Uninhibited Beach Encounters – Chapter 3 – The Showings (18+)

This is part three of an ongoing story of naked sexual beach life on a small island.
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I enter Sharla’s crowded art gallery an hour before the end of a showing of her latest pieces, and from the first sculpture I’m immediately taken by how her art is such an extension of her personality, evoking warmth and sensuality in her nudes, gentleness and loving reverence in the sea life and animals, and wonderful long flowing curves of the abstracts. This level of talent could take her anywhere she desires, but she has obviously chosen to eschew big city art galleries and live here in this small island community. Lucky me.

I find her amongst the impressive turnout and give her a friendly waist-up hug and a soft kiss on the cheek, receiving a playful raised eyebrow in response.
I look into her eyes, then scan down to her tastefully displayed cleavage enjoying how on close inspection the sheer tropical print fabric of her halter top leaves little to the imagination.  The sight of her firm bare abs and one leg showing through her long fully slit skirt tied tenuously on her hip causes a gentle hunger to ease into my body.
I step close and kiss her softly,  before engaging her in a full body embrace during which she discreetly presses her bare thigh against me to feel my stiffening cock.
She is who she is regardless of the setting – a sensual free spirit who lives by her own rules.
“Much better” she says directly into my ear.

“You look so beautiful, Sharla, and your artwork is such an extension of your sensuality and soulfulness. I’m quite captivated by these pieces”
“Thank you Will. I’d love to walk you through each piece sometime when the gallery is less crowded”.
“A private showing perhaps?”.
“Of me, or the art?”  she grins.

She’s interrupted by a customer so I move on to the next sculpture while discreetly dragging my fingers across her very thinly veiled ass, setting in motion a series of daringly touches and whispered sexual innuendo back and forth while she works the floor.  Point, game, and match occurs when she takes my fingers and slips them inside her slit skirt guiding them to her moist naked sex for a brief second before gracefully spinning away to take a customer to the register to pay for their purchase.

“I saw that” a woman standing next me says.
“Jen?” I rhetorically ask, acknowledging the fairly dramatic change in appearance of the woman who discreetly photographed me and Sharla engaged in an erotic sunset encounter on the beach more than a week ago.  (See Uninhibited Naked Beach Encounter 2 – Payback)
She has a great new hair style, a more confident look in her eyes, her breasts, abs, long legs proudly on display in a little crochet halter top and very short sarong skirt tied low on her hip.

I grab two glasses of champagne off the passing tray and hand her one, then eye her from head to toe.
“New hair, clothes, and a beautiful relaxed smile. I like it!”
She grins from ear to ear. “That afternoon on the beach changed me. The way the two of you let me capture that intensely intimate erotic coupling of your nude bodies, and how warmly you invited me to join you for the walk home afterwards”  She places her hand gently on my upper arm.  “I was so nervous when Sharla playfully demanded I be naked like the two of you, but  I soon realized how freeing it felt.  Anyway, thank you for easing my nervousness and making it seem like no big deal.”
“We all need a little nudge once in a while” I respond then gently elbow her side boob – a little game I started in order to loosen her up while the three of us walked home naked along the shoreline from the erotic encounter two days ago. She smiles and playfully responds by bumping my arm with her exposed side boob. We talk for a good thirty minutes until the show closes.

Sharla approaches and thanks a few attendees as they head out, then locks the door behind them.
“Ahhhhhhhh, what an amazing show. I sold all but two pieces!”
She puts her arms around us for a group hug while giving each of us a champagne tinged kiss on the lips.
“That’s wonderful.  Congratulations!”
“Thank you thank you. So Will, what do you think of Jen’s new look?”
“Soooooo gorgeous and sexy!”
Jen smiles and does a spin, then shakes her head to let new haircut fly free.
“Thank you Will” she returns, beaming. “By the way, the photos are ready whenever you two want to view them”
“Now!” Sharla fires back.
Jen smiles and takes our hands, leading us two shops down, then upstairs to the viewing room of her photography studio – a beautifully appointed room with a large comfortable couch, a small kitchen, wet bar, very large high quality TV, and a gorgeous view out over the turquoise sea.
“Great room Jen!”
“Thanks! Make yourselves at home” she replies, then disappears into the kitchen area.

I stand behind Sharla with my arms around her waist as we stare out the picture window mesmerized by the final stage of another brilliant island sunset, then turn her to face me, sensually kissing as we slow dance to the soft music playing in the room.

