The Snake Charmer – Chapter 3 – Snake Charming In The Cereal Aisle

I need milk” pops onto my phone screen around midnight.
Messages from the snake charmer – rare as they are – never fail to stir erotic memories of our encounters in the college study lounge a month ago where we discovered our mutual voyeur/exhibitionist desires.  Thoughts of us sitting across from each other pretending to study while hungry glances between each other’s legs seduced us into such erotic visuals instantly arouse me even at the most inopportune times.

See Distracted Studies chapter 1 and chapter 2 for explicit details of those encounters.

I’ve seen her around campus a couple of times lately and never fail to give her a discreet WTF? look punctuated with a smile when I see her dressed so conservatively in direct contrast to the body-hugging flesh-baring mini dress she wore during our second erotic encounter while studying on campus.  Maybe her ultra-conservative boyfriend influences the way she dresses, or it could be that she simply has a naughty alter-ego that she’s chosen to let me experience.  I playfully told her she needs to dump that guy, while making it clear that if she does, I have a long, hot, deeply sexual summer in store for her. So far, she hasn’t taken that advice but the summer is still very young.

Milk?  Why is she texting me about..?  hmmmm, clever girl.
“I’m low myself.  It would be a shame to run out”  I text back.
“Agreed.  Time is of the essence. Leaving for the store now!”.
I smile at the silliness of our exchange while enjoying the feeling of arousal easing into my body at the opportunity to see her again.

There’s only one grocery store open at this hour in our little college beach town so I throw on an unbuttoned shirt over the slightly transparent white running shorts (the same ones I wore during our initial encounter when she earned her “snake charmer” aka S.C. moniker), and jump in my car, excited about meeting her.  The 80+ degree early summer air blowing into the cockpit of my old school, great driving, BMW M3 convertible feels invigorating on my partially clothed body as I speed towards the rendezvous point, arriving at a remote corner of the deserted parking lot within 5 minutes.

I grab a shopping cart, and as I move up the first aisle I realize that it still feels surreal when I think about the first time we ‘met’ and how she – a total stranger – used those gorgeous eyes to arouse me and her voyeuristic stares to coax my cock out of my running shorts fully out into the open growing hard for her to enjoy while we studied in the student lounge. What was I thinking???. I wasn’t, and that’s the intriguing thing about this ‘relationship’, as neither was she when she reciprocated in that short dress a couple weeks later – feeding my voyeuristic stares by teasing me with those long legs while  we studied, before daringly exposing her moist pussy and stroking her clit until she climaxed in front of me .

Lost in this daydream, I turn the corner to head down the back aisle looking for food to fuel my body for beach volleyball season and find Snake Charmer in a little tank top that barely covers her ass 20 feet ahead.
Arousing sensations fill my body as I walk over and stand on her right as she’s reading the nutrition information on an Almond Milk carton.
“Decisions decisions”
“I know. I think they’re just messing with us” she surmises.
She reaches up to put the container back on the shelf, pausing as if contemplating another choice while providing an eye opening side view of her naked right breast through the seriously exaggerated armhole of her little dropped arm tank top. I take full advantage of the view, feeling my cock swell as I realize she’s come dressed to play.
“Mmmmmmmmmm, nice”.
She turns and looks into my eyes with her disarmingly beautiful green pools. Even barefoot she’s easily 5’10”, just six inches shorter than I am.
“Pervert” she says unblinkingly.
My eyes travel down to her cleavage and the outline of her obviously naked full c-cups under the thin gray material, down to the hem that barely covers her Sex, then back up to her eyes to find them gazing at my firm partially bare pecs and abs under my open shirt. A familiar enticing sexual energy flows easily when our eyes reconnect in a lingering stare.
“Right back at ya”  I grin.
“I saw you playing volleyball on the beach during my run this morning”
“Yeah?  You should stop by and watch a game sometime. Not that I’d be able to concentrate with you there”
“I know that feeling quite well”
“Like once having to take the edge off in the beach restroom between matches?”
“Mmmmmmmmm. Like in the shower after my run this morning thinking about our study sessions after seeing your half naked athletic body in action”
That thought, combined with her close proximity and alluring scent, infuses a heightened sense of arousal in my body. She glances down, flashing a sexy little grin as she eyes the outline of my swelling cock, then turns to grab a carton of almond milk, playfully displaying her natural c-cups when she bends over to place it in the cart.
She smiles then continues down the back aisle providing me a view of her tight, barely covered ass as she shops. I consider following her, but decide that accidentally running into her again in another aisle would be more fun.

