her mouth to drop open slightly in response.  She opens her eyes staring at me watching her circle her clit for a good ten seconds before her nerves kick in and she pulls her fingers away.  We engage in an extended gaze taking us to a deeply erotic place that seems to melt her inhibitions.  I flash an encouraging smile and see the light in her mesmerizing green orbs brighten, and along with it, the confident, playful, snake charmer I met a few weeks ago emerges.  Her body relaxes as she eases one finger inside her wet cavity then drags those wet juices upward to sensually massage that firm, wet, tingling piece of flesh in front of me.

I watch her steady sensual touching as she spirals into a state of total submission to her desires as well as mine.  Her focus drifts between my glistening cock, my encouraging eyes, and occasionally her book – all while having my undivided attention.  Our next eye contact communicates how much I want her to enjoy this, to which she relaxes further, treating me to a slower, more sensual display.  She watches me scan the large room for prying eyes, and I smile giving her confirmation that she’s completely free to continue, which she does, steadily stroking her firm clit with both of us engaged in a horny dance until her eyes close and her fingers ease off of her slick, too-sensitive-to-touch pussy lips, leaving them to pulsate in the warm sun for me to enjoy.  She closes her eyes for several seconds, enjoying the sensations coursing through her hot body, squirming and lifting her tight ass off the cushion when she sees me watching her intently while fantasizing about fingering, licking and fucking her slick very wet snatch.  She relaxes further, giving into her intense desires, touching slowly and sensually with her mouth slightly open for a couple of minutes until “ohhhhhhhhhhh” silently forms on her lips as intense sensations race into her body.  She pauses, then touches repeatedly – every touch now bringing reactions as erotic energy swells in her half naked body.  Her touch combined with the rush of me watching her in this somewhat public place have her completely lost in the moment – a feeling I know very, very well.
Snake Charmer gazes into my eyes.  I stare back relaying how fucking turned on I am by her, then ease my eyes down to her untouched sun-drenched pussy – wet and so blatantly on display.  She gives me several seconds before sliding her finger back onto her clit and gently stroking for both of our pleasures – again taking herself right to the edge, letting the intense sensation linger.  “Lost” doesn’t adequately describe the look in her eyes as she draws my stare. I extend my leg and ease my bare foot onto hers, caressing her soft skin, eliciting a sensual stare.  She’s high, and so deeply lost in her arousal, closing her eyes momentarily upon feeling my toes glide along her firm calf.

Extending my leg to caress her calf has caused my cock to slip slightly beyond the hem of my shorts.  Her mouth drops open as she eyes my more exposed thick erection, squirming in her chair as she sensually circles her clit with even more intent – our toes now caressing each other’s as every ounce of inhibition visibly drains from her tight sexy body.   Her pace quickens, now intently driving her higher and higher until those beautiful eyes close, and her hips discreetly raise up off the cushion. Nervous and excited, she continues to stroke, hanging on the edge. Her mouth falls open and her eyes raise, locking hard onto mine, reflecting the intense fire burning inside her body as her glistening extremely wet sunlit pussy visibly throbs.

A flurry of strokes brings her back to the edge and her eyes drift upward to mine.  Time stands still as she alternates between sensual touches, and blatant unmolested displays of her pulsating petals.  Her feral stare burns into my eyes, then drops to my cock.  I feed her more bare flesh – daringly revealing the top third of my erection. She stares, and strokes – taking herself higher by the second until her body spasms and she flies hard over the edge, her mouth dropping open, head falling back, and hips rising off the seat cushion while attempting to mute the sound of her orgasm for any ears but mine.  The look on her face and the way her body convulses tells me the climax electrifying her half-nude body is overwhelmingly intense.

She flies high into the clouds, visibly enjoying herself and in such a zone that she wouldn’t even know or care if someone else did see her – a feeling I know very well.  I love how she trusts me to have her back while she explores such a long, sensual, incredibly arousing flight, at times with her eyes closed.

Those eyes slowly open, immediately finding mine – her face flushed, and those beautiful green pools glazed over as she continues her flight while gently stroking her obviously very sensitive clit and wet petals. I watch, my erection and tight balls exposed up the leg of my shorts with now half of my rock hard dick carelessly outside the leg of my shorts as just the right touch of her slender fingers causes her ass to rise, pushing her mound upward against her touch as a surge of pleasure enters her body.  She stares hard, feeding off the look on my face when seeing how badly I want to crawl across the table and drive my erection deep into her tight wet snatch.

