The Snake Charmer – Chapter 4 -Kindred Spirits

This is part 4 of the Snake Charmer exhibitionist/voyeur series, which can stand on it’s own, but for better context, the first three chapters can be found here:
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I awaken six hours after my erotic grocery store/parking lot encounter with Snake Charmer, slowly stroking my morning wood while thinking about the fun we had last night.  Eight hours ago I knew next to nothing about her, except for her uninhibited voyeur/exhibitionist desires, but getting to know her better I find her even more intriguing, and just flat-out hot in every way – smart, playful, funny, deeply sexual, and fearless about playing sexually in public places.
I’d love to stay in bed but I have an early beach volleyball qualifying match to play, so I rise and shower, letting the warm water run over my tall athletic body, soon leaning back against the wall steadily stroking my cock thinking about our naked play in the parking lot last night. My hand moves steadily on my thick hard shaft while imagining her naked and clinging to me – hands behind my neck, legs wrapped around my waist like last night, pinning her to the shower wall and hammering into her hot fucking body until we both cum hard!
An intense orgasm grips my body – my groan reverberating against the travertine walls as semen powerfully erupts out of my body.
I collapse back against the wall, continually easing my hand up and down my shaft, enjoying these thoughts as well as the sensation of the warm water cascading over my naked body – stroking until every drop has been drained.

After towelling off, I slip on a pair of volleyball shorts and sunglasses, grab my gym bag and walk down to the beach.

There’s nothing like an intense orgasm to clear my mind and get me ready for competition, except that ten minutes into my warm-up thoughts of her again filter into my mind and remain a distraction – a hot sexy one, but not conducive to top-level performance. After the warm-up with my playing partner, I step off the sand court and walk over to the boardwalk to clear my mind, only to run into her in a midriff baring running outfit.
“Last night was incredibly fun, Sam” (short for Samantha, aka Snake Charmer)
“Absolutely, but that’s not why I’m here”
“Ok” I say with some trepidation.
“I’m here to tell you to kick ass today”
I stare at her in a somewhat disoriented state while absorbing the fire in her eyes.
She slaps her open hands on my bare pecs.  “Play smart, play hard, and use this chiseled body to destroy your opponents.  No mercy whatsoever!”
She grips my shoulders and stares hard into my eyes – the same beautiful eyes, but flashing intense grit and determination, revealing the drive behind her impressive level of fitness.  After seeing the fire she’s looking for in my eyes, she turns and continues her run down the boardwalk.

Her efforts to temporarily extricate me from thoughts of Snake Charmer actually worked! Every thought of her throughout the day was of this kick-ass elite athlete, which in turn inspired me to up my game and play with an extra edge of fire and passion, surprising even myself, and definitely my partner.

We won every game today – becoming the tournament champions – against some strong competition.

The crowd is especially raucous at the trophy presentation, which combined with some epic play and the commensurate infusion of winners cash in my bank account, puts a perpetual smile on my face as I walk along the crowded boardwalk towards my condo.

As if things couldn’t get any better, I spot snake charmer sitting at a table on a restaurant patio with a group of friends, and am instantly greeted with a warm smile, prompting me to approach.

She stands and gives me a strong enthusiastic high-five. “Congrats Will! Awesome play!

A quick two second stare into each others eyes speaks volumes about our connection, and of course true to her moniker, awakens my cock.
“Well, I had a quite inspired talk with a friend just before the first game and she pumped me up big time.  Thanks for that”
“Glad I could help” accompanied by a warm smile.
She eyes my naked torso, and I her cleavage in a sheer tropical print top tied under her tits providing a 3/4 view of her naked breasts, further enhancing the flow of arousal into my body.
This girl has my number, and she knows it.
Lost in thoughts of last night, I stare briefly at her bare hip bone exposed in her fully slit long skirt and she flashes a knowing grin with a subtle nod confirming she’s naked underneath it.
“I want you, now” I discreetly say into her ear as she turns to introduce me to her beautiful friends – a group that is the polar opposite in appearance and energy to the ultra conservative religious group she hangs out with on campus.

“Where did we meet?”
“Uh, School”.  We share two second smile remembering how she – a complete stranger to me at the time – used those beautiful eyes to coax my cock out of my running shorts to grow hard before her eyes while we studied across from each other in the student lounge.

After a couple of minutes of chit-chat, the waiter comes outside to take their order, which is my ticket to head home to shower and chill after a physically taxing day, although I find myself strongly wishing she could join me.
I say goodbye, surprised by a warm congratulatory parting hug – one that has her thigh discreetly brushing against my swollen shaft – followed by a touch on my arm that openly shows affection.
I lean to her ear placing my hand on the warm bare skin of the small of her back, “minx”.
“Moi?” she responds flashing a look of faux innocence.

“Sam has a crush on you!” her friend Kim blurts out as I’m walking away.
I can’t resist turning back to squat next to her at the table with my hand on her mostly bare shoulder.
“Is this true, my smart, gorgeous, sexy, kick-ass friend?”
“There might be a shred of truth to that”
“And I might find you mildly attractive, possibly more so if you were available”
Outspoken Kim interjects “She will be very soon, right Sam?”
She glares at her friend while I sneak a discreet run of my finger along her bare outer leg under the table.
“Hmmmmm, good to know”
“She’s talking out of her ass” Sam responds with a little smile that indicates friendly trash talk.
The island complected beauty sitting across from her, Jade, mutters “well, he never touches yours“.
I jump in. “Yeaaaah, I might not have that kind of restraint.  I mean c’mon Sam, you’ve got a seriously fine ass”.
Kim lets out a loud “Helloooooooooo!” and rises to give me a high-five.
Samantha stares at me, then flashes a half second smirk, relaxing in her chair and nonchalantly pulling the full length slit in her skirt across her legs under the table giving me a momentary for-my-eyes-only view of the close-shaven teardrop shaped patch of hair above her clit, while I talk to her friends.
“Payback, huh?” I say to her quietly as Kim talks.
“Yep” she grins while discreetly slipping her little finger up the leg of my shorts for a quick touch of my swollen head, slowly easing it off when the waiter suddenly arrives with a tray of tequila shots.
Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I put my hand on her shoulder “Hey, thanks again for today.  It was exactly what I needed” – with my eyes telling her what I need right now is to bend her over this table and drill her on the spot.  She looks equally lost in similar thoughts, making it very difficult for me to leave, but I manage to – saying goodbye to her friends before heading towards home.