She looks at me “For what it’s worth, you scored major points with me in bringing that girl out of her shell during our walk – embracing her passion for photography and being so kind and playful with her afterward to finally get her out of her head”
“I could see in your eyes that she’s someone you care deeply about, plus I like her”.
She puts her arms around my neck.  “I do love her.  I almost cried when I saw her enter my gallery a couple of days ago looking so confident and hot – both representing a profound change I’ve been trying to nudge her towards since we met a year ago”.
“It’s difficult when you see potential in a person, but understand they have to come to it themselves, but yes with gentle nudges from caring friends”

She unbuttons my shirt, engaging me in a soft lingering kiss that only stops when Jen enters the room – sans halter top – carrying a plate of food.
“Whoa, it seems your efforts are paying off” I whisper in her ear.
Jen stands close, smiling.  “A strong, beautiful, lasting high awaits in about 45 minutes” pointing us to her pot-laced brownies sitting amongst the appetizers.  “And by the way, you two are overdressed for this occasion” she adds, then pads to the wet bar.   We softly kiss while I remove her sheer halter top, and she my shirt – our hands immediately caressing each others bare chests.  She whispers in my ear “Just go with the flow?”
“Absolutely.  It’s what we do”  Again, those gorgeous green eyes mesmerize and draw me to her.

We move to the couch just as Jen returns with a beautiful custom-made bong.  “Until then, a soft jump-start…”
She lights the bong and we all partake, enjoying the mellow high as we talk about Sharla’s show, Jen’s artwork, and my I/T work – which has them both playfully snoozing off.  “Ha, ha, very funny”.  Seems the bong is filled with happy weed.

Jen slips off the U-shaped couch and drops to the floor sitting back on her heels with her hands our knees.  “You two are so beautiful together. God, I got so wet working with these pics I’m about to show you”
Sharla whispers in my ear loud enough for Jen to hear “I have no idea who this woman is“.
“I think it’s the artist formerly known as Jen”
“Uh, hellooooo, I can hear you” Jen says, then laughs.
Sharla places her hand on Jen’s arm. “I love this new you”.
“Thanks for helping me find her. Both of you”, then gives us both a peck on the lips.

Jen stands and stares down at us – a pretty brunette, slender and tall like Sharla with striking blue eyes, and a beautiful body  – a woman who a couple of days ago would have been far too reserved to be proudly displaying a new look while standing nearly naked in front of us.
Without saying a word, she unties her little skirt and tosses it aside, then does the same to Sharla’s, before removing my shorts and pulling us down onto the comfortable faux fur rug with her.
Sharla laughs “What has gotten into you, girl?”
“I’ve jettisoned all the self-imposed bullshit and just feel really free. Come, sit”
We sit in a circle, passing the bong around, talking and laughing while enjoying the mellow buzz of its mild strain.

“I’m excited for you to see the erotic pics I took of the two of you. god, I found them to be so hot”
“Naughty girl, looking at pics of Will and I fucking on the beach”
“Well, you know I’m a voyeur, but I kept it all very professional, except possibly having my vibrator handy the entire time”. She grins.
“Hard to focus?” I ask.
“Extremely, but this was different from what I’ve done before, and I so enjoyed coming up here, stripping naked to be in the right state of mind, and finding the perfect pics of your beautiful bodies to show you. ”
We move up to the leather couch, and Jen hands me the remote saying “Enjoy” with a sexy grim.
I grasp her hand.  “Jen, stay. Show us your work.  I’d love to hear your insights”
She looks at Sharla.  “Of course we want you here sweetie. I see your eyes light up when you talk about editing our erotic images, and I know you enjoy seeing your client’s reactions to your work”.
She stands comfortably naked in front of us for ten seconds while considering our request, then places her hands alongside our faces. “I would love to see your reactions”, then eases down onto the couch sitting two feet to my left and dims the lights making the room quite dark.

A beautiful photo of the beach fades into view on the large screen and Sharla and I relax with our hands resting on each other’s thighs.
I lean towards Jen slipping my hand behind her back, and grasp her left hip swiftly pulling her towards me until our shoulders meet. She smiles and I playfully elbow her right breast reminding her of our little game. She returns fire, then relaxes next to me.

