The Snake Charmer – Chapter 5 – The New Neighbors

This is part 5 of the Snake Charmer exhibitionist/voyeur series, which can stand on it’s own, but for better context, I suggest starting at the beginning of the series:
The Snake Charmer – Chapter 1 – Distracted Studies (Adult 18+)

The sun feels so good my naked body as I relax naked on my padded deck lounger on the upper deck of my home – something I can now freely enjoy since the guys in the now-empty other half of the duplex moved out – fun guys, but zero boundaries, and despite the privacy fence between our decks (which isn’t all the private), I kept at least a light pair of running shorts on at all times.

I’m lost in reverie over the events of the past couple of weeks – the mysterious text from Snake Charmer to meet at the grocery store where we teased, exposed, then ended up nude between our cars in the parking lot getting each other off, winning the volleyball tournament the next day, meeting her sexy friends at the outdoor restaurant, and having uninhibited late night sex with Samantha and Jade on the beach afterwards.  I feel my cock grow as I drift in and out of light sleep while enjoying thoughts of Sam sitting across from me in the study lounge teasing me with views of her naked pussy under that short dress before daringly bringing herself to orgasm in front of me.  I turn rock hard while remembering how she stripped naked as I lay on the beach lounger later that night, then wordlessly mounted me for a soul-connected sexual encounter on the beach – our first time enjoying intercourse. I smile as my thoughts turn to sexy half-naked slightly drunk Kim who I found so refreshing to talk to behind the restaurant, then to Polynesian beauty Jade boldly joining Sam and I on the beach, mounting me on the lounger and exploring her exhibitionist side, getting off on passersby watching her naked and fucking me from a distance.
It’s been an eye-opening, intensely sexual few weeks, hopefully just the beginning of an erotic summer coming just around the corner.

I drift in a world between wake and sleep while hearing female voices from the other half of the duplex – occasionally considering fully awakening and putting some clothing on, but my newfound exhibitionist streak (courtesy of Samantha aka Snake Charmer) has me somewhat riskily remaining clothing-free.

Again I drift off until I’m awakened by “Oooooh, the neighbors have a big hot tub”.

My eyes hidden by a pair of Ray-bans, I pretend to remain asleep while watching two women peer over the wood lattice privacy fence to check out my well-appointed deck. Glancing my way they seem unfazed by my lack of clothing and after a five second stare and a glance at each other, they disappear. I slip back into a light nap while thinking about how nice it would be to have this kind of freedom on my deck without having to be concerned about nosy intrusive neighbors – at least not neighbors I mind peeking over the fence.

Ten minutes later, I half-awaken. Fuzzy and relaxed under the warm sun, I stretch my athletically muscular body sporting a firm erection – the result of lingering thoughts of a very sexual few days – thoughts that intensify as I become increasingly lost in reverie.
“Still feeling you riding me sooooo sensually on the beach” I text to Sam.
She replies with a selfie of her beautiful face and mesmerizing eyes looking so alluring. “Consuming my every thought”
I set the timer and position my phone between my feet taking a selfie of my face and chest with my erection in the foreground. “Cum to me”
“Fuck, that’s hot! Wish I could. Rain check, Snake?”
“Absolutely, sexy woman”
“Shit, Kim just grabbed my phone to see what I was smiling about.  Will, I’m sorry”
“For what, two beautiful women looking at a naked pic of me? 🙂  Say hi, and tell Ms. Nosy she now owes me”
“*grins* Done! and we’ll see you tomorrow night at your party!  Kisses”

I look towards the lattice privacy fence and find an absence of onlookers, so I indulge my horniness by coating my cock with slick tanning oil and begin to slowly stroke my long, thick, sensitive shaft.

A brief flash of light comes through the fence less than twenty feet away, then another – reflections that resemble those from a pair of sunglasses met by the late afternoon sun.
The thought of possibly being watched sends a flood of energy flowing into my body. These relatively newfound exhibitionist desires are inexplicably intensely arousing, instantly banishing any inhibitions. I guess I’ve enjoyed somewhat of an exhibitionist streak for awhile – rarely wearing a shirt when I’m on the beach volleyball court, but these desires for being watched while engaged in sexual activity are in a completely different league.  I have zero desire to be seen by an unwilling audience, but I love the intensity and rush I feel when giving a curious voyeur what she wants.
I release my grip and casually lower my right foot to the deck, opening my legs to give my voyeur a view of my tight oiled balls below my exposed glistening shaft while looking straight ahead to avoid letting on that I’m aware of her watching me.