A few minutes later, I spot her in the cereal aisle and approach while acting like I’m pondering which cereal to buy – an innocent act that’s become a theme between us.
“10 kinds of milk and 50 kinds of cereal to put it on” I remark.
“At least” she replies while examining the ingredients of the box in her hand.
Standing behind just off her right shoulder I reach past her to grab a random cereal box, inhaling her scent as I linger for a few seconds before making my choice.
With my mouth six inches away, my baritone reverberates in her ear “Thoughts of you can derail even my most intense focus”.
She turns and again we stare – our minds filling with erotic memories. We’ve never had a conversation before tonight, at least not a verbal one, but the intimate distance between us feels natural.
“Incredibly distracting, addictive, wetness inducing thoughts” she responds.
“Thoughts of you teasing me with those beautiful long legs make me hard, anytime, any place”
“Mmmmmmmmm, I love knowing that”
We share an intense stare before I place the box I’m holding back on the shelf. “Too much sugar”
“Most of them do” she says turning her attention back to the wide array of choices.
I reach up over her to the top shelf to grab a box of Cheerios, while accidentally letting my semi-erect cock brush against her right butt cheek through the thin fabric of our clothing.
“Oops, sorry”
She raises one eyebrow “Uh huh”, then smiles and bends forward to grasp a random cereal box causing her little shirt to rise up exposing the lower half of her ass cheeks. She presses back against my swelling cock causing me to stiffen against her warm skin through the very thin material of my shorts – lingering and enjoying our contact for fifteen seconds before straightening her tall firm body and turning towards me.
“Oops, sorry” she apologizes, then flashes a little grin.
“No problem, just make sure it happens again.    Hmmmmm, you don’t seem like a Fruit Loops kind of girl”
“No?” she responds,  staring into my eyes.
I again scan down her tight, fit, lightly clad body – which I’m pretty sure is completely naked under her skimpy tank top – then down those long legs to her bare feet and nicely pedicured toes before retracing my steps to return to her enticing eyes.
“I rest my case. And great *dress* by the way”.
“Thanks, I was hoping you’d like it”.  She smiles and returns her random choice to the shelf, then grabs the box of Cheerios from my hand, placing it in her cart while giving me an eyeful of 3/4 of her tight round ass and moist pussy lips.  A look back over her shoulder briefly catches my focus on her exposure before my eyes rise to meet her green pools and their open conveyance of the exhibitionist rush flowing through her body.  We remain locked in that stare for another ten seconds before she heads down the aisle with her ass half-exposed, knowing damn well I’m enjoying the view.
Game on, minx.  I say just out of earshot.

A  few minutes later she sneaks up behind me in the liquor aisle. “Looks like you’re planning some fun” she says referring to the tequila, salt, and lime I’ve just placed in my cart
“Always. It’s summertime at the beach. Any idea where the shot glasses are?  Mine seem to have not survived the last party”
“I saw some over here” she says, leading me over to a shelf ten feet away.
“Mmmmmmm, I could do body shots off that tight body of yours all night”
“Oh really?” She fires back with faux indignation.
I smile “Really. Now let’s test this one”. Before she can ask about my testing methodology, I set the glass in her cleavage keeping my fingers on the rim. “Got it?”
She laughs and places her hands on the bare flesh of the exposed sides of her tits and presses them together allowing me the opportunity to retrieve the shot glass with my mouth and throw my head back to simulate downing a shot.
She laughs again “And your verdict?”
“7 out of 10 for the shot glass. A perfect 10 out of 10 for the holder, although a more thorough test would have included licking the salt from your neck and extracting a lime wedge from between those soft lips”.
“Being thorough is very important” she fires back with a devastatingly flirty look in her eyes.

A young woman walks by smiling – apparently having seen my test – and shamelessly eyes both of our bodies for several seconds before disappearing around the corner.
“Interesting” she says with wicked grin. I return her mischievous grin and brush the back of one finger over her firm left nipple exposed outside the armhole of her shirt by our shot glass test. “Oops”
Having no idea how she’s going to react, I’m relived when she looks down at her exposure then up to my eyes, obviously aroused, and stares for several seconds before responding “Oops”.
I do the gentlemanly thing and cover her nipple, albeit with my fingers under the fabric and taking my time to make sure her very firm nipple is centered.
“Thanks” she grins then turns towards the remaining shot glasses, reaching up and examining each one, ensuring I have an unobstructed view inside her shirt through the wide open armholes extending down to just below her rib cage.
“You’re testing the very limits of my ability to restrain my hands from exploring your cock-stiffening body”
She turns to face me, standing intimately close.
“Exposing my body to you, seeing your reaction, enjoying the sensations of looking at your body, all make me as wet as you are hard”
I touch her now half-exposed right nipple, slowly dragging the back of one finger over it, freeing the brown nub from her shirt.
She reciprocates with one of my now-exposed nipples during a deep, burning, intense ten second stare that has us both spiraling into a familiar fog of arousal.
“This is a dangerous game we’re playing” I offer.
“One that awakens our senses and makes us feel so alive” she immediately responds then
rakes her fingernails up the underside of my thinly veiled erection.
“Oops” she says straight faced and unapologetic with her eyes locked onto mine.
“Let’s get out of here” I respond.
She places her hand on my upper arm.  “I can’t”.
I stare hungrily down at her – unfazed by her answer.
“Then I’m going to do a little more shopping”
She smiles knowing we both need to cool down a bit but shows no objection to my hand gliding over her toned naked ass cheek as I step away.