The photography is gorgeous – seductive white sand beach scenery panning to shots of the brilliant pre-sunset orange skies that draw us strongly into the scene. Pictures of the beach fade to a shot of me standing at her feet while growing hard at the sight of her bronzed naked body and inviting gaze.  She moans at the beautifully shot images of me kneeling and teasingly kissing my way up her tan line free body, then straddling her abs and pinning her wrists to the blanket.

“Jen, dear god, girl” eases from her mouth as video mixes in with still shots beautifully capturing me seducing Sharla then entering and  beginning to slowly penetrate her at near life-size on the large screen. Mesmerized and aroused by the images we’re watching and the naked beauties on either side of me, I grow unabashedly hard.

“This is so gorgeous and wonderfully erotic”
“More than I ever imagined” Sharla responds, slouching a few inches and draping her left leg over mine to give me full access to her already wet sex, while gently caressing my erection with her left hand.

On the screen Sharla rolls us over and rises up my shaft until her hands are on my bent knees behind her and only the tip of my cock remains inside her body. Jen pauses the presentation freezing the most beautiful shot of Sharla at a rare moment when she was looking directly into the lens – mouth open and ready to plunge back down on my shaft. We all stare in silence, captivated by the sheer naked beauty of the shot and its subject.

“Jen”. Sharla says in a breathy tone.
They turn towards each other.
“Gorgeous woman – raw and unedited, right out of my camera”
“That’s the sculpture I want to create” Sharla decides, staring unblinkingly at the screen as if she’s seeing herself in a different light.
She leans over me and places a soft kiss on Jen’s lips, then on mine, moaning at the sensation of my hand caressing her tight ass before she eases back down next to me.
I turn to Jen placing my hand on her thigh without thinking “Stunning, isn’t she.  I want this one on canvas”.  Before I can remove my hand, I feel her hand on my thigh “Done”. The look in her eyes and the way her leg lightly presses against mine tells me my touch is welcome, providing a sense of relief.

The screening resumes with video of Sharla slowly, sensually, riding me for a full minute making us hornier and touching more explicitly by the second, even more so when we watch her lean forward to kiss me prompting my hips to rise up off the beach blanket and repeatedly piston into her, all perfectly, erotically captured.
“Damn” I exhale, now caressing Jen’s inner thigh while staring at the screen.
“My thoughts exactly” Jen responds.

Gorgeous images of me turning Sharla to face the sunset on all fours – spreading her ass cheeks and driving deep, deep up her tight pussy mesmerize us.  “god, I got so wet working on this section” Jen interjects.

Sharla takes Jen’s hand and wraps her fingers around my erection causing her to moan and drape her leg over my thigh giving me full access to lightly finger her very wet petals.
“I certainly don’t have to ask you if you’re enjoying this” she whispers while squeezing my rock hard cock.
“Nor I with you” I respond, easing my finger between her very wet petals.

Still shots again fade into video, every movement and utterance captured as I thrusted repeatedly into gorgeous, sun-drenched Sharla’s body.
“Mmmmmmm, I love the soulfulness between you two. The innate synchronization of your athletic bodies. The way you take your time”.   Her voice trails off while watching me slowly drill Sharla onscreen with my ass cheeks clenched and powering my rock hard dick into that tight, wet, pussy.
“Oh god” Sharla moans upon seeing a ten second closeup of my wet cock separating her petals – the one up-close graphic shot in this beautifully photographed work of erotic art.

I steadily stroke both of their firm clits as they fondle my cock while we all stare in silence as still shots turn to video with the moans from the speakers become more intense – Sharla and I highly turned on and stunned at how incredibly well this woman has captured us.
“Beautiful, hot, sexy and so arousing” I moan into my co-star’s ear.
“Breathtaking” she responds, laying her hand over Jen’s as they stroke me – all of us watching intently as we cum explosively hard on the screen.
“Will” she whispers.
“Beautiful, soulful Sharla” I whisper in her ear, followed by a fuck-me-now kiss.

A brilliant time-lapse sequence captures the sun sinking on the horizon while we lay in missionary position locked in a deep passionate kiss. The shot lingers then slowly fades to black leaving the room almost pitch black and completely silent – the three of us riding a beautiful weed high while basking in the afterglow of these wonderful images and the touching of each other’s bodies.

Jen raises the lighting level ever so slightly allowing us to see each other in a soft glow, then turns on some local reggae-flavored island music.  We relax in stunned silence and still touching each other for a good thirty seconds.  “Come here” I say to Jen, guiding her onto our laps facing us, with one ass cheek on Sharla’s left knee and the other on my right, thighs between our legs, with legs bent underneath her.

