Uninhibited Beach Encounters – Chapter 2 – Payback

I’m spending an increasing amount of my life on this beautiful island where freedom is king and rules are few. Being naked on the beach is part of that freedom I enjoy – taking a walk along the coastline, cooling off in the soothing warm water, joining a pickup volleyball game, or simply relaxing and letting the gentle breezes drift over every inch of my body. When I last posted about this place (see Uninhibited Naked Beach Encounter), it was that relaxation I was enjoying when this beautiful naked soul approached with a warm smile. We connected instantly, and without saying a word, she mounted me for thirty minutes of casual yet deeply sensual soulful sex.

Thoughts of that encounter mix with the simple pleasure of my late afternoon beach walk along a mostly deserted stretch of sand keeping my mind pleasantly fuzzy – a fuzziness that fades when I come across the arousing sight of her laying naked on a beach blanket in a shallow white sand alcove nestled in a cluster of palms.
I pad over to her and stand at her feet enjoying the warm smile that appears on her pretty face.  She watches with obvious pleasure as my eyes travel over her pretty face and body free of makeup or jewelry to distract from her natural beauty- arching her back and stretching – legs spread, arms raised above her head, so relaxed and comfortable while clearly inviting me to come closer.
I drop to my knees between her legs.

“I love the feeling of the warm sun and soft breezes between my legs, especially when I’m aroused” she says.
I ease the backs of my fingers over her already swollen clit and wet petals and begin to very lightly stroke her.
“Like now?”
“Mmmmmmmmmm, very much so”
“I really enjoy those sensations as well – laying on the beach with the sun on my entire body, and that stimulating sensation of the breezes drifting up my inner thighs and over my sensitive balls up to the underside of my shaft.
She sits half way up with one arm extended behind her, and looking deep into my eyes runs her fingertips lightly up my inner thigh, then over my firm balls, continuing up the underside of my hard cock with a featherlight touch causing it to twitch and stiffen even further.
“Something like that?”
“Mmmmmmmmm very much so, only that was a thousand times more arousing”

I ease my fingers off her wet lower lips and take my time coating her erect nipples with those slick juices before licking them clean.
“Mmmmmmm, my nipples are so sensitive. See how they turn to diamond points as the breeze dries them? That’s the sensation I enjoy when emerging from the water – one of the reasons I’m almost always bare breasted out here”
Gently massaging her swelling tits provides instant verification, as does her soft purr.
“Or bare everything” I respond, intensifying my strokes between her legs.
“Save the occasional slit skirt or see-through thong. Mmmmmmmm that feels good” she responds, now squeezing, twisting, and stroking my erection with a technique that could bring me to orgasm within ten minutes without ever increasing per pace.
“My vote is 100% clothing free for your gorgeous body”
“That’s my preference was well, for mine and this well built athletic body of yours”

I take her left foot in my hand and begin to softly, slowly, teasingly, kiss my way from her nicely manicured toes, along the side of her arch, lingering at her ankle before inching up her inner calf. She purrs as my lips ease ever so slowly up her firm right inner thigh while caressing her left with my fingers. I teasingly kiss the shaved-bare skin around her moist pussy, enjoying her encouraging moans but resisting the temptation touch my lips to her sensitive flesh for a good two minutes before running the tip of my tongue generously over her wet petals and firm clit eliciting such moans of pleasure from her sultry voice.

I take my time in kissing every inch of her well defined abs before turning my attention to those full natural breasts, kissing them for a minute each until her erect nipples lure my my soft tongue, eliciting a sensual moan that tells me they are every bit as sensitive as they are hard.
Moving up to straddle her abs, I take her hands and kiss her slender fingers before pinning her wrists to the blanket on either side of her head.  With my tight balls resting on her upper abs and hard cock between her breasts, I stare down into her mesmerizing eyes.
She smiles warmly. “Mmmmmmmm, hi. So I take it you’re not upset at me for being so forward and taking what I wanted two days ago?”
“Upset at a beautiful woman I’d never laid eyes on engaging me in the most soulful connected sex I’ve had in a long long time on a beautiful white sand beach?   I think I’ll get over it”
“Seems you already have” she smiles looking down between her breasts at my precum-tipped head.
“Life is too short to hold grudges, although I do believe payback is in order”
“Mmmmm, agreed, and I must have the opportunity atone for my behavior”

She lays trapped naked underneath me – relaxed, smiling, and calling me to connect even deeper with her beautiful spirit.