Within five seconds I turn around to face her.  She meets my gaze instantly, fully embracing my wordless communication of deep hunger for her, before I slide my shirt off, letting it fall into the cart behind me.
She reacts just as I had hoped, with a slow lustful perusal of my athletically muscular bronzed torso, from my broad shoulders to my well developed pecs, strong arms, and lean toned six pack abs.  Without any shirt tails hanging over my shorts, my snake charmed cock is readily visible pressing hard against the very thin fabric.
I flash a satisfied half-smile, then turn and head out of sight.

Being close to the beach, this store has a touristy souvenir section which I’ve never paid much attention to, but I decide to see if they have some interesting shot glasses while surely reconnecting with Snake Charmer.
As I’m browsing through a t-shirt rack, I’m distracted by her approaching.
“I like the one you’re wearing” she says, while unapologetically staring at my naked torso.
“It’s certainly the most comfortable”
“That’s not the adjective I’d use” she fires back, now looking into my eyes.
“Nor would I about how incredibly sexy you look in that shirt”.
She steps close.  “Mmmmmmm, thanks.  Up until a few weeks ago I never would have even considered wearing this except as a gym coverup, but for some reason I slipped it on my naked body after my post-run shower this morning and when seeing myself in the mirror I became instantly aroused at the thought of wearing it during a daring public encounter with you”.
“I love the way you own it”
She places her right hand on my naked pec then slowly scans down my bare chest to my lean toned abs and down to the waistband of my running shorts sitting low on my hips, then stares at the outline of my reawakening cock pressing against the thin somewhat transparent material.
“You are quite the Snake Charmer”
She looks into my eyes “It helps to have an extremely responsive snake”
I put my hand on her bare upper arm. “No one has ever made my body react so readily and strongly as you do”.
“Mmmmmmmm, I like that.  Now you’re testing the very limits of my restraint”.
Our eyes remain locked for a good fifteen seconds as we enjoy the erotic energy flowing through our bodies. Her fingers trail down my chest and abs, then snag for a split second on the waistband of my shorts before we gather our wits and continue to browse.

“What do you think of this?” she asks a minute later.
I look up and see her wearing a heavy island style necklace that hangs down between her breasts.
“I like it”. I respond, while enjoying how the weight of the necklace has pressed the shirt material into her cleavage placing her firm nipples right at the edge of the arm openings.  I’m drawn to step closer and slide my hand under the necklace to feel the weight, knowing full well that the slight pressure of my hand into her cleavage will inadvertently cause her nipples to slip out into the open.
“Oops” I respond.
She smiles.  “Oops”.
“You know what this would look good with?” I ask.
“A bikini?” she guesses.
“Definitely, but even more so on your tanned naked upper body on a topless beach”.
She looks into my eyes and places her right hand on my left upper arm, obviously intrigued by the idea.
“Definitely bucket list” she concludes.
Her fingers trail down my arm and she continues browsing leaving the necklace on allowing her nipples to easily, innocently glide in and out of her revealing shirt during subtle movements of her upper body.
As a counter, I try on a couple of t-shirts, enjoying her opinions and basking in the glow of having her undivided attention when I peel each one off.
Moments later, an interesting looking shot glass catches my eye and I turn to approach her with the intention of testing it on her fine rack, but am stopped in my tracks. “This matches the necklace pretty well, don’t you think?”.
I gaze down to find a loosely woven dark twine island style belt adorned with various colored stones cinched around her waist.
“A perfect match” I respond, eyeing the belt, before focusing on her now visible little patch of pubic hair and exposed clit.  She playfully spins half way around to give me a full view of her naked ass,  then back to face me.  I move close.  Her right hand moves to my chest. The hungry look in my eyes tells her I want her, now.

I can see her drift off into a daydream as she processes the possibilities, purring as I lightly caress her slightly exposed nipples, teasing them to an even firmer state with the middle segments of my bent index fingers.
“Talk about responsive”
“Mmmmmm, as are other parts of my body”
I ease my fingers down between her legs only to have them intercepted by her hand before I can touch her.
She smiles “Keeping a little mystery in the magic”.
“I’ve seen every contour of your beautiful pulsating mystery”
She digs her nicely manicured fingernails into my upper arm, then slips away to another rack of clothing, brushing her left breast over my arm as she passes me.