We stare into her pretty blue eyes absorbing her intense level of arousal, as she does ours, while welcoming our touch on her firm thighs.
“That was absolutely gorgeous.  Touching beyond words.  Every beautiful emotion evoking shot perfectly captured the soulfulness I felt when Will and I made love that day.  Thank you sweetie.  Thank you”
She stares silently, lost in her arousal, flashing a sexy half-smile upon feeling my fingers slowly drift up her right inner thigh to reconnect with her wet petals.
“I was so touched and so aroused – awestruck at how intuitively you knew the perfect facial expression and body movements to capture, never before having photographed us.  Just beautiful and so wonderfully arousing, Jen”.

Her eyes move back and forth between us as her fingers roam freely and tenderly over our faces and bare skin for a good thirty seconds before leaning into Sharla and placing a soft seductive kiss on those sweet lips. Sharla smiles warmly, watching as her friend’s lips find mine kissing me sensually as her hand slides onto my shaft for a firm squeeze, turning me rock hard. The girl is deeply, deeply turned on, and my renewed caress of her wet flesh is intended to keep her that way.

Jen reaches up and places her hands on the sides of both of our faces.
“I’m so happy you enjoyed how I captured you.  Thank you for the kind words, and for allowing me to photograph you engaged in such intimate acts.  Seldom do I have such beautiful bodies to shoot, and never naked and so incredibly uninhibited, so seemingly unaware of my camera, save those few sexy moments when you stared into my lens.  So I thank you in return for granting me intimate visual access to your sexy hard bodies, and giving me my first experience with shooting sexually explicit photography”.
Her lips again find Sharla’s, then mine – both soft lingering kisses.

“You were right, this is a really beautiful high, sweetie, as was your deeply arousing presentation” Sharla comments.
Jen smiles. “Mmmmmm I love it all too.  god, it feels so surreal to have you two here after working so intimately with your incredibly arousing images.  I’ve been turned-on and wet for days while going through your photos”.  She stares at me and bites her lower lip upon feeling me her body begin to climb, then turns her gaze to Sharla upon feeling her friends warm hands caressing her naked breasts.
“Your tan lines are fading sweetie”
Jen reaches up to again caress our faces.
“The morning after I shot your erotic encounter I was looking at the pics while remembering our naked walk home, and this powerful ‘fuck-it’ moment hit me. That moment inspired me to get this new fun haircut, after-which I took my yoga mat to a secluded spot on the beach to process this epiphany on a spiritual level. It felt so amazingly freeing to strip my shirt off and center myself in a Lotus position while the filtered sun and warm breezes caressed my bare breasts – just being in the moment without a care in the world if I was seen”.
My left hand takes over Jen’s right breast, both of us now lightly stimulating her erect nipples, causing her to squirm and re-grip my erection as she continues.
“The next day I left the studio in only a skimpy bikini bottom, smiling and walking proudly to my special yoga spot where I untied that minimal piece of clothing and did an hour of peaceful yoga while completely nude. god, the breezes caressing every inch of  my bare skin felt amazing!
She turns and wraps her arms around Sharla’s neck and places a deeply sensual kiss on her lips. “It had to come to me in the right place and time”.
Sharla smiles so warmly “Exactly. You had to be ready”.
Jen brings her nose to mine and smiles.  “Keep touching me like that, and I’m going to cum”
“Promises promises” I smile.

“So yes, my tan lines are disappearing and I fucking LOVE IT!” She looks into Sharla’s eyes. “No more feeling like you have to be more clothed than you want to be because of your shy friend”
“I never wanted you to feel uncomfortable Jen, but I love that we’ll be able to take our beach walks together with little to no clothing when we want”.
“You never would have made me uncomfortable. Your body is beautiful and I love how you dress”
“I’ll second and third that” I blurt out, then kiss my co-star.