I get no further than the next table where a group of fellow competitors want to buy me a beer, so I settle into the only open chair at their table – one that happens to have an open sight line to Snake Charmer.

I smile, she smiles and teases by pulling her skirt open revealing her long bare legs under the table.
Their waiter arrives with another tray of tequila shots, and I flag him down to match their order for our table, toasting the guys for a great day when the shots arrive followed by a raised empty glass to Sam.
Kim is definitely on to us, encouraging via playful gestures for me to pursue Samantha.
The ladies table is in party mode, and soon another tray arrives along with our second round – each shot causing her legs to open a couple more inches, and by the fourth tray, snake charmer has my mind fuzzy and my body visibly aroused with her clearly visible petals cast in warm hues by the setting sun.   A wicked grin comes over my face watching her run her finger around the inside of her empty shot glass then discreetly coat her moist petals with tequila under the table while carrying on a conversation with Jade across the table from her.
The guys at my table decide to call it a night, and I hang back to play with Sam.  Kim is watching too closely for me to reciprocate, but in backing my chair up a foot or so, I find a spot where only Snake Charmer can see, and give her an open view up the leg of my shorts as I pretend to relax and people watch the scantily clad people on the boardwalk.  Our eyes meet briefly then hers move to my exposure, staring while boldly caressing her exposed clit for a couple of seconds before returning to talk to her friends.

We play like this for several minutes, until another friend joins them cutting off our view.  I rise up from my chair and send her an air kiss, enjoying her playful smirk as she checks out the bulge in my shorts and head towards home.

A half a block into my walk I turn around upon hearing
“Samantha! What are you doing?” A guy yells after getting out of his car.
He approaches her aggressively and eyes the empty shot glasses on the table “Are you DRINKING?”
I’m saddened at how this vibrant, fun, beautiful woman shrinks under his condescending tone.
“Can’t you see your bosom is on display? Button that blouse, and get in the car, now!” he yells, grabbing her arm.
The women stare in disbelief, and just as I’m about to head back to their table, I see that fire in her eyes.
Popcorn anyone? I mutter to myself.
She jerks her arm away and stands up – her 5’10” besting his height by a good three inches – and lays into him.  “You don’t tell me who I can be friends with, how to dress, or what to drink!, and you do NOT embarrass me in front of my friends!”
The poor bastard is rendered speechless as I’m sure she’s never talked to him this way.  Be smart dude, and just walk away so you can both calm down a bit.
“You must obey me!  These whores of Babylon are corrupting you Samantha!”  he fires back, then quotes scripture about a woman being submissive to her man.
“These beautiful women love and respect me.  Surely you’re familiar with the terms ‘love’ and ‘respect’.  Food for thought as you’re heading home.  It’s you who has lost your way, not me”.
Holy shit, that was an awesome smackdown.
He finally makes the smart decision to get in his car and drive off, although not without spewing more condemnations.

I change my mind and decide to head down the block to the beach to chill for a while, trying to catch her eye as I pass her table, but she’s in deep conversation with her friends.

A Friend Indeed

Just after stashing my gym bag in a locker I hear “Will, wait” and feel a hand on my arm.
I turn to find Kim staring at me – a beautiful woman – tall and fit like Sam, stunning blue eyes, blonde to Sam’s brunette.
We step around the corner to a quiet spot in an alley.
“What’s up?” I ask, making a gentlemanly gesture of sliding the fallen neckline of her sheer cover-up back onto her shoulder.
“Was that awesome or what?  It’s about fucking time she stood up to that pompous controlling asshole”
“Definitely awesome. Although she’s strong and I can’t imagine her putting up with shit from anyone”
“Yes, she’s strong, but not with him, not in fighting the archaic mindset of that cult-like group she’s involved with.  Did you say something to fire her up?”
“No, I don’t know her that well, although had I known her story I might have” again sliding her persistent cover-up back onto her shoulder.

She smiles warmly and flicks open the single button at her navel allowing her top to fall down her body, where she drops it onto the bench next to us.
“Beautiful, and great problem solving skills” I comment – my eyes flitting down to her naked tits then back up to her pretty face.
“No dumb blonde here” she grins.

One of the things I enjoy about this town is that women are as free to be bare-chested as men at the beach and its general vicinity.

She gently grips my upper arms – those striking eyes projecting a touching seriousness.
“Will, Sam has so much potential – smart, strong, talented, beautiful.  Help me get her away from that fuckwad you saw tonight” she says emphatically – her voice mildly slurred but her passion crystal clear.
I stare back silently in my own slightly drunken haze – impressed with her passion for Sam, and enjoying her affectionate nature, then place my hands on her hips over the strings of her little white bikini bottom.
“I like Sam a lot, and I will help in any way you need me to.  She’ll need time to overcome that indoctrination, so we’ll keep things casual until she’s moved past all of that, but like you, I want to see the Samantha I saw tonight, not the one I see hanging with that group on campus”
“Thank you.  She will need time.  I don’t mean to meddle, but I think going slow with her is exactly the right approach Will, at least emotionally”
“She is going to transform her life.  I can see it in her eyes, as well as the determination in yours to make it happen, Kim”
She wraps her arms around me in a surprising full-body embrace to which I instantly respond in-kind. Her warm spirit is reflected in her lack of inhibition as she holds me affectionately tight to her near naked body – chest to chest and pelvis to pelvis, not at all shy about pressing firmly against the lightly clothed erection her nakedness has caused.