Again we need to cool our jets so I ease down into a hand painted Adirondack chair making sure she has a view of my evidence of arousal up the leg of my shorts. She wanders closer looking lost in an exhibitionist rush knowing she’s daringly and riskily on display while she browses.
“Make that a nude beach”.
She bites her lower lip while imagining the experience of being naked on a beautiful beach. “Even better” she says, staring down the open leg of my shorts at my fully visible hungry erection.
Coming even closer, she browses through a rack that has her hovering above me – biting her lower lip as she looks down and sees me eyeing her wet petals with my hard cock now poking out of my shorts.
She squats next to me and puts her hand on my knee.
“god I love making you hard”
“You’re exceptionally good at it” I respond while splaying my left leg out to give her an up-close view of my precum-tipped erection sticking a good half way out of my shorts. “And in case you had any doubt, I love looking at your hot, tight, body and making you distracted and wet”.
“That happens every time you look at me”
She searches my eyes while lightly running her hand over my upper thigh, then stares intently at my blatantly displayed rock hard erection less than 2 feet from her gorgeous eyes – daring her to touch, stroke, lick, and devour him.
“That could get us arrested” I blurt out, as if reading her mind.
“Ohhhhhhhh yeah” she acknowledges, raising her eyes to mine.
“Not that I haven’t had horny thoughts involving you in handcuffs”
A warm engaging smile comes over her face that catches me off guard just before she eases her fingers up my inner thigh into the leg of my shorts and runs her fingertips over the entire length of my shaft just once before rising up to tower over me.
Her warm smile remains as I caress her right calf and slowly ogle her sexy barely clothed body letting my eyes and exposed erection communicate what she does to me.
“Are you sure this isn’t too short?”
“Turn around and let me see the back again”
She does, giving me several seconds to ogle her ass, then turns back to find me harder and more exposed.
“I may not be the best person to ask, but the length looks perfect to me.  And by the way, don’t think for a second that I don’t appreciate the amount of work it takes to make an ass so firm that I could bounce a quarter off it”.
“Drinking game?”
“And thanks for the compliment”

She extends her hand, which I immediately take and within a second I find myself pulled up strongly to my feet and face to face with her.
“Magic. Absolute fucking magic”
She smiles, staring up into my eyes and staying close enough to feel my naked erection lightly resting against her bare pelvis, while smiling as my hands roam over her uncovered ass cheeks.

Out of the corner of my eye I see our shot glass test voyeur heading our way and tuck my erection into my shorts while she removes her belt and pulls her shirt back down.
“The risk of getting caught excites me even more” she says in a hushed tone.
“And the bigger the risk…” I respond, enjoying the wicked look on her face as she finishes my thought in her mind.

Her eyes light up and she steps over to rack of tank tops near our voyeur who has stopped to shop, or possibly observe us.  The woman checks out Snake Charmer almost immediately upon seeing her. “I wish I had the guts to wear something like that”.
“Late night fun with a guy I enjoy teasing”
I feel the woman instantly eye my barely clothed body for a good ten seconds before returning her attention to Snake Charmer, who smiles while holding up a skimpy striped open side tank top.
S.C. looks at me with a mischievous look and my jaw drops when she whips off her shirt and slips the new one on over her naked body.

She smiles and does a sexy teasing spin, then asks us both “yes? no?”
The woman looks at me, then back to Snake Charmer and gives her opinion. “Sooooo sexy.  I love your confidence.  the look in those pretty eyes, your body language, the swelling of your breasts and firmness of your nipples.  This arouses you doesn’t it”.
S.C. puts her hand on the woman’s upper arm. “The rush excites me, and makes me so wet.   Hey, I like this top you were checking out”.
“Me too, but I don’t think”
Snake Charmer cuts her off “Raise your arms” as she grasps the bottom of the woman’s relatively conservative tank top and peels it off her, setting her tits free, then quickly replaces it with the top she likes.
“Very sexy, and you certainly have the body to wear that proudly”.
The woman looks a bit stunned.  “I’ve often wanted to dress hotter and more daring like this”, then eyes herself in the mirror “Damn!”.
“My work here is done” S.C. says with a smile, then asks for the voyeurs phone so she can enter her contact info. “Let’s get together for drinks sometime”,  then rejoins me leaving the poor woman speechless as we head towards the front of the store
I look at her with a gentle smile on my face.
“That was extremely kind of you”.
“She reached out to me in a way, I guess.  I felt this connection and wanted to help”

I put my unbuttoned shirt back on and we hit the checkout stand together where she wastes no opportunity to discreetly flash her tits and ass with me in line behind her.
The checker seems oblivious, which of course is an invitation to push the envelope.
“You’re incorrigible” I whisper in her ear while paying for my groceries.
“I wasn’t before I met you” she fires back as we head towards the door.
The conversation continues into the parking lot “So this is all my fault?”
“Yep” she grins.