Seconds later, I ease my hand back down my shaft – gripping and twisting, with my thumb occasionally easing over my precum-tipped swollen head – each touch feeling electric as I slowly climb. Thoughts of Sam, then Jade fucking me on the abandoned lounger on the beach last night drive the rhythm of my hand up and down my well-oiled shaft for several minutes until familiar energy builds in my inner thighs causing me to release my grip. I relax into the lounger with my hands clasped behind my head leaving my wet cock blatantly exposed and twitching as it points upwards towards the bright blue sky.
God I love this, I think to myself, eventually easing my fingers down my body to roam over my balls as the energy in my inner thighs gradually subsides.

Again the reflection off her sunglasses flashes in my peripheral vision prompting me to squeeze an ample supply of tanning oil onto the head of my erection then watch it flow down my turgid shaft. I pause for effect, then slide my fingers back onto my wet shaft to resume stroking – for my benefit as well as hers. Having been down a similar road with Sam, I’m deeply aroused rather than nervous, hungry to bring her into my world to become lost with me on this journey.
Deeply lost in this intense rush, I feel her eyes on me as I approach orgasm.  I ease my pace and linger just short of the point of no return – staring up into the azure sky while exploring such intense sensations flowing strongly throughout my naked body. One long, full, stroke every three seconds keeps me right on the edge – mouth open, nipples erect, my well-defined abs tensed, yet I’m somehow wonderfully relaxed.
Right on the razors edge, I pull downward on my shaft stretching the skin over my swollen head, pausing to enjoy every sensation including that of the warm sun and gentle ocean breezes on my entire body.  Again I let the sensations subside for several seconds before stroking myself to an intense climax, groaning loud enough for her to hear as my hips buck upward semen rockets powerfully up my shaft exploding into the air and landing on my chest and abs. My orgasm is mind-numbingly strong making the world around me a blur, save the porthole to my voyeur watching me ease my hand up and down my shaft as I fly high.

Time stalls as I slowly drift back down to earth, lightly stroking for pleasure and show until the sensations fade and I again ease comfortably back into the padded lounger with my hands clasped behind my head.
Another flash of her sunglasses causes me to smile before succumbing to the need for a lazy post-climax nap while wondering what my voyeur is all about.  Hopefully I’ll find out soon enough.
Yes, at least so far, the new neighbors are a dramatic improvement over the old.

A half hour later I awaken and walk to the deck railing to look out over the ocean.
“Gorgeous day” comes from the deck next door.
I turn and smile at my new neighbor – a dark-haired South American beauty.
“That it is. I never tire of this view”
“Once I stepped out to this deck I knew this was the place for me”
“Welcome to the neighborhood” I respond, leaning over and reaching my hand out over the railing. She moves closer and leans over to gently grip mine, casually revealing that she too is naked, at least from the waist up.
“I love the privacy here”. She pauses “Sorry about peeking over the fence earlier”
“You did?” I grin, then continue. “Don’t be. It appears we’re like-minded, and for me, it’s just no big deal”
“Right? We’re naked, so what?”
She’s clearly not the one who was shyly watching me earlier.
“Exactly. But rest assured I will respect your privacy”. I pause. “If I want to see you naked, I’ll invite you to hop the fence and hang out over here”. I again grin. “Will, by the way”.
“Gabriela. You look familiar, Will”
“Are you into beach volleyball?”
“Yeah, that’s it. You and your partner won the last tournament here”
“Yep, that we did”
“Awesome play”
“Thanks. That was fun.  I felt so energized.  So do you live here alone?”
“No, I have a roommate. She’s kind of shy, but I’m trying to get her out of her shell”.
“Hey, I’m having some friends over for drinks and dinner out here on the deck tomorrow night. You and your roommate should join us.
She smiles warmly. Thanks.  I’d like that.   I accept, and I’ll ask Monique.
“Great. Any time between six and seven. Very casual beach attire”
“You haven’t seen my beach attire”
“It can’t be more revealing that what you’re not wearing right now”
She smiles, but doesn’t respond.
“Seriously, dress as minimally as you want. My friends are really open. Guys will be shirtless, and bikini tops won’t stay on long – true beach attire. You might want to warn your shy roommate about nudity, but make it clear that it’s not about sex”.
“Yeah, she may well conflate the two”
“I assure you that my friends understand the difference. Speaking of which, I have some prep to do”
She continues to look at me letting a friendly mutual attraction simmer between us.
“I’ll see you tomorrow night then Will.  Can I bring anything?”.
“Just your friendly beautiful self”  I smile.
She smiles warmly.  “A charmer huh?”
I laugh.  “Me? No, not really, but I’m not shy about paying compliments when they’re deserved”.
“Then thank you” she responds sincerely, then turns to peer out over the ocean.

I head back into the house, marveling over the influx of friendly, like-minded, attractive women into my life over the past few weeks.