Our hug breaks after fifteen enjoyable seconds leaving our bodies intimately close – her hands on my upper arms, mine returning to her hips, her naked breasts casually brushing against my bare chest.
“I do want that for her, so badly”.
“I can see that.  You have a wonderful spirit Kim. So kind and refreshingly open”.
She smiles warmly.  “I enjoy the freedom of being an open book with people I trust”.
I cock my head to the side.  “We just met”
“Well, I’m standing here drunk and practically naked, and you’ve been respectful of my body, so yeah, trust.  Plus, you have a good reputation around town, Will”
“I have to confess that not all of me has been respectful” I grin.
She pulls my waistband towards her and looks down at my turgid cock.
“Since when is standing at attention, not respectful?” she grins back,  releasing the waistband.
“I can’t argue with that logic”.  I smile.
She’s not coming on to me, nor am I to her, which makes this all feel very refreshing.

“All these ridiculous taboos about nudity and sex have created some seriously fucked up thinking. I’m flirty and affectionate by nature, so why can’t I enjoy the feeling of your muscular body and enjoy our arousal while we talk without it meaning we’re going to go at it here in the alley?”
I smile.  “Exactly, or me with your beautiful body”, then gently caress her nicely toned back and shoulders eliciting a warm smile.

“So I’m moving to a new place tomorrow and kidnapping Sam to come live with me, giving her the kick in the ass she needs”.
Her hands glide over my firm pecs and mine onto her upper chest as we talk.  The warmth in her eyes invites my hands to move lower to cup and gently caress her ample perky breasts, enjoying how taut her nipples are.
“Kidnapping sounds like the perfect approach.  You’ll be really good for her, Kim”.
“Speaking of which, I should get back to the table” she responds.
I remove my hands from her breasts, and she instantly puts them back.
“Please don’t misunderstand Will.  I’m enjoying your touch.  I find it stimulating to engage in good conversation while naked with trusted friends – free to touch as we want. It adds a beautiful dimension to the discussion” she says, sounding almost sober.

“I couldn’t agree more. Being au naturel feels so freeing – at the beach, in the water, at home, on my deck and hot tub.  We should head to the Cove (a secluded area at the end of the beach where full nudity is allowed) some day this coming week.  I’d like to get to know you better.
“Yes, absolutely!” she fires back.
“Soooooooo, heading home, stud?” she mildly slurs, grinning after a wiggle of her body against my erection.
My hands ease up her chest then down her back, coming to rest on her firm half-covered ass cheeks. “In a while beautiful woman, but I think I’ll walk, or at least stumble, the beach for a bit to clear my head”
“Well have fun, and it’s a date up at the Cove”
“Fantastic.  Now you need to go.  Whiiiiiiiiich would require me taking my hands off your perfectly toned ass. Sorry, the tequila made me do it”
That warm smile again “Yet another reason to love tequila, and hey, tequila or not, you don’t have to be concerned about touching me, and just to be clear, that’s an invitation I’m very selective about extending”
I place a soft kiss on her cheek and we hug – her embrace warmer and tighter than before, lightly straddling my thigh to letting me feel how wet she is.
“I’ll do my best not to get uninvited.  And by the way Kim.  You look fantastic”.
A broad smile comes over her face and she steps back performing a playful drunken spin.
I lean back against the wall and scan her body, looking so fucking sexy in only that bikini bottom barely clinging to her hips.
“Samantha is the one who trained me and instilled the drive to get in the best shape of my life.  And might I add, that while I enjoyed your play on the court today, I also wasn’t shy about checking out your half-naked muscular body”
I grin “I *might* play shirtless for that very reason”.
“As you should” she smiles.
I pick up her sheer cover-up off the bench.
“Now go help our friend, Kim”
“Trying to get rid of me?”
“Yeah, I’m trying to get rid of a beautiful, warm, sexy,  practically naked woman who I could spend hours talking to”
She cocks her head.
“What?” I ask.
“There are very few guys with which I could have a conversation like this while being physically intimate, without them thinking I’m coming on to them” she says as I’m placing her sheer cover-up back on her body, buttoning only the bottom button and adjusting it with the backs of my fingers caressing her nipples underneath the fabric.
“Your eyes are very expressive, and I am not reading ‘fuck me Will’ in them”
“Having sex behind a pizza place with a guy I just met, is not me”
“Nor me.  I’ve never had sex with a guy behind a pizza place”.  I say with a straight face that slowly morphs into a grin.
“Ha ha.  Wednesday at the Cove?”
“Yes, and dress casually”  I suggest with a smile, gently tugging on the strings tied at her hips, but not enough to untie the bows.
She smiles then gives me a soft kiss on the cheek, then turns and disappears around the corner.   I drop down onto the bench while waiting for my erection to subside – still pretty drunk, but the sound of the ocean calls, so I decide that I’ll heed the call in a few minutes.    Kim the one I pegged as the party girl – sizzling hot on the outside, turns out to have such a warm, loving, open, uninhibited and wonderfully sensual essence – someone I definitely want to get to know.  Lesson learned about applying stereotypes to people.

The Beach

After heading down a fairly steep path to a somewhat secluded stretch of beach I find a large padded double lounger left on the sand by a small resort that recently went out of business.  I lay back half reclined and enjoy the beautiful view of the moonlit surf before closing my eyes and thinking back over a near perfect 24 hours. The grocery store, playing naked in the parking lot, our voyeur, Sam’s pep talk this morning, epic play on the sand, her playful flashing under the table. God how I enjoy that woman.
I don’t want to be the rebound guy, and maybe we end up being casual playmates, but I want her in my life, as I do Kim – two deeply enjoyable women – friends who it appears have yet to fully discover what they have in common.