An audible moan escapes from my lips as she raises the hatch on her SUV and bends over to place her groceries inside, exposing her tight round ass cheeks and pussy, leaving me no choice but to dance my fingers over those firm globes before she rises and closes the hatch.
“Taking advantage of an innocent girl putting her groceries away?”
“Where?” I look around the parking lot as if trying to find an innocent girl, earning a smack on the arm.
We walk into the three foot space between our cars where I set my grocery bag in the back seat of my open BMW ragtop, then move close and give her a soft kiss on her left cheek while placing my hand on her upper arm. “Tonight was so much fun.  Whatever this is between us, I’m loving every second of it”
She places her hands on the outsides of my shoulders and rising up on her toes reciprocates with a kiss on my left cheek.
“Seeing you again like this has me feeling so alive. I’m loving every second of it as well”

She leans back against her drivers side and I rest my ass on top of my passenger side door, staring silently and motionless for several seconds before enjoying her warm horny reaction when I ease my unbuttoned shirt off and let it fall into my car.
“Mmmmmmmm, much better”
“Glad you approve”
I look down and notice the top with the American flag on the front that she bought still in her hand.
“I didn’t get a chance to try this on in the store.  Don’t look”
“Uh, ok” Don’t ask me why, but I do as she asks and keep my eyes closed until she says “ok”.

My jaw drops when I see her in an open arm white tank top that scoops six inches below her tits in the front and sides with straps barely wide enough to cover her areolas.
She looks fucking amazing standing there in the moonlight barely clothed with the hem of her top draped just over her hip bones barely covering her pussy.
“That is fucking hot!”
She stares back in silence as I feed her exhibitionist desires, turning her nipples visibly hard through the very thin material by simply admiring and lusting after her body.
“Thanks. I had a feeling you’d like it”
“What I like, is you in it”
An intense energy floods into my body and take a step towards her with a hungry look in my eyes. She puts her hand on my chest and looks up at me with a look of nervousness on her pretty face. I stare hard into her eyes conveying how badly I want her, then after a few seconds I place my right hand on the side of her bare shoulder and smile softly. “When we get together, it’s not going to be up against a car. At least not the first time”.
She softens the pressure of her mild resistance against my chest.
“A bit presumptuous aren’t we?”
“Perhaps, but given that we’re both standing here barely clothed in the middle of the night just inches apart I’m thinking not so much”
We stare for ten seconds that feels like thirty while my thumb glides up and down over her hard left nipple through the very thin fabric until she breaks the silence. “Something profound happened to me that first time we met. The energy that encounter instilled in me has rarely stopped flowing through my body since”.
“Meeting like that, connecting almost instantly, intensely.  Trusting each other when we’d never even met before”.
“Exactly.  I loved that you felt that connection and trusted me enough to let me coax every inch of this hard cock out of these shorts in that somewhat public setting”.
I feel her fingers ease lightly over my thinly clad erection, then pull away.
“You have an open invitation” I respond with a gentle smile.
“I know” she says softly, but it’s complicated.
“I get that, but this is still great fun.  Although unfortunately I have an early match tomorrow, or make that today”