I lower my lips to hers meeting her slightly open mouth with mine.  The most sensual kiss I’ve ever experienced fills my body with intense arousal – a kiss that continues as I release her wrists then slide downward and ease my erection slowly, steadily into her tight wet walls.
Her soft hands roam my back and buttocks as I establish a similar rhythm to the one she kept a couple of days ago – five seconds in,,, five seconds out, repeat….

Our kiss eventually breaks and she speaks softly, sensually. “I have never engaged someone sexually like that, and in fact in the past year, haven’t connected with anyone deeply enough to want to have sex with them”  she pauses.    “But the way you looked at me, and how your body responded.   Mmmmm that feels so good”
Our mouths and tongues meet again in a wonderfully erotic kiss as I continue to steadily spear her body while responding. “The warm spirit emanating from your eyes, how comfortable you were standing naked before me, the appreciative smile at how my body reacted to your beautiful presence”
I carpet her swollen breasts with kisses and tongue her erect nipples as she moves sensually beneath me – her body in sync with my long, slow thrusts.

She holds my face in her hands.
“I knew instantly that I wanted to sit and talk to you, but when I saw you get so hard primarily from looking into my eyes, well I knew exactly where to sit for our conversation.  And again”  I cut her off. “The woman I met that day, the one who lays naked and surrendered underneath me right now, seeks the soulful connection that great sex can provide, not a quick fuck on the beach”
She wraps her long legs around my waist and places her heels on my ass cheeks encouraging the deepest possible penetrations.  “Yes, very much so, but once that trust and connection are established, the occasional hot, intense, break-the-bed fuck is definitely in my playbook”  she grins.
“Good to know” I grin back, and we resume making out.

She moans as her arousal level beings to climb, then tells me “Our sexual encounter inspired me to create a sculpture to remember that beautiful hour” she offers.
I smile.  “I had a strong feeling you were an artist of some sort”
“Small sculptures mostly.  I have a little gallery in town.  Mmmmmm”
Her strength and agility becomes readily apparent as she rolls us over while spinning us 180 degrees so she’s facing the ocean, and begins sensually riding me.
“But I haven’t quite landed on the perfect pose.  Do you like this?” she rises up until only the tip of my cock remains inside her and places her hands on my bent knees.
“Or this?” she sinks down, taking every inch inside her body, her hands landing on my firm pecs as she stares down into my eyes.
“And half way down?”
She glides up and down my slick shaft several times then pauses with me halfway into her body.
“Decisions decisions” I say, slowly thrusting upward into her.

She rises back up to a sitting position and suddenly shifts her eyes to her left.
“Jen!” she says with a smile and an eye roll.
Jen?  what is she talking about?
“My friend Jen, the nature photographer, is over there taking pictures of you and I in our natural habitat”  she smiles down at me, albeit with a slightly nervous look, awaiting my reaction while continually riding me.
I smile back “Her Humans Mating On The Beach” series?
She laughs and looks at me with her head cocked as if to say ‘are you seriously ok with this?’
I respond.  “Let her shoot, besides, what better way to capture the perfect image for your sculpture”.
She pins my wrists to the blanket and stares down deep into my eyes while continuing to slowly fuck me.  I break the stare to lick and lightly suck on her erect nipples, then return to looking at her, enjoying the gentleness in her face and the way her shoulder-blade-length sun-bleached soft curls caress her bare shoulders.
A sexy playful grin comes over her face, and she looks up to her friend and nods,  then rises straight up to continue her sensual grind,  taking my suggestion to play in subtly different positions as the late afternoon sun beautifully highlights her body.