Jen closes her eyes and smiles, completely submitting to our touch, moaning with pleasure as we kiss and fondle her body.  Our tongues glide over her erect nipples as my hand eases repeatedly over her mound, now fingering her firm clit with more intent.
She opens her eyes to find us locked in an deeply sensual kiss watching with great interest and commenting “god, I loved photographing you two”.  Our kiss breaks and we share a mischievous smile, then turn to look at her.
“Will and I want to do it again.  We talked about a picturesque beach location at the waters edge where we can let loose and explore this incredible sexual attraction we share”
“Nothing posed or staged, just Sharla and me enjoying each others bodies, while you do what you love to do, if you’re interested”
“Mmmmmmm, yes yes yes.  I would love to, and I know a perfect quiet little cove”

Her mouth drops slightly open and her eyes begin to glaze over as her body climbs.
“Naughty girl, using your vibrator when you edited our photos” I tease.
“Guilty.  I stripped off all my clothes and put that little erotic show together naked and horny like I hoped you two would be when watching it”.
I move my finger with more intent between her legs as our hands and lips roam over her naked body.

Shy and insecure are no longer a part of her being, as evidenced by the way she moans and squirms on our laps with her body now right on the edge.  She alternates staring deep into each of our eyes, mouth open, fingernails digging progressively harder into our shoulders as the sensations flowing through her hot body become more intense.  We keep her teasingly close while telling her how much we want to  enjoy horny sex in front of her camera again. Our voyeur photographer turns glassy-eyed as we tell her all we want do in front of her lens in mildly graphic detail.
“Naked and aroused behind the camera, with the warm breezes stimulating your wet pussy as you capture us hungrily fucking” eases seductively from my warm baritone.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, my creative and sexual juices flowing in overdrive”
Sharla looks into her eyes. “No boundaries between the three of us. You getting as close as you want while shooting our intensely sexual dance, lines blurring between photographer and participant.  Mmmmmmm, and pack some of these brownies, Jen”. Looking incredibly aroused and wonderfully high, Jen stares back, then scans Sharla’s fit body, stopping to gaze between her spread legs.
“No boundaries” Sharla repeats, sitting relaxed with her tanned wet freshly shaved sex blatantly on display, absent-mindedly stroking my cock, while looking deeply lost in her arousal and every bit as high as Jen.

Jen begins to squirm and increasingly vocalize as the arousing sensations build more strongly.  She closes her eyes and I turn to Sharla for a reality check. She brings her mouth to my ear and breathily says “I love where going-with-the-flow is taking the three of us”.  “I want you now!” I respond, whispering in her, eliciting a frozen stare between us while I gently caress her firm clit with my free hand.

Our interlude breaks just as Jen opens her eyes and begins to moan in deep breathy tones.  Our eyes lock allowing her to perfectly communicate her level of arousal, to which I match my pace keeping her intensely hungry.  My finger yields to Sharla’s, drawing her friend’s aroused stare as a woman’s touch now stimulates her sensitive clit.  Jen body tenses and she grabs my forearm upon feeling my two fingers begin to enter her.  Sharla eases the intensity of her touch and Jen closes her eyes as a deeply aroused smile appears on her lips, gently releasing my forearm when she feels she can handle the added stimulation.

Our fingers move slowly and sensually while we tell her in more detail about what we loved about her sun-drenched sexual images of us, and how intensely they’ve turned us on.  She moves and vocalizes with a complete lack of inhibition – an open book while drawing us into her sexual journey.  Rising her ass up off of our thighs, she draws her legs out from underneath her spreading them wide to extend on either side of us, granting unfettered access to her soaking wet sex.  She leans back with her hands on our knees, mouth open as our touch intensifies.  Sharla circles with more intent, and my fingers plunge deeper causing her to climb and climb and climb until we have her right on the razors edge.