Her mesmerizing eyes draw me into a fog with her.  She places her hands on my waist. “Ok, but penny for your thoughts before you go?”
“A drive along the coast with you, me, and the car, all  topless”
She stares into my eyes and considers my fantasy for five seconds max.  “Mmmmm, how exciting.  Laying the seat back slightly and enjoying the freedom of the wind and warm sun on my near naked body while your E46 M3 sweeps through the curves glued to the road”
“A girl who knows her BMW’s – all that much more sexy”
We stare, lost in her vivid imagery for several seconds before a gentle smile comes over her face.  She looks down at her mostly exposed tits, then eyes my chest and abs.
“May I?” She asks turning her attention to my car.
“Of course”
I open the passenger door of the top-down convertible and she gracefully eases her tall body into the seat then moves it back and reclines the seatback a few degrees before stretching her legs out, clasping her hands behind the headrest, and settling bare-assed into the soft aged leather.
“That’s as perfect a fit as I can possibly imagine”
She smiles. “All that’s missing is the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.  And of course being in the Ultimate Tanning Machine”.  She eases the straps of her sexy shirt down off her shoulders and lets it drop down to her waist, then looks up  to get my reaction.
I take in the incredibly arousing sight of her naked breasts while enjoying the sensation of her hand now on mine resting on top of the door with her little finger gently gliding up and down the underside of my renewed erection through my shorts.
She looks down her mostly naked body, over her swollen breasts to her shirt around her waist, to her exposed Sex and long legs.  “Hmmmmm”
“What?” I ask
“Unacceptable tan lines” she says, then grasps the shirt and pulls it up over her head, tossing it in the back seat.
“You may have a hard time getting me out of this seat”
“Well, when you do, I’m never cleaning that leather again”
She laughs.
“Hey, I’m sorry, I know you have to go”
I squat down and put my hand on her left shoulder and smile.  “Apologize again, and you’ll get a firm smack on that tight ass of yours”
“In that case, I’m reeeeeally sorry” she grins.
My hand drifts down to lightly massage her left breast putting my arm in an awkward position, and seeing this she rises up then glides up over the door and out of the car like it was the easiest move in the world.  I stand, then lean back with my butt resting on the top of the door watching her stand naked next to her car, becoming aroused as I scan her kick-ass-fit body.
I invite her to stand between my open legs, which she readily does.
Our eyes meet, and I give her that smack on the ass she earned, then glide my hands over her buttocks.
“What in the hell have you done to me?” she asks.
“I might ask the same question.  It seems we’ve unleashed something inside both of us” I respond immediately while hooking the fingers of both of her hands on the waistband of my shorts.
“Mmmmmmmm” she softly moans, then squats as she slides the shorts down my long legs, off my bare feet,  and tosses them in the back seat to join her new tank top, giving the underside of my erection a soft kiss on the way back up.
“I love being naked” she says, looking lost in a fantasy.
“As do I Snake Charmer.  Penny for your thoughts?” I ask, boldly massaging her tits and teasing her erect nipples.
“I would so easily wear that new top in the car as we cruised downtown, then once out on the open road strip it off”
The look in her eyes reflects not a shred of doubt.
“Yeah.  Mother nature caressing my bare skin, the speed and vibrations of the car making me even more wet than being naked does”
“And me?” I ask.
“Naked and hard just like you are now”
I feel her lightly grip my shaft, then pull her hand away.
“We need to make that happen, and so much more.  Each time pushing the limits”
She considers my comment while lightly touching my erection.
My fingers move between her legs, only to be once again intercepted by her hand.  She pauses, looking deep into my eyes, then presses my fingers lightly against her very wet Sex for me to touch and lightly caress.
I feel her hesitance to touch me fade as she grips my shaft more firmly and begins to slowly stroke, relaxing as I stroke her firm clit and wet petals in return.
“Back in the store when you were in that chair looking up at my pussy and suggested a nude beach – the thought of playing naked on the beach excited me”.
“The warm sun on this fine body of yours”
She caresses my chest with her free hand and offers “Playing naked in the ocean”
“A fun game of volleyball with newfound friends, being distracted as all hell watching this amazing body in action on the other side of the net”  I trace my fingers lightly over her right arm following each pronounced muscle from beginning to end, then over her perky tits, then each ab muscle, admiring every inch I touch as I finger her sensitive clit.
“Taking a walk to find a secluded spot to kiss, touch, and fuck” she adds, staring hard into my eyes as her body climbs.
“Passionately taking the edge off our hunger, without a care in the world if someone does see us”
That killer spark flashes into her eyes and she strokes my cock with more intent “let them watch, if they want”.
Our breathing becomes heavier as a more intense arousal floods our naked bodies.
I turn us around so she can rest back against my door.
“Fucking you hard up against a smooth boulder”
“My legs wrapped around your waist as I hang from this well built sexy body of yours”
“All the hours spent working out, paying huge dividends as we fuck with such intense sustained energy”.
I see that look of surrender in her eyes – the one I saw in the study lounge, only deeper and hungrier.
“Mmmmm, I’ve touched myself like that so many times while reliving your erotic cock tease – sooooo turned on by your blatant risky display in order to feed my desires”
“And I’ve jerked off countless times while remembering your incredibly erotic display, equally turned on by your boldness.  Fuck, I want you.”
I rub her clit and wet lips with more intent.
She strokes me faster – gripping and twisting my shaft.
After thirty seconds I firmly grip her shoulder and she slows her strokes while I steadily finger her soaked box, soon eliciting a tensing of her body accompanied by a sexual moan. I slow my pace – the fingers of my left hand dig into her ass cheek eliciting another moan as she slowly resumes the pace of her stroking and twisting of my shaft.
“god how I loved teasing you with my cock display.  The energy swelling in my inner thighs, my dick twitching, then repeatedly backing off at the last second”
“As I did with my wet pussy, stroking to the edge, then taking my hand away to let you see my pulsating lips.  Mmmmmm, the look in your eyes”
My pelvis and ass tense and she again backs off.
Her fingernails dig hard into my shoulder, and I slow to a steady stroking of her wet lips while only lightly brushing over her clit.
We dance like this for a good minute, reliving similar sensations, after which I stare so deeply into her eyes.
” ‘Mmmmmmm, let go for me’, is what I was thinking when I gripped you with my toes, somehow hoping you actually could make your cock erupt”
“As was I, watching your body squirm and tense in that chair, aching to watch you cum.  Dear god, what a wonderfully erotic site”
We stare hard, so intensely aroused, both of us hanging on the edge, connecting, moaning, aching.  She closes her eyes briefly, then opens them re-locking onto mine.
My touch on her swollen clit intensifies, and that wonderful look of surrender I first saw back on that day comes over her pretty face.
She strokes me even more intently.
“To look in these expressive eyes sexy woman, to see how engaged you were, to feel your toes encouraging me, to be 100% exposed to you, hiding nothing. I fucking loved the freedom and incredible power of letting go in front of you”
“Fuck, to see your erection twitch, and that look on your face, then watch your cock erupt sending warm cum splashing out onto your muscular thigh, was such an intense moment!  The way our eyes connected through your haze, the way I caressed your ankle hoping to coax every drop out of your thick twitching dick, the gift of you being so open in letting me see it all”
“You in that sexy dress.  The way we so easily found our connection again, how you enjoyed the touch of my toes, the way your body spasmed, your head flew back, your ass raised off the chair and you kept your legs so spread for me. Fuck! how I ached to crawl across that table and lick you to another orgasm!”