Minutes pass while drifting eyes-closed in this deeply enjoyable fog.  I’m tired and fairly drunk, but glad I didn’t go to bed.  When opening my eyes I gaze out over the ocean then down towards the beach to volleyball courts in the far, far distance where my partner and I kicked ass earlier – a view complete with a woman walking along the beach in the distance who reminds me of Snake Charmer.
I stare straight ahead out at the calm sea for a good minute allowing my mind to drift in my still slightly drunken haze – in the moment and at peace, until my view is suddenly blocked by a gorgeous moonlit angel in a sheer tropical outfit.
We stare silently, intensely, into each others eyes. Even in the faint moonlight her green pools shimmer, mesmerizing me.
Her silent stare continues as my eyes travel over her long toned body, clad in the same beautiful sheer tropical print crop top and long slit skirt – now hanging even lower on her hips.
She unties the knot under her breasts and removes her top, tossing it onto the lounger.  My cock stiffens in my shorts, drawing her attention in a long extended stare before her eyes return to mine, holding my attention as her fingers deftly untie the knot at her hip then shed her skirt leaving her standing naked in front of me.

She doesn’t way a word, choosing to just stand there watching me admire her tall beautiful fit nude body without a care in the world as to who might walk by.
I respond by removing my shorts, leaving me naked for her to ogle my aroused athletic body as I lay in the 45 degree reclined padded double lounger.
Telling her how amazing she looks standing in warm night air with her exceptionally fit body highlighted by the quarter moon would be to repeat what she can already see in my eyes, and how my body has reacted.

Seconds later she comes to me and straddles my abs.  I haven’t even touched her and she’s as wet as I am hard.   An intense stare connects us, just like it has ever since our first anonymous encounter in the college study lounge.  Without hesitation, she rises up and guides my precum-tipped head to her wet petals and ever so slowly sinks down past my head, gripping my shaft as I stretch her tight wet walls, until she’s taken every inch inside her.
We stare silently for ten seconds before I smile.  “Hi”.
A warm smile comes over her pretty face.  “Hi”, then leans forward and moves her mouth to my left ear. “I’ve wanted your beautiful cock inside me since that very moment you first fed my curiosity by growing hard in front of me as we studied on campus”.  We engage in a deeply sensual kiss – the vibrations of her moans feeding us as I firmly grip her ass, slightly spreading her cheeks.
“Mmmmmmmm, that moment when I let go and showed you everything you wanted to see. I ached for you to crawl across that table and fuck me just like this, Sam”.
She kisses me deeper – our tongues dancing as she grinds on my turgid shaft with long strokes leaving only my head inside her wet petals before plunging back down to my tight shaved balls.
Our kiss breaks “Next time we study, we’ll fulfill each others fantasies” she says flashing another warm smile.
“You’re on”.
She leans back with her hands on my thighs, both of staring down at our union, watching her wet petals grip my cock as it hypnotically disappears then reappears. I see her look past me obviously spotting someone in the distance, then smile and look into my eyes while accentuating the sensuality of her moves, moaning softly as I massage her firm clit.
“Imagine all the ways we could play, Sam”
She sits back up then leans forward and again devours my mouth. “Mmmmmmm, I do, often”
I thrust upward holding still deep inside her for a few seconds then begin steadily penetrating her tight snatch.
I smile. “I loved last night Sam. I truly didn’t want our first time to be in a parking lot, but this is the perfect place”
Her soft moans mix perfectly with the sound of the gentle waves fifty feet away as we bask in the liberating sensation of so freely having sex here on this beautiful beach.
“I completely agree”

Our pace varies to match the moment as we thoroughly enjoy this intoxicating freedom. – slowing and becoming more intimate when the occasional passersby appear up on the path or at the shoreline, both approximately fifty feet away.  I roll her onto her back, maintaining penetration, then pin her wrists, watching my gorgeous snake charmer’s sensual reaction – arching her back and thrusting her breasts up towards me as I steadily impale her at our previous pace.
“Mmmmmmmm, fuck me Snake” she moans with a relaxed smile as she reaches up over her head and grasps the top of the lounger in total surrender, wrapping her legs around my waist pulling me deeper into her.  Our deep kissing resumes – tongues dancing, lips caressing as I rhythmically drive every fraction of an inch of my pole repeatedly into her glove tight pussy.
Our fit bodies move easily together as I roll us onto our sides, fucking her while fingering her swollen clit and gently nibbling on her neck as she spoons into me.  The way she breathes, moans moves her body with mine belies this being the first time we’ve had sex, and how sexually inactive I assume she’s been.

Twenty minutes into our deeply connected dance a couple stops down by the shoreline to my right to look out over the ocean.  Samantha slips out of my grasp and pushes me down firmly onto the lounger, mounting and dancing on me while sitting fully erect with that sexy twinkle in her eyes.  Locked in a knowing stare as the exhibitionist rush fills our minds and naked bodies – not that we have been seen, but knowing we well could be – we take turns driving my deep penetrations.  So relaxed with an aroused smile on her face, she stares into my eyes while I tease her erect nipples coating them with her juices then flex upward to slowly, sensually ease my soft tongue over them, licking each one clean while enjoying her erotic approving moans. She looks down at her glistening nipples, then leans in to warmly hug me, moaning in my ear as I gently spread her ass cheeks and slowly piston her tight snatch for thirty seconds. “I love the sensation of the ocean breezes on my wet pussy” she purrs. “As do I on my wet shaft and balls”.
She rocks her hips upward exposing all but the head of my cock to the warm night breezes, enjoying my reaction, then sits up burying my entire length inside her before resuming her steady ride.

