The Visitor

Awakened by a soft kiss and a gentle “shhhhhhhhh” I look up in an attempt to see the woman straddling my naked body.  The lack of streetlights near this island beach bungalow makes it quite dark, but not as dark as when unwittingly blindfolded in my sleep.
Pleasure fills my body as she pins my wrists to the mattress and slowly eases down onto me stretching her glove tight walls as she devours every inch of my turgid shaft.
The aroma of Coco Chanel fills my senses –  a scent that brings back wonderful memories of an eternally unforgettable love.  The possibility of this being her turns me rock hard inside her as she begins to glide up and down my full length.  God I miss that amazing woman – the one who infused my life and this beachfront bungalow with her love, charm and talent for several years – a rare soulmate who was smart, funny, loved walking the beach naked with me, shared similar tastes in music, and was so wonderfully sexual.   I can’t remember more than a handful of days where sex wasn’t part of our soulful connection.
Breathing steadily, softly moaning with each deep penetration, she skillfully rides me with no apparent urgency.  My ache to touch her grows in intensity with each passing minute, and although I could easily break my wrists free from her grasp and do so, I’m intrigued and deeply aroused by the thought of leaving Miss Anonymous in the driver’s seat and opt to completely relax and enjoy this gift.
Other than her scent, she’s giving me no clues as to her identity,  leaving me to vacillate between thoughts of a brief rekindling of the past, and fantasizing about an exciting new budding relationship.  Either way, every inch of penetration into her tight, slick, walls takes me deeper into a tantric journey,  one with a twist I’ve never experienced.  In the dark and dead quiet of my bedroom, her breathing joins with mine as the only sounds in the room.
Within minutes, her slow pace and varying positions have a deep, intense sexual energy flowing throughout every ounce of my being, putting me in a state of extreme bliss and connecting me ever more deeply to this sensual soul on top of me.
Who is she?  To what do I owe this sensual pleasure?   

I turn those thoughts off and simply enjoy her.

Ten minutes in, my mouth drops open slightly as sensations flow more strongly throughout my body, to which she responds with more purposeful movements – intensifying but not hurrying our dance.  She reacts with perfection to every nuance of increased arousal, directing it to my entire body rather than my inner thighs and throbbing tingling genitals.  I swear I can sense a gentle smile on her face as we become fully locked in this soulful connection – breathing as one as I lay surrendered beneath her, hungering for release yet wanting this to extend throughout the night.

If feel her nipples graze my chest as her lips hover a half-inch above mine testing my level of restraint.  I raise my lips to kiss her, but she keeps hers just out of reach. “Breathe” she responds in a sensual breathy tone, followed by a long, gentle arousing moan.

Time slows as she sensually rides me closer to the point of no return, backing off when I vocalize my pleasure and squirm underneath her, gently bucking up into her drenched sex as we move in unison.
I can’t determine whether she simply knows my body, or is a very quick study, but either way this dance is intoxicatingly beautiful – taking me to places I’ve seldom, if ever been while reminding me of the power of the journey versus the destination.  The sensations born of each slow, deep impaling of her body grow increasingly more intense, connecting us at a profound level.  Still she searches – varying the depth of her plunge, grazing my hungry lips and tongue with her erect nipples, passively riding my sensual bucking as we dance in perfect soulful unison.

“Mmmmmmmm, breathe” she softly moans, somehow knowing exactly how close I am and keeping me just short of release, slowing her pace while lightly kissing my muscular chest.  My ache is deeply intense, yet I remain surrendered to wherever she wants to take this, enjoying her soft moans as she rises up until only the head of my cock remains inside her wet petals, then plunges ever so slowly down to my tight balls.  She remains still for several seconds, breathing with me while massaging my shaft with her slick walls before resuming her long sensual exploration of my full length.

She expertly controls my ascent, taking her time, riding me sensually, gifting me with the exploration of this deep ache, until finding the perfect moment to send an orgasm ripping through my entire body with jaw-dropping intensity sending me rocketing towards the stars and into orbit.  “Mmmmm, fill me” she moans as I buck up into her keeping my hips raised as she dances on my climaxing body.  We remain soulfully connected – our bodies sensually moving as she takes her time coaxing every drop of semen into her body.

All too soon I’m feeling a soft kiss on my cheek.  “Mmmmm” she moans in my ear, while massaging my still hard shaft buried inside her.
“Close your eyes” she whispers, then removes the blindfold and dismounts my body.
The room returns to dead silence and moments later I hear the front door close, leaving me with a warm smile and a couple of simple questions as I lay still, basking in the afterglow of an incredibly intense, lasting climax, before drifting back to sleep.
Awakened hours later by the early morning sun streaming through the shutters, I try to capture what I now surmise must have been the most amazing dream, although I dearly wish it was real.
I eventually rise and pad out towards the front door for a naked morning swim in the ocean, stopped cold at the kitchen counter upon finding a blindfold and a note that reads: “Until next time xoxoxoxo”
*   *   *
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