“This beautiful, sexy, hot Jen 2.0 belongs in front of the camera as well, Sharla”
“Absofuckinglutely she does” Sharla responds in agreement.
Jen stares hard into each of our eyes as thoughts of her naked in front of the camera take hold.  Her body suddenly shudders, and we back off ever so slightly.  Seconds later she shudders again, moaning and hanging on the edge where we keep her for five seconds , then again back off, yielding the most aroused look on her face.  Again we slowly increase the pace – watching her, feeling her squirm, enjoying her, taking her to back to the edge and beyond where she explodes in a deeply intense orgasm, releasing such intense sexual energy as she cums in wave after wave of vocal squirming climaxes.  Her head falls back as she openly enjoys every sensation flowing into her body as we continue to stimulate her during her journey high into the clouds, then slowly back down.  I look at Sharla, open-mouthed and astonished by Jen’s complete lack of inhibition with us, and again she softly moans in my ear.  “I don’t know this woman”.
Jen raises her head and stares into Sharla’s eyes, then leans closer with her arms around our necks.  “You do know me.  It’s your influence, your love, your caring, your steady gentle unobtrusive nudges, and your day-in and day-out example, that have brought me to that fuck-it moment where I cast all the anxiety out the window and decided to live without inhibition.  Mmmmmmm, your touch feels so incredible”
“And you, Will.  I still don’t know how you got me out of my head while walking shoulder to shoulder naked, with a guy I’d never met before. I distinctly remember when I got home, thinking that it’s just no big fucking deal”.
I smile “Not much is a big fucking deal.  Like you’ve discovered, life is more simple when you are true to yourself”.  I ease my fingers out of her soaking wet sex, then playfully suck her juices off it.  “Tasty”.
She grins and Sharla playfully tastes her fingers agreeing with my assessment.
“Jen 2.o, huh?  I like it”
I eye down her relaxed naked body as she sits comfortably with her legs spread still basking in the glow of her intense orgasm for another minute until she smiles and hops off of our laps.  “Be right back” and runs into the kitchen.

I turn to Sharla. “Are you ok with this?”
She places her hand on my chest and flashes the warmest smile. “Absolutely one hundred percent. I’m having a wonderful time with my best friend and a man I am so incredibly attracted to. Listen, Jen and I both went through bad relationships and swore off men for the past year. I know, it’s not rational, but we got hurt and decided to eschew relationships and concentrate on our work. Something about you called me to break that fast, and the kindness and inclusiveness you have displayed towards Jen speaks volumes about you. Tonight was destined to be from the moment you agreed to let her continue shooting us having sex on the beach. Whatever pleasure the three of us desire should be ours tonight, without reservation”.
She crawls onto my lap and eases down my shaft.  I stare deep into her eyes for several seconds. “A beautiful soul like you doesn’t deserve to be hurt like that. When I’m in your presence I feel peace, joy and amazing addictive sensuality. Not to mention the incredibly connected sex.  As far as Jen goes, I truly like her and greatly admire the incredibly profound change she’s made in her life”.
I begin to caress her firm nipples with the backs of my fingers eliciting a warm purr.
“Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask, Sharla.  Will you go out with me sometime?”
She considers my request.  “Yes, a date, but no promise of sex.  I’ve grown weary of guys who just want to bed me for a night”
“Damn, I figured a woman like you might be hard to bed”
“It’s true.  I much prefer sex on the beach to a bed”  she grins.
“Really?  Good to know”.

Jen returns with a couple of little square brownie bites and pops them into our mouths.  “A little booster.  It’s all mild, no psychedelics.  god, that orgasm was so unfuckingbelievably, shake-my-body-to-its-core, intense!”
“Just a little thank-you, for sharing your talent and all the work you put into this” I say.
She remains standing and puts her hands alongside our faces.  “You know,,,  I could play the uncut version if you’re interested, and leave you two alone to enjoy”
We share a quick glance finding ourselves instantly in agreement and Sharla speaks. “Uncut?  Sounds intriguing.  I’d love to see it but not if it means you leaving us”
“Will?” Jen asks.
“This is all because of you, Jen.  Your initiative, your talent, your beautiful work, and besides, you’re a perv, just like us, so of course we want you to stay”  I grin.
“Moi?  a perv?  Just because I hid behind the trees sneaking shots of you and Sharla having sex on the beach?   I think of that as nature photography” she responds flashing a mischievous grin.

She again dims the lights, and we all crawl onto the soft rug to watch – Sharla and I on our sides laying parallel to the screen with Jen laying on her back perpendicular to the screen with her head on Sharla’s abs.  From the first sexual pics, it’s clear this version is more erotic and raw than the last causing Sharla to moan softly while spooning back tight to my body as I grow hard against her tight ass.  She immediately raises her right leg slightly inviting me to press deep into her wet box.  Penetrating her steadily, massaging her right breast and kissing her neck, we watch intently as the pics and video become more erotic and graphic.  “You are so unbelievably sexy and gorgeous” I moan into her ear while rhythmically fucking hot tight body.  “Right back at you” she says, craning her head around for a tongue-filled kiss.
Jen squirms and reaches back, caressing our firm thighs while her body climbs under the spell of her fingers teasing her swollen clit.
That beautiful shot of Sharla on top of me partially penetrated appears, followed by amazing edits varying from sensual to graphically erotic of her fucking me and me bucking up into her.  I grind deeper into her , enjoying the touch of Jen’s hand now on our union and the taste of Sharla’s shoulder as I gently sink my teeth into her naked flesh.
“I can’t get enough of you” I groan into her ear, thrusting smoothly, deeply into her tight snatch.
She purrs in response as our hands move to Jen’s swollen tits, massaging them and pinching her erect nipples as she moans softly while casually masturbating to our x-rated pics and video.