Our dance intensifies – eyes connecting as we climb – her tight walls gripping and gliding my rock hard shaft as I finger her swollen clit.  The relaxed look on her face turns to a deeply aroused one as a sudden intense wave of sensations floods into her body causing her mouth to open and her head fall back.  I ease my touch for a few seconds until she comes down a little and refocuses on my eyes.  “I am so incredibly aroused” she tells me, looking completely lost in her sexual hunger, then lays down on my chest nose to nose and lips to lips.  “Mmmmmmm, I enjoyed fingering myself to sleep many times while thinking of you, but I ached for this
She rises up slightly digging her fingernails into my upper arms with her full c-cups swaying gently above me while I drive the penetration.  Sam climbs steadily until she’s soon hanging on the edge with her mouth open.  I keep her there, enjoying her moans and sensual moves, learning her beautiful body, and connecting for as long as she can hold off until a deeply intense climax grips her.  She sits straight up – her sexual cries ringing out unchecked as she flies high into the clouds, staring deep into my eyes, her body convulsing as she sensually rides me during her long, intense, beautiful orgasm – gorgeous, sexy, and fearless in communicating how her body is reacting.
I never expected this tonight, and god, what a gift to be enjoying such an intense sexual encounter with my beautiful snake charmer.

“Seems we’ve drawn the attention of that couple on the shoreline”
A wicked grin comes over her face as she accentuates her long rides up and down my wet pole, so obviously enjoying the attention of the two voyeurs watching from their side angle view even though she hasn’t yet seen them.
“You and me watching each other as others watch us, Snake Charmer. So hot!”
Again she leans back with her hands on my thighs – watching her pussy rhythmically devour and release my cock.
“I love this. I’m soooooo wet”
She rises up off of me and turns around to ride me reverse cowgirl, giving our audience a frontal view of her fine body as she glides erotically up and down my full length while looking out over the moonlit ocean. After a minute or so, I sit up and cup her breasts letting my baritone vibrate in her ear “I love this too. I feel so free with you Sam” then gently nibble on her neck before easing back down.
To my surprise, she turns towards our voyeurs and smiles – wordlessly inviting them to continue watching her hypnotically fuck my aroused body.

Several minutes pass before she dismounts and turns around looking down at me with an intense hungry look in her eyes.  They lock onto mine, and placing her hands on my chest she sinks down and begins to rhythmically grind on my drenched cock, responding to my increasing vocalizations by pumping steadily faster – eyes on fire, tits bouncing, with seemingly no end to the intensity with which she can fuck.  She watches my eyes, adjusting her pace to keep me steadily climbing at the pace she desires – so free with the way her body sensually moves, while obviously enjoying 3 sets of eyes on her hot body.
“Mmmmmm, this is long overdue, Snake”
Sensing I’m close, she suddenly sits straight up and backs off her pace, slowly riding me as I massage her swollen breasts.  I playfully buck my hips upward, rising her higher off the lounger then pausing before lowering them.  “Too bad I don’t have my cowgirl hat” she says with a smile.  “Yes, too bad” I grin.  I buck her upward again, then again, establishing sensual bull-riding rhythm, loving her sexy moves as my body again steadily climbs. She looks past me, staring momentarily, then refocuses on my eyes. “More onlookers?”
“Uh huh” she says with a lost look in her eyes while continuing her very sexual ride. “Casually as they walked on the path”
“god, Will” she moans, then again placing her hands on my pecs, stares down into my eyes, and steadily increases her pace until she’s again vigorously fucking me.
“Mmmmmmm,  I want you to fucking explode inside me” she growls, riding me hard, straight to an unbelievably strong orgasm forcing a loud prolonged groan as my abs tense and I erupt explosively inside her glove tight pussy.
“Drain me, girl” I growl.
She steadily eases her tempo, squeezing my shaft as she milks me, searching for that last drop to ooze into her tight box.
I look up at her through my orgasmic haze seeing a hint of the athlete that is still just warming up and so obviously ready to go again, and again, and again.
I pull her to me for a mouth-devouring, tongue dancing kiss while she slowly rides my still hard rod,absorbing my moans as they vibrate into her mouth.

When our kiss eventually breaks, she sits up looking so stunningly sexy.
“Just like riding a bike” she grins, referring to how long it’s been since she’s had sex.
“In the Tour de France”.
“You’re sweet”
“You’re very very good”
“Ditto, Snake.  I guess we can cross bad sex off the list of perils”.
“Ohhhhhhhhh yeah”
She moans feeling me remain fully hard allowing our slow dance to resume – eyes locked, my hands on her tight ass, talking in between seductive kisses – completely lost in each other.
She stretches her arms upward and lets out a growling yell, expressing a joyful release of pent-up sexual desire.  I don’t know what happened tonight, but she looks free as a bird.
“I’m happy, Snake!”
I smile broadly and stare up into her face – hair disheveled eyes bright, smiling and having fun.
“As you should be, Samantha.  You’re smart, talented, beautiful, adventurous, and so damn sexy!”
She leans forward and I pull her down to me for a sensual kiss – lips caressing, tongues gliding over each others for a good two minutes while my hips gently, repeatedly thrust my cock deep inside her.
She eventually sits back up.
“No doubt some nights you and I were masturbating at the same time.  The way you teased me during that second study session in the lounge Sam.  Mmmmmm, surprising me by being naked under that hot little dress, then overcoming your nerves to stroke this wet pussy until you climaxed.  god, how often those images pop into my head!”
“I absolutely loved reciprocating for the gift you gave me of feeding my nascent fetish, and god yes how I get wet at the most inopportune times when thoughts of our encounters flood into my mind”.
I lay back, silently watching her move on me as she enjoys each penetration.
She looks around.  “Seems we’re alone again”
“For now”.  That sexy connection we share lights a spark in our eyes…


