Weekend Ride

She was so alluring during dinner at a local beach restaurant last night – warm, flirty, sexy, proudly naked under a sundress that beautifully displayed her assets and gave me easy access to discreetly caress her bare ass whenever the opportunity arose.
Dinner conversation quickly turned to pure foreplay, the kind that escalated into thoughts of explosive sex right there on the table.
My fingers met her drenched Sex in the elevator, the parking garage, and every mile of the short drive home, where we burst through the door and I sent her flying onto the bed, then stripped naked and fucked her hard in that dress.

All night long, every stir of our naked bodies led to a soft kiss and an ache to satisfy a seemingly insatiable hunger.  Her orgasms were soulful, responding so strongly to my tongue, fingers, and insistent erection.  One AM, Two, Four, and again as the morning sun streamed through the slats in the shutters.
The morning shower found us slow dancing as the warm water trickled down our bodies.  god, I love it when she climbs up my body and wraps her legs around my waist engaging me in passionate tongue-dancing kisses.

With plans to hit a beach sidewalk cafe for breakfast, she steps out of the bedroom in a little form fitting tank dress that barely covers her sweet ass and readily advertises her tits are naked underneath.
She stares doe-eyed after seeing my strong reaction, then flashes a sexy little grin, before being pinned to the door jamb and seductively kissed.  My hands quickly discover that she’s completely naked under this daring dress, just like last night.
“Banana in  your pocket?”
“Yeah, a permanent one.  Wanna stay home?”
“Nope”  She grins.

She teases in the convertible, stretching her long legs out in the morning sun while keeping her freshly shaven Sex just out of view and continues the same at the outdoor table at the sidewalk cafe – that is until the table behind me clears out and she discreetly opens her legs, teasing me to an erection at the sight of her moist petals continually on display as we talk.  A hint of a smirk resides on her face as she pretends to be unaware that her erect nipples are highly visible pressing into the thin material, and her moist pussy is exposed between her long tanned legs.
“Minx” I mutter.
“Moi?  No way” and bats her eyelashes.
She remains *innocently* on display as we eat, only pulling her dress down for the walk to the parking garage, where she daringly lets it ride halfway up her ass.  I pin her against the car, fingering her bare pussy as we sensually kiss.
She looks around, then sits on the top of the door, and lowers the waistband of my running shorts giving me the perfect angle to enter her, which I do, but soon have company, so disappointly, mission aborted.
“Home?” I ask
“Nope, drive” she fires back.

We drive along the boardwalk area for ten minutes, enjoying the scenery rife with half naked people, then once out of town, I open up the powerful engine and head out onto the open road.  She lets out an exhilarated yell, then leans the seat back and strips her dress off, tucking it safely under the seat.
“Crazy girl!” I yell out over the noise of the wind blowing into the cabin as we speed along the coast.  She settles back into the seat, not giving a damn who sees her, save the occasional cop in an SUV, but even then, only a cop having a really bad day would pull us over for this beautiful woman being on display.
“Ahhhhhhhh, this feels so good” she says – her arms stretched behind her head gripping the back of the headrest, wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses.

“Stop for a sec”, which I do along the scenic coast road.
She leans over and kisses me playfully, then strips my shirt and shorts off.
“There, much better”
She bends further, taking my cock in her mouth – licking and sucking until I’m fully erect, then grabs the cell phone from the console for a pic.  I grab it from her, and take a few of her with big playful smiles on her face – the beautiful beach in the background.  We smile as a cop whizzes by, then I turn up the canyon road for a thrill ride through the twisties where she’s wonderfully vocal about having a good time.
“Your nipples are hard, babe”
“They love thrills!”

We drive for hours on smoother roads, keeping each other aroused with stimulating touches.  Being naked has always aroused us, so combine that with the vibrations of the car, the warm sun on her nude body, and the wind in her hair, it’s no surprise that she climaxes easily a few times.  On one open stretch of road, one of her patented intense, ball-draining blowjobs had my head dangerously spinning.   Pedal to the metal right before an orgasm – god, how intense!

The scenic route takes us back home right at sunset, where we park in a turnout along the coast to watch the brilliant sky fade to a hazy orange – kissing and touching bringing us close to hopping in the back seat, but opt to head home instead – a decision that arrived in a split second of clarity amidst a fog of horniness.

I drive through the boardwalk area to get us home, where she reaches for her dress, then grins and says “fuck it”.  I laugh.  She stays reclined, but couldn’t completely hide – doubling down on the occasional cat calls by rising up to jiggle her tits at the perpetrators.
“It’s just flesh” is the common refrain between us. Some day we’ll live on a clothing optional beach.

Soon, we’re home at the beach cottage, not bothering to dress for the short walk to the beachfront deck.  I mix us a couple of stiff drinks,  which we down on our double padded recliner while relaxing after a long fun day.   A simple kiss, followed by another, then another has her mounting and slowly riding me in the warm evening air.  We make love for the longest time – reliving our day as we talk, wonderfully connected, moving our bodies in perfect unison through various positions with no immediate destination in mind.  Long, slow, deep strokes dominate our movements as our naked bodies slowly steadily climb in the warm breezes.  When our climaxes do come, they’re deeply intense and soul-connecting, taking us high into the clouds together – flying, floating, and finally satisfied as we slowly drift off to sleep with her warm body spooned into mine and my hand cupping her right breast.

“Minx” I whisper.
She half-awakens and turns her head with a smile on her face.
“Dreaming about some other woman?”
“Nope.  Why in the world would I?”
“Good answer” she grins and presses her tight little ass back into me.
“Possibly” she grins…..

3 thoughts on “Weekend Ride

  1. Wow
    Just wow
    I love the visual within this story and I am a fanatic for a great scenery. Literally, it was like I was seeing all that was happening in this story with my eyes and feeling it’s effects haha. I love this.

    You are such an amazing writer, you had me from the start to the end😄

    Liked by 1 person

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