Taking her time coming down from her flight, touching until the sensations have subsided, she rests her slender fingers on her inner left thigh giving me an unobstructed view of her wet swollen box.
Our eyes lock.  “That looked intense”  I offer at a volume for her ears only.
She flashes a deeply satisfied smile. “Fireworks”
“My kind of fireworks”
She smiles and eyes my partially exposed erection “mine too”.

She lays back in total bliss for a good minute before she lifts her ass off the cushion and pulls her dress down past her hip bones and closes her legs.
I clear my throat in mock protest.
She smiles “touche”, referring to her similar protest over me attempting to slip my cock back into my shorts after I came during our first encounter, then glides her left leg out brushing against mine and lays back in the chair with her hands clasped behind her head enjoying the warm sun on her naked wet pussy while gazing at my stiff dick.

I glance at the clock across the room and find I have 30 minutes before class starts, but I’ll take it down to the last second to be able to continue to enjoy the company of my post-orgasmic playmate. Watching her climax was so fucking arousing that I’m not sure my erection will subside in time for class – certainly not if her legs remain open and she continues to visibly enjoy my state of arousal, but I fully understand what she’s feeling – the emboldening power of this experience and the addictive desire for it not to end.

I impulsively slip my exposed flesh back into my shorts and step quickly over to sit on the table. She smiles and raises her left foot to the edge of the chair cushion to let me sit directly in front of her, then lowers it to the floor with her bent knee outside of mine.

I look into her eyes and place my hand gently on her left knee. “I want to get to know you.  We could have a helluva lot of fun together. .”.
She stares back and touches my forearm.
“I’m not available right now” she pauses “but, please know that I find this is all so exciting, and incredibly liberating”.
“It’s all brand new to me, but yes, so incredibly liberating. You see how I react to you”.
“god yes. I love it!” She responds immediately. “And me to you – instantly wet” she adds, even when just seeing you on campus.
Her eyes follow mine down between her spread legs to find her exposed petals coated with her slick juices.
“Looks tasty” I comment, using all the restraint in my body to refrain from touching her.
“Right back at ya” she responds, raising the fabric off of my erection leaving my cock and tight balls exposed.

“You’re glowing, Snake Charmer”
“That orgasm was sooooo strong. I’m still floating. I’ve had such an ache to be more impulsive lately, mostly driven by our first meeting a few weeks ago.  I fantasized about reciprocating, but mmmmm had no idea how far I could take it.”.
“Coming to campus completely naked under a short dress was a great start”
“Well, I had panties on until I saw you in here and rushed to the restroom to remove them, hoping this seat would still be open”
“That is so hot!”
“I felt empowered and so aroused thinking of impulsively reciprocating for your wonderfully generous display during our first encounter. Something about you compels me to let loose and explore my erotic side”
“Ditto. I’ve never done anything even remotely like this before meeting you. I wasn’t sure what was driving your desire, I just wanted to give you what you wanted and became so fucking aroused that I took it far beyond what I’d even imagined I could”.

“I was turned on to the point of distraction for days afterward, and still so easily drift off to that state”
“As do I, thinking about the intensity in your gorgeous eyes, so perfectly communicating your hunger – reflecting a deeper state of arousal with each stage of my reveal”
“Such a fucking arousing tease – making me wonder if your exposure was accidental or intentional until you started to grow hard, and I knew. I’m getting wetter just thinking about it” she responds as her fingers lightly caress my exposed erection and testicles.

“I want you in my life this Summer. No more conservative attire hiding your rockin’ hot body. If I had my way, you’d be in only a skimpy bikini bottom at the beach and downtown” (our little beach town allows women to be topless).
Her eyes light up.
“And your buff torso naked like I saw you on the beach this morning?”
“Absolutely, and both of us completely naked down at the Cove (a local nude beach)”
She stares silently for several seconds and puts her free hand on my thigh. “I’d love that.  So, I’m at the beginning of a transition in my life.  That first encounter with you triggered something inside me that spoke to the foundation of who I am, and who I want to be – free to explore all that comes my way.  My circle of friends is very conservative and deeply religious.  I love them all, but like I said earlier, I have this ache to be completely free to explore, experiment, make mistakes, and find my way to being true to myself at my core, without being restricted or judged”.
“That’s the right way to live one’s life, in my opinion, especially at our age”  I pause.   “I’m amazed at how comfortable you are right now”
“Well, that speaks to what I’m going through.  You and I have found a connection through something that deeply arouses us, and we’re exploring it.  Some would say that a ‘good girl’ wouldn’t be sitting in a study lounge with her pussy on display after masturbating in front of a guy she barely knows,  but we’re not hurting anyone, and I’m enjoying a wonderfully deep sense of continual arousal sitting here with you like this”.
I ease my hand up her thigh and begin to lightly caress her swollen clit and wet petals with the back of one finger, eliciting a soft purr. “You’re right, we’re not hurting anyone, and screw the whole judgy good girl thing”