Sharla gasps when I powerfully pull her onto all fours with her tits positioned over Jen’s face and thrust deeper into her.  I reach around to finger her clit, but find Jen’s fingers already there – her head resting on a pillow while reaching back and fingering her friend even higher as we fuck with increasing intensity.
On the screen, the sun drops lower in the sky casting shades of warm colors on our writhing grinding bodies, juxtaposing sensual romantic scenes of us moving as one in front of the pending sunset,  with erotic closeups of our coupling.

“Mmmmmmmmm, Jen moans upon seeing Sharla on all fours getting fucking on the screen during her favorite scene.  Sharla’s erotic cries as she moves in perfect rhythm with my thrusts have us all responding vocally to our arousal, climbing ever higher.   We become more physical with each passing minute, lost in our arousal as the images become more intensely sexual – staring hard at the screen, pumping and stroking faster.  We climb rapidly as such intense energy races into our bodies, keeping pace with ourselves on the screen, fucking hard and deep, slapping my thighs against her firm ass, Jen rapidly stroking her clit, moaning, climbing, watching…. fucking exploding! as our live moans blend with those coming from the speakers.
She moans, groans and writhes against my body as I fuck her deep and hard into her pussy drenching climax, squeezing my shaft as my seed splashes against her walls, enjoying each deep thrust as my penetrations gradually slow to long, slow, deep pistons into her glove tight hole throughout our erotic flight.

She giggles when I suddenly flip her onto her back, then plunge back into her pinning her wrists to the rug.  I stare down into those killer eyes. “Smart, witty, soulful, beautiful, and an unbelievably great fuck”
She smiles warmly “Why thank you, Sir”
“Still want to go out with me?”
“Yes, but like I said, no sex until I get to know you better”

I look to my left and see Jen now sprawled out on the rug with a satisfied smile on her face, then look down at Sharla with a mischievous look.  I swear this lovely woman can read my mind, giving me the nod, and in a heartbeat I pull out of her and pounce on Jen pinning her wrists to the rug.  “That was unfuckingbelievably hot!”   I suddenly fear I’m way out of line, but my fears are allayed when she smiles and becomes surprisingly relaxed underneath me.
“Now you know why I kept my vibe handy – to get through over 100 photos and 10 minutes of video of your gleaming muscular bodies having such steamy pussy-drenching sex”
Her hands ease down my muscular back, shamelessly grasp my buttocks pulling upward inviting my still-hard cock inside her tight extremely wet pussy.
I flash a friendly smile “Hi”
“Hi. I would ask if you really enjoyed the pics but I’m feeling firm hard evidence that you did”
“More than I could have imagined.  Your choice of shots and the way you took advantage of the light from that awesome sunset made it all drip with such erotic sensuality”
“I had wonderfully great subjects and perfect conditions to work with”
“And the talent to pull it all together”  I add.
I ease back until only my head remains inside her, then slowly plunge deep into her body, to which she smiles in response and eases her fingers over the taught muscles of my extended arms, inviting me to continue with slow penetrations.
“Thank you Will” she says, looking sincerely appreciative while wrapping her legs around my waist.
“Sharla, come join us, love” she says to her friend laying on her side watching us with a smile on her face.
Sharla scoots over and greets Jen’s lips with a soft kiss, then lays her head on her friend’s shoulder as I very slowly glide in and out of her.
“Jen, I loved the sensual nature of the first version you showed us, and equally love the intensely erotic nature of this uncut version.  I never though I’d enjoy seeing myself having sex, but dear god with your talented touch, did I ever!”
We casually talk while remaining high and so aroused – taking Jen to another orgasm, then continuing our discussion with Sharla on her back between us enjoying our touching, kissing, licking and stroking, sensually teasing the hell out of her squirming body until bringing her to a very erotically vocal orgasm.  They next turn their attention to me laying between them as we casually talk – taking their time teasing me with erotic touches, strokes and warm sensual licks – expertly taking me on a journey that has me aching to cum, but delaying my satisfaction until they knew I could no longer stand it.  They watch with pleasure as my body spasms and my cock erupts shooting my load high into the air and onto all three of our naked bodies.
It’s all so wonderfully casual – stimulating each others bodies as we talk about anything and everything….
Jen scoops a fingertip-full of my semen and playfully licks it off her finger.  “Tasty!”