“Mmmmmmm, cum with me” she says, in the softest most sensual voice.  Our pace increases and within seconds of each other the strongest orgasms of our lives rip through our naked muscular bodies. My head spins as she pumps the warm cum from my balls racing up my shaft and splashing onto her bare skin while moaning loudly with her beautiful body spasming in my grasp.  Her moans mingle with my groans as she continues to milk my shaft while we explode!  I lean down to kiss her and she enthusiastically clasps her hands behind my neck and crawls up my body to wrap her legs around my waist.  We kiss deeply while I finger her to a second climax eliciting the most arousing string of erotic expletives when she breaks free from my mouth, arches her back and cums hard – really hard.  My mouth is on her left nipple in a heartbeat, sucking and tonguing that rock hard nub as she moans with pleasure, drenching my fingers with her juices while moaning in my ear.  Someday soon, this girl is going to be a fantastic fuck!

I feel her body relax and we feed off each others eyes as waves of post-orgasmic energy take us so fucking high into the clouds – kissing softly as we very, very, slowly drift back down to earth.
“Powerful ones” she replies staring deep into my eyes, seemingly enjoying the head of my renewed erection lightly touching her soaking wet box.
“You get a gold star for patience” she says.
“Well, you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait”
“Coming and cumming” she says with a smile.

Out of nowhere, a car with its lights off pulls up perpendicular to ours – a silent hybrid that gave us no warning.  Before we can react, the window lowers revealing her new friend from the store sitting behind the wheel. I turn my head towards our observer and my flexible snake charmer keeps one arm around my neck and turns her upper body while keeping her legs wrapped around my waist.
“I hope you two didn’t mind me joining you from a distance”
We look at each other and smile.
“Of course not, perv” snaked charmer says with a grin.
She blatantly eyes both of our naked bodies then confesses “I prefer the term voyeur” followed by a smile.
“Seems we have at least half of the voyeur/exhibitionist equation in common.  Call me, tomorrow”.
“I will, and ummmmm thanks”.
I notice her shoulders are bare, and interject while staring at them “Are you?”.
She grins.  “Completely.  Head to toe” then takes in another eyeful of our nude aroused bodies before driving off.
“Oooooookay then”  I say.  She returns her free hand to behind my neck and smiles as my eyes travel over every inch of her extremely fit naked upper body, as do I when she reciprocates, restoring my interruption-induced 3/4 erection to full strength.

I palm her swollen tits, massaging them to her obvious pleasure.
“Mmmmmm, I was in bed one morning this week, letting memories of you watching me masturbate in the study lounge wash over me while massaging my tits and playing with my nipples just like you’re doing right now.  I became more and more aroused, and actually climaxed without ever touching my pussy.  Sooooo intense”
“You’ll have to teach me that technique, so I can use it in conjunction with my thick cock stuffed up your tight box”  I press upward slightly to feel more of her lips on my swollen head.
“Naughty boy, you said you weren’t going to fuck me here” she says, just before gracefully dismounting my my tall body.
“A parting thought.  Imagine you and me at a beach bar restaurant snake charmer”
“Samantha, Sam for short”
“William, Bill for short” we playfully shake hands.
“having fun, laughing, doing shots, discreetly touching over and under our light clothing”.
“Daringly light, like the shirt I wore tonight?”
“Definitely.  We stumble out just after sunset to walk home, aching to kiss so badly that I pull you into the alley behind the restaurant and place a deeply hungry kiss on those sensual lips”.
Her gorgeous green pools light up.
“One kiss leads to another, and another, as we become incredibly lost in each other.  I grasp your firm naked ass cheeks and pull you up my body until your legs are wrapped around my waist, then pull your bikini bottom to the side and enter you”.
“Bikini bottom?”
“Well, I’m talking about a very public place”.
“All the more exciting, and who would suspect I’m naked under that little shirt?”
A wicked grin comes over my face.  “No one but me, unless you wear that belt.  Mmmmmmmm fucking you spontaneously and passionately in that alley”
“Daring, risky, and incredibly exciting” she says softly while mesmerizing me with those amazing eyes before placing an easy yet tentative kiss on my lips.
“And just one of many adventures we’d explore during a long, hot, beach summer”
She stares hard into my eyes, clearly reflecting she’s fantasizing about fucking so impulsively in a place where we could easily get caught.  I retrieve juices from her wet snatch and coat her nipples, then lick them clean.