“Now, while I would love to hang out in only that skimpy bikini bottom, I need time to complete my transition.  I don’t want to hurt my friends feelings, or shock them by seeing me half-naked before I’ve told them of the changes I’m making in my life. I’ll have to deal with their condemnation either way  whether they are still friends or not”.  She smirks.
“I get that one-hundred percent.  I suppose that’s one test of friendship, whether they love you for you, or place conditions on that love”.
“Time will tell.  Not to mention, I’m in a relationship that I’m pretty sure is over, at least from my perspective””.
I look down at her caressing my bare flesh.  “I appears so”  I smile.
She smile warmly.  “You don’t strike me as the no-sex-before-marriage type”
“I respect those who feel that way, but no, that’s not me.   Hey, whatever you need during this time, if I can help, don’t hesitate to ask.  Ok?”
“Thanks, I will do that, Snake”
“Samantha.  Sam for short”
We shake hands with a grin on our faces.

I glance up at the clock.  “Crap, I have to get to class for a test”
“To be continued, Snake?”
“To be continued, without a doubt, Sam”
She smiles, then looks down at her fingers gliding over my shaft, staring for several seconds as her fingertips explore my aroused flesh.  She firmly squeezes my shaft, forcing a drop of precum to appear, which I scoop up with one finger and ease to her lips. She smiles, and sucks my finger clean.
“Mmmmm, tasty”
She reciprocates, sliding one finger onto her pussy alongside mine, then easing her juice covered digit into my mouth causing me to turn rock hard in her grip.
I lean forward to kiss her on the cheek, whispering in her ear “I’m ten seconds away from penetrating you”.
She moans in mine “And some day you will, just not yet, Snake”
I sit up, and lock onto her eyes as we continue to touch each other for several seconds, before she drapes the thin fabric back over my cock with a playful frown.
“Now go ace that test”
“I’d rather crawl between your legs and lick you to another orgasm”
“Mmmmmm. Bucket list”
“Yes it is beautiful woman”  I respond, reluctantly easing my fingers off her wet flesh before sliding back over to my side of the table to pack my backpack.
She smiles and stretches her long legs back out alongside the table in the late afternoon sun, leaving the hem of her skirt brushing the top of the teardrop shaped patch of close-cropped hair above her clit.

“How do you expect me to go to class and take a test in this condition?” I inquire with a smile while sporting a serious tent.
“Ice water?” she says with a little smirk.
I laugh in response to her quick wit.
Reaching into my backpack, I retrieve a pair of Polo cotton shorts then look down and slowly scan her half-naked body while slipping them up my legs and fastening them.
“No!” she fires back with disapproval.
My eyes drift down between her legs for a few seconds, soaking up one last view of her wet pussy, then I lock onto her eyes for ten seconds before walking by her and gently placing my hand on her shoulder then head off to class, feeling horny and less than confident about my ability to focus on a test.  I manage to get to class a little early allowing me time to breathe and regroup.  When test time comes, I’m all set, that is until I feel my phone vibrate and check my text messages to find a “Good Luck” message with a pic of the snake charmers pretty face – lips puckered sending me a kiss.

“Minx 🙂 ” I text back a minute before the exam begins, then try to change focus somehow hoping to channel all of this energy for thirty minutes into doing well on the test, despite persistent thoughts of incredibly hot sexy Samantha swirling in the back of my mind, and all of the erotic fun we might have in the future.

* * *

Thanks for reading.  Comments, ideas, and thoughts about mutual interests are always welcome.

The next chapter in this story line can be found here:   Chapter 3 – Snake Charming In the Cereal Aisle

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