“Glad to see you’re still celebrating, Will!” A female voice yells from behind Sam’s back.
I look up and find another couple who was walking along the water’s edge giving us a reasonably wide berth as they head back to the path.
“Gotta strike while I’m hot!” I respond into the night air, clueless as to who I’m talking to.
Sam smiles and continues to boldly, sensually glide up and down my shaft – lost in our exhibitionist rush with a sexy gleam in her pretty eyes
As they pass, the woman can’t help looking back to see who’s riding me.
“Sam?” she asks, then separates from the guy and boldly approaches us.
Sam smiles “Hi Jade!”.
“Oh my god, Sam!” she says gleefully – a beautiful woman of Polynesian heritage wearing nothing but a very short little wrap slant-bottom skirt tied at the waist and hanging low on her hips. She bends down and gives each of us a warm hug then sits next to us putting one arm over each of our shoulders.
Sam comes to a stop, smiling at me while replacing her motion with an arousing massage of my shaft with her slick walls.
“I am so happy to see this girl with a good man” Jade offers in slightly slurred words.
“Will, remember Jade from earlier tonight?”
“Yes. It’s good to see uh, even more of you” I respond smiling.
She smiles “Right back at ya. I prefer to be naked, or as close to it as I can be whenever the opportunity presents itself”
“I’m sure that guy you’re with appreciates it”
“Eh, no chemistry, so he took off”
Sam flashes a wicked little grin at me, then discreetly resumes her ride traveling an inch or so up and down my shaft.
Jade continues “The others you met tonight feel the same way I do about being free and naked, and now our newest member – this kick-ass beauty has joined the club!”.

After a couple of minutes, this all feels oddly natural – so much so that Sam resumes her long slow ride as the three of us talk.  Five minutes pass before Jade expresses that she’s overstayed her welcome and gives us each a kiss on the cheek.  Sam leans back placing her hands on my thighs, drawing her friend’s attention to our union for the first time.  Our eyes lock with Jade intently watching as Sam sensually fucks me, keeping most of my cock buried inside her.
“I am such a voyeur” Jade confesses, staring at our union, then scanning our nude bodies and making eye contact with each of us.
“Mmmmmmmmm, Will and I just recently met and quickly found we deeply enjoy public erotic play – switching roles between exhibitionist and voyeur, sometimes both at the same time, getting off on pushing the limits”
“How fun! I had no idea. I love pushing the limits and doing the unexpected, but I’m invading your space” Jade responds, then rises up to leave.
Sam freezes her in her tracks by slow fucking the full length of my wet cock as visual eye candy to feed Jade’s voyeuristic desires – each stroke slightly longer than the last, slowly revealing my wet turgid shaft one teasing inch after another until only my head is inside her gripped by her wet supple petals.  She pauses then lets it snap free out into the open – wet and glistening as it points to the star-filled sky.

We look up at Jade finding her visibly aroused – nipples hard, eyes glazed over, her eyes drifting along a path from Sam’s green pools, to my erection, to my blue orbs.
“Damn, girl, what got into you?” Jade says staring at her in happy disbelief.

Sam smiles, looking truly happy. She touches Jade’s upper arm. “I’ve gained an astonishing amount of clarity during the last 24 hours. It’s taken me awhile, but I realized tonight that you Whores of Babylon and this Serpent from the Garden of Eden here” she grins, playfully grasping my shaft “are the people in my life who want me to be truly happy – to explore and grow, rather than bind me to preset principles. I love my old friends, but I want a different life”
She unties Jades little skirt letting it fall to the sand leaving her friend naked.
“Stay, celebrate with us, sweetie”
She looks at Sam, then at me
I release the back of the double lounger to allow it to lay flat like a bed.
“I agree, join us”
Jade smiles warmly, then crawls onto the padded surface laying on her side, refreshingly comfortable with her body resting against mine and her hand on my abs.
“I’m excited to watch you blossom Samantha”
“As am I, although it’s scary”
“Less so with friends who care about you” Jade responds.
Snake Charmer bends down to give her friend a soft friendly kiss on the lips, cupping her left breast in the process before sitting back up. “Thank you”
“Of course.  We lift each other up, Sam, and god knows I owe you for kicking my ass into shape”
“You did all the work, Jade.  Will, is this woman looking hot, or what?”
“Yes, very hot.  I know and appreciate the kind of work it takes to reach the  level of fitness both of you have attained”  I ease my fingers over each of their feminine six packs, then caress their firm shoulders, while enjoying the light touch of Jade’s fingertips drifting up from under my balls to the tip of my semi-erect cock causing me to stiffen. “But you can’t train warmth and soulfulness in your eyes and body language – something you both have, not to mention such an openness and complete lack of arrogance.  That’s all too rare”
They look at me in silence for several seconds before Sam places her hand along side my face.  “One of the many values I will carry forward from my old life is humility, in addition to love and respect for others.  The clothes I’m wearing, or not wearing, have no bearing on those and other core principles, nor does the way I choose to express my sexuality”
“Sam’s path has enlightened me, Will.  Those core values are a part of everything she does, and emulating her has changed my life”.  Again her fingertips travel up my shaft as she continues.

I lightly stroke Snake Charmer’s clit, causing those beautiful eyes to bore into my soul, seriously derailing my train of thought, as does the sensation of the soft skin of Jades inner thigh under my fingers.

Jade opens her legs slightly allowing my fingers  access to glide up and lightly stroke her very wet petals, purring next to my ear and continuing her light, very arousing fingertip caress of my erection in response.
Sam smiles “You’ve caused Jade to break her vow to swear off of guys for the past couple of months Will.  Well done.”
“Lucky me” I smile.
She guides my cock back into Snake Charmer’s wet entrance, then lays her head on my shoulder and watches Sam slowly erotically ride me while we talk.
“Mmmmmm, Samantha, the glow on your face, the look in your eyes, your proudly displayed beautiful body”  Jade reaches up and massages Sam’s breasts for a moment, eliciting a warm loving smile.