I refuse to pressure her, choosing instead to tease and tempt, playing a long game that if tonight is any indication, could prove to be an exciting journey.

I reach into my car and grab her top, then take her hand and step over to her car, enjoying a mutual touching session over each others upper bodies for a half minute, followed by an arousing full body embrace, before I very reluctantly ease her shirt  down over her sexy body, softly bathing her firm nipples with my tongue before centering the straps over them.
“Why thank you Sir”
“You’re welcome, not that covering your naked body was an easy thing to bring myself to do”
She looks down at her scantily clad form. “At least you did the bare minimum”
“My thoughts exactly”.
“And besides, I was talking about you licking my erect nipples”  she grins.
She steps over to my car and bends at the waist to grab my shorts.
“Mmmmmmmmm” I react to her naked ass and wet lips begging for my cock to be driven deep inside her body.  She turns around with my shorts in hand – her bare ass resting on the top of my car door, breasts broken free from the tenuous grip of her straps, and the hem of her shirt well above her clit.
She approaches me and squats down sliding one leg of my shorts over my right foot, then the other over my left and slides them up my legs, pausing half way up to place a soft kiss on my semi-erect cock before easing the waistband upward past my knees, stopping to watch me grow hard just inches from her face.  Another kiss, then another, followed by her soft tongue running the entire length of the underside of my shaft.  She looks up and smiles, then stands, dragging my shorts up to my waist.

“Soon” I say.
She stares back, mesmerizing me with an up-close look into her eyes, then rises up on her tiptoes to give me the most amazingly soft, sensual, tongue caressing kiss.
“Until next time, Snake”.
“Until next time” I reply, gently  massaging her bare breasts.
“Until next time” she repeats, kissing my chest and licking my firm nipples.
“I’ll see you soon” I say, lifting her shirt off and tossing onto my windshield for one more look at her naked body.  She yanks my shorts down half way.
“I guess I should get going” she says, playfully kissing my lips.
“Yep, me too” I say while running my hands over her naked curves.
“Until next time” she responds, doing the same.
I squeeze and massage her ass cheeks, eliciting the same moan I heard earlier punctuated by a very sensual kiss, then grip them firmly as if about to pull her back up to wrap her legs around me.
“See you soon, Sam”
“Yep, real soon, Bill” she replies, squeezing and stroking my shaft.
I kiss her tits, upper chest, neck, then nibble on her ear while again squeezing her firm ass “Later sexy girl”
We procrastinate for several more minutes before I again reluctantly ease her shirt back onto her beautiful body and she slides my waistband back up.  I open her SUV door and she steps up into the seat sitting facing me, putting a smile on my face seeing that her nipples just will not stay under those straps.
“Oops” she says.
I reach in and adjust her top, taking my time to feel her swollen tits and firm nipples before getting those straps in place.
“Until next time”  I say, grasping her shirt like I want to remove it.
She stares into my eyes and places her hand over mine on her thigh.
“Get me naked again, and we’re both going to be on the hood of your car”
“Bucket List?”
“Mmmmmm, absolutely” she fires back, using those mesmerizing eyes to draw me into those thoughts with her while leaving her legs temptingly spread before swinging them into the car.
I step back and lean against the side of the hood of my car, giving it a couple of pats while staring into her eyes through the open window.  She eyes my mostly naked form, then seductively allows the straps of her shirt to fall away, baring her breasts while maintaining our eye contact before  backing out of her spot and driving away.
I hop into my car and grab my phone from the console to take a selfie with my hard cock outside the leg of my shorts pointing up to the stars, then snapchat it to her titled “Until Next Time”.   Thirty seconds later, a very sexy pic of her in the car with her tits fully on display comes my way “Until Next Time”……

Thanks for reading.   Comments are always welcome, and stay tuned for future adventures between Snake Charmer and the Snake.

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