Jen stretches out on the floor, arms and legs spread, enjoying the high while slowly drifting towards sleep.
“god, I’m going to love to shooting you two again” she moans.
“As are we sweetie” Sharla responds before softly kissing her.
“I need to crash my friends, but you two stay as long as you want”
She crawls on top of each of us and shares warm sensual lingering kisses, re-awakening our arousal.
“What a wonderfully memorable night” she remarks, then stands and looks down at us, eyeing our bodies from a photographers point of view.
“Absolutely.  We should view each photo shoot like this” I suggest.
“Jen?” Sharla asks.
She smiles.  “I would love that”, then hangs for a few seconds before heading to her bedroom.
Sharla and I kiss – softly at first, but soon start making out while rolling around on the rug.
When our kisses begin to fade, Sharla looks into my eyes and says “god, I wish you weren’t leaving the island in a few weeks”.
“I know, but I am working on my goal of longer stretches here on the island, and eventually living here full-time, not that I can impose upon you to wait for that to happen”.
“We’ll see” she says with a warm smile and an amazingly delicious kiss.

“I suppose we should get going” Sharla says.
We stand body to body and kiss deeply.  “To your place or mine?” I ask.
“Orrrrrrrrr” she smiles mischievously, then takes my hand leading me down the hall to slip into Jen’s bedroom, then slide under the covers with her.
“Jen stirs, then moans “Mmmmmmm perfect” then dozes off draped over Sharla’s back as we kiss and fondle each other while drifting off to sleep ourselves.

The eroticism of the evening persists – each stir of our sleepy intertwined naked bodies initiates a sexual encounter between two or three of us, insatiably exploring every combination of bodies – touching, kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking each other to climax throughout a long erotic night.

The morning sun streaming through the shutters highlights our naked bodies as Sharla gently rides my morning wood, awakening Jen despite our best efforts.
“Good morning” we say with warm smiles.   The beautiful weed high is gone, and with it, the stark light of day and potential risk of regrets.  Jen smiles broadly.  “Good morning”, then scoots over to hug us while Sharla lays on my chest teasingly squeezing my shaft.

“I have a photo shoot in an hour, so I have to book” and rolls out of bed to shower.  I look at the beauty laying on top of me – her sun-lightened blonde loose curls framing her bright-eyed attractive face and those sparkling green eyes lighting my soul.
I brush the hair  away from her face.
“STILL want to go out with me?”
She smiles.  “Absolutely, but”
“I know, I know, no sex”
“Exactly” she says, then sits upright and slowly rides my erection for thirty seconds before coming to a stop with a slight frown on her pretty face.  “I have to meet a client at the shop in a half hour”

“You’d better get going then”
“Yes, I suppose”, then rides up to the tip of my cock, pauses, then sinks back down to my tight balls, and places her hands on my chest.
“About my no sex policy” she grins, then rolls off onto the bed.  “god I had so much fun last night”
“As did I.  We all clicked so easily and it never became awkward.  Like you said early on – just go with the flow”
Jen strolls out of the bathroom naked except for a towel on her wet hair.
I look at her.  “Thank you for an amazing night, Jen.  We were just remarking about how at ease we all were together”
“Partners in crime, right?” she says with a mischievous smile.
“Yep, but still, what do we owe you for all of that work”
“A new set of batteries for my vibrator, and the right to do it all again, very soon” she says, slipping on a bra and panties, a casual professional outfit, then heads out the door, eyeing our nude bodies and flashing a flirty smile as she exits.

We rise and enjoy an all-too-quick shower together, then pad out to the screening room and don last nights clothing before heading downstairs and two doors down to her gallery.   Outside her door she gives me a kiss – the kind of kiss that burns an indelible mark in a man’s mind, then smiles and heads inside.

I walk slowly back to my rented apartment, knowing I owe it to myself to redouble my efforts to live full-time in this island paradise.

Thanks for reading, and as always comments, suggestions, and mutual fantasies are welcome.

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