“Sam and I found out very much by accident that we both get off on the exhibitionist rush of being watched”
“Now that is a story I want to hear.  I sometimes get wet when walking the beach wearing just that little skirt I had on, so I can only imagine being watched while having sex”
Sam sports a sexy, lost smile as her eyes focus straight ahead.
“Uh huh.  A couple casually watching as they walk along the path.  It’s so hot, Snake”
“Snake?” Jade asks?
“Yes, and have you met my partner in crime – Snake Charmer?”
“Ok, now I really need to hear the story”
Sam looks at me, flashing a mischievous smile then turns her attention to Jade.
“All in good time my friend, but I’m sure those monikers will give you a hint”
Jade’s fingers ease off my abs to tentatively touch Samantha’s clit, eliciting another warm smile, a sensual moan, and caress of Jade’s firm left ass cheek in a reassuring response as Sam shows off her gorgeous sensual moves to us and the distant onlookers fifty fee away.
After pausing for a few seconds to watch, the couple disappears up the path and we resume talking, stopping at times in total silence to admire the star-filled sky above us.

I turn my head coming face to face with the beautiful soul laying next to me, looking into each others eyes.
“I’m loving Sam 2.0, you?”  I inquire.
Our lips meet and a very sensual kiss slowly develops – our mouths opening and tongues very gently caressing while I continue to gently stimulate her clit.
She smiles when our lips part.  “Yes, very very much so”.
“What are you two whispering about?”  Samantha asks with a grin.
“Just a beautiful mutual friend who has made a wonderful change in her life” I respond.
She leans down to warmly kiss both of us.

Upon sitting back up I see her attention turn back to the path, off to her left, staring before returning her gaze to me, staring deep into my eyes with that lost exhibitionist rush in her eyes.
“More company?” Jade asks.
“Yes. Very minimally dressed”.
Sam reaches down to touch Jade’s face.  “Your turn sweetie” then to my surprise rolls off of me.
Jade looks into my eyes.
I smile “Feed your fantasies.  Hop on”.
She rolls onto me straddling my abs and looks down into my eyes, nervously half-smiling when my hands gently find her hips – a smile that relaxes when Sam slides over snuggling up to me with her head on my shoulder.
“You are so beautiful Jade”
“Sam”. the Polynesian beauty smiles warmly, then raises her hips allowing Sam to position my head between her wet petals.
Jade lets out a long sensual moan as my cock stretches her tight wet walls, filling her as she takes every inch of me inside her hot, fit body.
“Mmmmmmmm, I’ll second that”.
Jade smiles as her hands travel over my upper body – chest, shoulders, arms, tracing my six pack with her fingers while gliding sensually up and down my full length. “I enjoyed watching this body in action earlier today Will. Little did I know I’d be riding it hours later”
“Again, lucky me”
She rises up high on my shaft and looks down at our union.
“Lucky me“.

Jade stares past me – the arousal in her pretty brown eyes deepening with each passing second as her body sensually moves – hips swirling, her ample swollen breasts swaying, exposing all but the head of my rock hard dick with each long stroke.
Sam watches intently while lightly stroking her own clit “this is soooooo hot”.

“Mmmmmmm, they’ve spotted us” Jade moans, acknowledging our voyeurs and extending an invitation to watch by meeting their stare for a few seconds.

She leans forward staring intently into my eyes as I cup her large natural c-cups in my hands, gently massaging them.  “My tits are so sensitive.  I love having them touched and fondled”  A long  “ohhhhhhhhh, god” escapes from her lips when I place my hands on her tight ass, spreading her cheeks and pistoning rapidly up into her tight snatch for fifteen seconds before relaxing, returning control to her.
Leaning back, she takes a page from Sam’s playbook and increasingly exposes my cock with longer fucks of my shaft – intentionally letting it snap free for her to grip, stroke, and play with my wet erection before guiding it back inside her.
More lost with each passing moment, she begins to move her athletic body faster, moaning out when Sam begins fingering her swollen clit.
“This is so fucking arousing” she lets out.
“I love this Will” Sam says in a breathy tone directly into my ear while watching Jade get so lost in her exhibition, stroking her friends clit as she climbs and climbs and climbs until cumming explosively hard  – eyes flying wide open while letting her squirming animated body be seen, and her sexual cries heard by our horny onlookers.
She rides me through her long sexual flight into the clouds looking so naturally sexy as she stares wordlessly into our eyes steadily slowing, moaning, lost for a couple of minutes, until coming to a stop.  Her hands move to my pecs and she stares hard into my eyes.
“I came so incredibly hard, I almost passed out.  Dear god that was hot!
“It’s freeing to let go of all inhibition and enjoy yourself, isn’t it”
“It’s such a rush, one I’m definitely going to want to experience again”
“And again, and again, and again.  Trust me sweetie”  Sam adds.