The awareness of being photographed soon fades as we become increasingly lost in each other, but its always there in the background, inexplicably adding to the sensuality of each moment.

After several minutes I roll her off onto her side and move in behind, and barely skipping a beat continue to slow fuck this beautiful soul, re-entering her and enjoying how she gently twists her upper body to allow our erotic kisses to continue.  I fondle her breasts while steadily thrusting into her, then move my hand down to her clit, eliciting a soft moan upon feeling my stimulating touch.  She lays her hand over mine, extending her fingers to feel my wet shaft glide in and out of her body.
“I want to see that sculpture when it’s done” – the increasing arousal level in my body turning my voice ever so slightly breathy.
“Then I will do my best to finish it before you leave”, her eyes turning glassy and her stare more intense.
If I leave”

We kiss again and again, becoming more lost in each other with each passing minute – kisses that pause and addictively resume several times before we come up for air.

Easing out of her, I leave her on her back and she instinctively raises her legs to rest her calves on my strong shoulders giving me even better access to drill into her glove tight box, eliciting a wonderfully sensual moan when I drive my full length into her.
“Right there?” I ask after her mouth drops open and she digs her fingernails into my shoulders as I back out and re-enter her.
“Yes” she says breathily, enjoying my exploration to ensure I can repeatedly find her g-spot just a few inches into her wet walls while she begins to rub her swollen clit.
She climbs under the spell of my slow sensual penetrations that brush over her sensitive spot with each deep dive into her body, as do I with every moan, kiss, and pulsating squeeze of my shaft when I occasionally pause while fully inserted inside her.

It’s during one of arched-back,deeply penetrated pauses that I catch my first sighting of our stealth photojournalist sitting at the base of a queen palm with her knees bent in front of her.  My eyes meet hers, and within a second her lens is on my face, hopefully capturing the intensity in my body and how I deeply I am lost in this woman.

I press her thighs to her chest and go deeper, staring down into her eyes with such a hungry look on my face – both of us steadily climbing, climbing, climbing with each steady thrust into her glove tight walls.

The horizon begins to turn a brilliant orange – something I don’t want her to miss, so I slide out of her body guiding her onto all fours facing the beautiful ocean and beginning of a promising sunset.

She lets out a long gasp when I enter her again making sure the underside of my shaft eases over that most sensitive spot.  Like experienced dance partners, we somehow find the perfect alternating rhythm of my hips slowly thrusting for several seconds, then her taking over stroking me as I watch her fine tight ass gliding on my rock hard shaft while I kneel still behind her.

We gaze in awe at the amazing sunset developing before our eyes – both of us steadily heading towards climax.

“Mmmmmmm” eases out from my lips as she reaches between her legs to finger her clit, running her slender fingers over my tight balls and wet cock in the process.
Jen slips momentarily into our view, capturing a straight-on shot of our sun-drenched horny bodies.  I grasp my gorgeous beach babe by the shoulders and raise her upper body until her back is against my chest.  She cranes her neck around to kiss me – our tongues greeting before our lips do, first tastefully covering our union with her hand, then pulling it away to reveal the explicitness of our encounter.
“I want that picture” I moan into her ear.
“Oh god yes, me too” she moans back.

The oranges in the sky turn deeper, and I ease her back down onto all fours, gently spreading her firm cheeks and steadily driving my erection deep into her body.  She pushes her ass strongly back against me. moaning with each penetration, and touch of her sensitive clit and our wet union.

I look to the horizon and see Jen momentarily out of character, standing there frozen in our peripheral vision while watching us. We both flash horny smiles at her through our sexual haze as she stands barefoot in the sand – her long tanned legs leading up to extremely short frayed denim cutoffs, her camera hanging from the strap around her neck revealing that she’s naked from the waist up – something she’d so far successfully hidden.
“Beautiful” my sexy partner sensually moans in an almost drunken tone, loud enough for her friend to hear as she grinds back on my cock.  I smile briefly at our photographer in agreement causing her to snap out of her voyeurism back into photojournalist mode, taking a couple of quick pictures, then disappearing from view.

I bend over her, cupping her full breasts in my hands and breath heavily, then let my baritone vibrate in her ear “I’m so close, right on the edge”
“Mmmmmmmm, stay there with me” she moans back.

Shades of purple begin to blend with reds and deep oranges as the sun touches the horizon.  I kneel still, moaning louder as her sweet ass drives our penetrations until my shaft pulsates causing her to stops dead still while continuing to stroke her clit.  My fingernails dig firmly into her hips, slowly easing the pressure as my urge subsides over the next thirty seconds.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she groans as I spread her cheeks wider and slide deep, deep into her, then resume my slow fuck of her beautiful body.  Seconds later, she arches her back and begins to rhythmically breath.  I pump steadily into her, stimulating her g-spot and climbing rapidly.  My shaft again pulsates as incredible energy races into my thighs.  We hang on the edge, looking out to the horizon now painted with unbelievably brilliant colors, completing a sensory overload that sends our bodies exploding over the edge with intense orgasmic pleasure.
The sky turns psychedelic, as a power I’ve never felt grips me.
“Oh gaaaaaaaaaawd” she groans out so intensely as I feel her body spasm.  My senses narrow to only the brilliant light on the horizon, this unbelievable power electrifying my body, and the feeling of being so connected in our journey.  She moans so sensually – her forehead dropping to the blanket as I continue to deeply penetrate her for a good thirty seconds before she rises up to again place her back against my chest.   I sit back on my heels, holding her in my lap and  wrap my arms around her as we fly so incredibly high – moaning, grinding, fondling while watching the sun slowly sink into the sea.

The brilliant colors fade to a soft glow, and she very slowly dismounts and turns to face me, knee to knee.
We stare wordlessly, gently touching each others firm nipples as the power of our climaxes lingers in our bodies.
I kiss her softly, receiving her intoxicatingly sensual kiss in return, prompting me to press her down onto the blanket and enter her, slowly thrusting while we erotically kiss through the tail end of our orgasms.

“Did you see?”  I ask
“The most brilliant psychedelic colors imaginable?” she interjects placing her hand on the side of my face.  “I was right there with you – every beautiful hypnotic color, and deeply arousing sensation”

I rise and take her hand, leading her to the warm water where we stand waist deep, body-to-body, and engage in another long, sensual kiss that stops and resumes countless times before coming to a tentative end.

We stare silently for thirty seconds.
“I trust you were truly ok being photographed” I ask with a soft smile.
“By Jen, yes.  She’s very good, and of course discreet.  We’ll view them together when she has them printed?”
“Definitely, although I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through very many without making love to you again”.
“And me, even fewer”

“So Jen, when will the pics be read for us to enjoy?” she asks in a loud voice into the nearby rocks.
Her friend appears and comes to the shoreline, taking a couple of pictures along the way.
“I’ll have them cropped and ready by the weekend”
“Jen, this is”
“Will” I say with a smile.
Her friend sets her camera on the rocks then wades in to shake my hand, only to be pushed into me for a hug.
“Geez, girl, you just shot the man having sex”
Jen is obviously on the shy side, so I hug her lightly and say “thank you”.
“And you are?” I ask, looking at the beautiful woman I just had amazing sex with.
“Sharla” she responds shaking my hand with a big smile on her face.
“I hope I wasn’t too intrusive” Jen says sheepishly.
I place my hand on her shoulder “Of course not.  Nothing could have distracted me from thoroughly enjoying this beautiful woman.  In fact,  I’d say you enhanced our encounter by finding it worthy of your artistry”.
Sharla looks up at me playfully like ‘holy shit, that was smooth’   I discreetly grin in her direction.