Jade rolls off me onto her back relaxing sprawled out spread eagle while watching me move over Sam and firmly push her down to the padded surface, then dive between her legs spearing her tight pussy.
Those eyes lock onto mine and she wraps her  long powerful legs around my waist.  “Fuck me, Snake” she growls.
Jade tries to sneak off, but I’m able to grab her arm and pull her back down.
“Stay, Jade.  We’ll walk home together”
I ease back, then glide into her, again, and again, slowly building speed like a locomotive engine, until we’re fucking fast and furious.  I reach out to Jade, guiding her hand to Sam’s abs  where without hesitation she begins to finger Sam’s clit as she lays on her side watching us.  Sam moans, squirming as her body climbs under the spell of my hammering cock and Jades fingers on her sensitive fleash  The sensuality of our earlier encounter is replace by raw physical fucking.  Sam grits her teeth as I pound into her, growling for me to grind faster, harder, deeper until her sexy body begins to squirm, moans growing louder, pleas becoming more insistent, my uninhibited grunts punctuating each thrust until within seconds of each other such intense explosive orgasms rip through our bodies!  I can’t get enough, and keep pounding away – her moans mixing with Jade’s as she looks on, deeply aroused by watching us fuck up close.
I eventually slow my pace, my erection now subsiding as I look into Sam’s beautiful smiling face.  She effortlessly raises up a few inches, and hugs me, then gives me the most sensually erotic kiss.
“I have needed that for the longest time – a hot, feral, grinding fuck“.  That last word being emphasized with confidence for the first time.
“Since the first day I met you, girl”.

Sam slips her arm underneath Jade and pulls her close.  Our hands roam over each others bare skin, our lips indiscriminately finding each others

“So has this been one of those tequila influenced nights we’re going to regret in the morning?” Sam asks.
“Hell no! Regret spending time with two warm, loving, adventurous, stunningly beautiful naked women with whom I enjoyed great sex?”
“Absolutely not!  I love this.  Mmmmmmmmm, if I didn’t have an early day tomorrow, I’d love to sleep here with our three bodies intertwined”
“Next time” I respond with confidence.
“You two should stay” Jade offers.
“I don’t want you walking home alone, especially half-naked”.
“Thanks” she smiles, then runs her hand the length of my back and caresses my firm ass cheeks.
We play and touch in various positions – caressing and massaging each others bodies, enjoying the pleasure and eventual arousal.  We take turns gifting each other with another orgasm – two on one – kissing, touching, licking, sucking – enjoying but paying little attention to any voyeurs, as we’re all watching each others aroused bodies getting off.
Afterwards we lay side by side staring up at the stars for several minutes before I reluctantly rise to slip my shorts on, stopped cold by the sight of these two beautiful souls laying naked on the lounger.
“Something on your mind, Snake?” Sam asks, grinning while looking at me standing at the foot of the lounger, shorts in hand.
“Just checking out a couple of cock stiffening unbelievably gorgeous naked women I just had the pleasure of thoroughly enjoying tonight”
Sam leaps to the foot of the lounger with catlike speed and jumps into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist.
“I am forever going to surround myself with people who make me feel alive, like you do” then plants a joyful kiss on my lips.
“Ditto, Snake Charmer”
I smile as she releases her hands from behind my neck and slides my cock up between us, then lowers her upper body until she’s hanging upside down from my waist “and that of course goes for you as well my beautiful friend” she says while staring upside down at Jade.
She drops to the lounger then pulls Jade up, the three of us standing close as they tie their skirts and I slide my shorts up my long legs.
Sam hands me her top. “Got a free pocket for this?”
I look at the two of them, standing side by side, beautifully lit by the moon.  “We’d better get going before I tackle you two sexy beauties back down onto that lounger”
We all flash knowing smiles and file those thoughts in our bucket lists, then I take their hands in mine and we head across the sand and up the path, taking a quiet street home.

Jade gives extremely warm hugs and sensual kisses to both of us before heading to the stairs of her condo.  We smile as she playfully removes her little skirt and walks naked up the stairs, pausing after opening her front door, flashing a beautiful warm smile before disappearing inside.
“She’s awesome, Sam”.
“She is, and Will, thank you for so warmly accepting her onto our fun tonight”
“Well, we all have to make sacrifices from time to time”  I grin, earning me a smack on the chest.
“Yeah, I could see how uncomfortable you were” she playfully smirks.
We walk up a block to her condo where she retrieves her top and puts it on, then gives me a friendly hug.
I look at her quite confused.
“He lives in the same building, and could be watching.  I don’t want a scene, Will”
“I was pissed and embarrassed beyond words at the crap he pulled tonight, and called him afterwards, telling him literally to fuck off, and that I was done”
“Probably for the best based on the little bit I saw”
Believe me, he got off easy compared to the knee to the balls and punch in the face I was about to unleash on him”  she slowly smiles.  “In the past I would have submitted and let him drag me into the car, but that girl left the planet tonight, never to return”.
“Yeah, I could feel the power in your body earlier.  I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with you”
“Well, maybe tangled up in the sheets, some day?”
Will.  I have a couple of years of hardcore indoctrination to overcome, and I don’t want to drag you through that, or being presumptuous, make you the rebound guy, but I absolutely love these encounters and want to continue them with you.  I want you in my life in all the positive ways”
“I want to get to know you better, and explore these exciting fantasies together.  If you want to talk over coffee, lunch, dinner or while having sex on the beach, let’s enjoy getting to know each other, and we’ll see over time how things go.  We came into each others lives for a reason, one which I want to explore fully”
“I’d like that, and I promise not to be jealous if my hot friends want to befriend you as well”.
“They are beautiful and quite hot”
She raises an eyebrow.
“Seriously Samantha, no one has the ability to mesmerize me and arouse my body by just looking into my eyes.  I react that strongly to your beautiful essence”
She removes her top and gives me a long wonderfully warm, arousing hug,  our thighs between each others legs – mine in the slit of her skirt feeling her wet petals on my bare skin, and hers actively flexing her thigh muscle on my erection.
When our hug finally breaks, we share a connected smile, then a deeply sexual kiss
“Thank you for a 24 hours I will never forget, amazing woman”
“To be continued, Snake”  she says, then heads upstairs, pausing at the door to blow me a kiss – hopefully the last time we’ll need to part at the end of an amazing night….

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    1. Thank you for the kind comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying this series. The first story is based on a personal experience, while the others are extensions of experiences mixed with fantasy. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, and by all means, join in. Thanks again.


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