We all wade out of the water and our photographer hurries down the beach towards town ahead of us while we pause for a deeply sensual kiss before following.
“Jen!” I shout.
She whips around and takes a picture from twenty yards away.
“Join us!”.
She looks hesitant.
“Come here sweetie” Sharla says, extending her hand to her shy friend.
When Jen arrives, Sharla says “you’re overdressed”, then unbuttons her wet cutoffs and pulls them down her legs and off her feet leaving her naked, and obviously uncomfortable.
“There”  then puts Jens left hand in mine, and takes her right, and we continue down the beach with Sharla holding Jen’s shorts in her right hand – three amigos returning from a beach adventure. 🙂

It takes a few minutes, but eventually Jen begins to relax and open up about her passion for photography, telling me about her favorite shoots and her gallery a few doors down from Sharla’s, becoming quite animated, turning back and forth towards each of us until her left breast brushes against my arm. She looks up at me with an embarrassed look on her face. I grin and gently elbow her breast, and to my surprise she smiles and twists her upper body lightly smacking my arm with her swaying breast in return, flashing a grin of her own.
Ten minutes later, we come to a stop in front of Jen’s place, and she gives Sharla a hug, then in another surprise voluntarily gives me a full body hug. “Thanks for including me” she says to both of us.  “I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve edited the pics so you two can enjoy them”.
I put my arm around Sharla. “I’d like to hear the artists point of view when we see them”
“Agreed. Let’s all get together” Sharla agrees.
“Ok, I’ll call you”, then takes her shorts and heads up the steps and into her cottage.

“She’s got a tight little ass” I say with a grin, earning me an open-handed smack on the arm.  “She does, doesn’t she.  The poor girl is so shy.  I’ve never seen her even partially naked on the beach, so today was a breakthrough”.
She kisses me softly. “Thank you for being so kind to her”.
“My pleasure. I just wanted to make her comfortable and remove that whole third wheel thing, because she surely was a part of our beautiful afternoon”.
“It was a wonderfully beautiful memorable afternoon, Will”

We walk for another minute and stop on the beach in front of the cottage I’m renting,  where we face each other with our hands on each others waists.
“I don’t know what this is Sharla, but I’ve deeply, deeply enjoyed every second I’ve spent with you”
She stares into my eyes.  “I don’t know either, but I haven’t connected with someone so intensely in a long time, and god, the sex was so powerful”.
“Incredibly powerful, in fact I’m still feeling the afterglow of that orgasm”.
“Ohhhhh yeah.  My body is still buzzing”.
“So I have plans with a friend tonight in about thirty minutes – a male friend” I smile “but I want to see you again, soon, maybe even with your clothes on.  Gasp”
“The horror!” she grins “but you’ll find that when I do wear clothing I’m almost always dressed very minimally.  Hey, I have a showing this weekend if you’d like to come”.
“Absolutely.  Hopefully it’s casual or I have to go shopping”
“Yes, very casual, although, you’ll probably want to keep my new friend here covered” she grins while lightly touching my penis.
“Hmmmmm, ok if you insist”  I grin.

Our goodbye kiss starts soft and quickly escalates – hands roaming, tongues lightly dancing, our bodies reacting.
“Mmmmmm” she softly purrs running her fingertips up the underside of my erection, then suddenly presses my chest gently back away from hers.
“You’d better get going, or your friend is going to get stood up tonight”
“I suppose, and Sharla, I am going to cancel my near-term travel. This place feeds my soul, as do you, and I’d like to stay for awhile”
“I hope you do, you fit in perfectly here”
“And here” I smile, while easing my fingers over her wet Sex.
“Mmmmmm, that’s a perfect fit”

We hug for a solid minute, then I reluctantly release her and head towards the cottage – her fingers trailing off my arm as I do.
When I get to the steps, I turn around.  “Are you checking out my ass?”
“Yep!” she grins, then turns and heads down the beach to her place, looking back to find me watching her.
“Are you” she says loudly, before I cut her off mid sentence.
“Yep, I sure am!”
She grins in the distance then heads home with a sexy little alluring sashay of her hips, capturing my attention until she disappears into the late twilight evening.

A door has opened for me, and walking through it holds the promise of wonderfully soulful and sexual riches in the days, weeks, and months ahead – ones which I will surely write about in intimate detail, right here….





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