The next day flies by, and before I know it guests begin to arrive and congregate out on the deck around my well-stocked bar – guests mostly consisting of my fellow male and female friends from the beach volleyball tour. Jade arrives wearing a very short pair of shorts and very revealing bikini top, instantly giving me a bear hug and a knowing smile before introducing me to the guy she brought. I shake his hand while my mind races with thoughts of his date fucking me on the beach a few nights ago, then get them set up with drinks.
My mind turns to Snake Charmer, eager to hold her in my arms again.

A few minutes later Gabriela arrives with a warm hug and a bottle of her native Cacacha.
“Cacacha!” I respond.
“You know it?” She asks, looking surprised.
“Yes, I was introduced to it when playing a tournament in Brazil. Come, let me introduce you, and let my guests sample this tasty premium, uh rum?”
She smiles ” ‘rum’  is close enough”.
“Monique couldn’t make it?”
“No, she sends her apologies.  That girl is a work in progress, but she’s hinting at coming around”
“Maybe next time” I suggest – my mind flashing to who I assume to be Monique watching me get off yesterday – while guiding Gabriela out onto the deck to pour her a glass of the spirit she brought, then introduce her to each cluster of guests.
She fits in immediately – relaxed and smiling, barefoot in a long sheer tropical sarong tied low on her hips and tastefully revealing crochet bikini top. It’s clear she’ll enjoy herself with this group.

I head into the kitchen just in time to see Kim knocking on the door jamb. Arousal trickles into my body knowing I’ll be enjoying Sam’s presence this evening and into the night.
Kim hugs me enthusiastically. “I see you’re wearing my favorite outfit, Will” she says, running her fingers over my muscular arms.
I eye her tall body clad in a beautiful peacock print short beach tunic buttoned at the navel, her full breasts obviously naked under the sheer white upper section, and a hint of a small white bikini bottom visible through the print.
“Beautiful sexy woman”. The classic California beach blonde smiles as she no doubt joins me in thoughts of our first and only conversation behind the pizza place – both of us slightly drunk and nude from the waist up. We snap out of it and she gives me a soft kiss on the cheek, then her face turns cold.
“Hey, what’s up with the frown?”
“Will, I could fucking kill Samantha”
“Why? Where is she? You two seemed to be having fun yesterday”.
She grabs my upper arms “Mr. Stick-up-his-ass came over and talked her into getting back together. Fuck!”
“Shit, are you serious?  I’m sorry Kim, but I’m glad you came.  Let’s get you a drink”
“Or two, or three”
“Drink all you want. I have a spare bedroom”
Once at the bar, we toast to Sam coming to her senses, (or more accurately, getting her shit together) then throw back a tequila shot.
She blurts out “I told Sam if she’s not fucking you then I will” followed by a playful grin.
“Ahhhhh, how sweet of you to have her back. Not that I disagree with your logic”. I smile, then pour three shots of Cacacha as my neighbor approaches.
Hey Kim, this is my new neighbor Gabriela.
“Uhhhh, hellooooooo!, gorgeous much?” Kim exclaims.
“Uhhhh, right back at you beach babe. Fantastic tunic. I love the way it shows off your bikini top” she smiles, glancing down at Kim’s thinly veiled naked tits.
“Oh, we’re going to get along just fine” Kim responds.
“Check out this liquor from her native Brazil. It’s one of my favorites”.
“Mmmmmmmm, tasty” Kim proclaims after we toast and down the shots. I flash a friendly smile that masks my horny fantasy of the three of us in my bed together later tonight. Time to slow down on the shots, especially since I have no plans to be that guy who invites his new neighbor to a party, then hits on her.
They engage in enthusiastic introductory chitchat while I mix a few drinks for my other guests, then head inside to prep the food.

A few minutes later, Gabriela joins me at the barbecue offering her assistance, to which I enthusiastically accept.
“So, you and Kim? I saw some passion in the kitchen”.
I smile. “No. I barely know her. We have a friend in common who is struggling with a transformation from being controlled by what I consider to be a religious cult, complete with a controlling cult member boyfriend who wants to keep her under his thumb. She was supposed to be here tonight, but he managed to talk her into getting back together”
Her eyes narrow. “Sounds pretty fucked up”.
“Yeah, at least from our perspective.  You’d like Sam. She’s smart, fun, and a kick-ass athlete”.
“So you and Sam, then?”
I smile “Maybe some day, but she needs space, not to mention time to get her head screwed on straight.  I don’t know, maybe it’s us who is screwed up and she has it right”
She expertly flips and rotates the food around the grill, then places her hand on my forearm.
“Changing ones long-held beliefs is not easy, Will, but I believe the universe wants us to live freely and explore our innate desires”
I smile. “True, change isn’t easy, and to your second point, I completely agree.  We have to find and make our own bliss, and speaking of which”

“Dinner is served!” I announce, prompting a line-up at the grill where Gabriela is a huge help, making me look like I know what I’m doing in getting food and drinks to eighteen people, and commensurately dinner goes off without a hitch.
“não é nada” (it’s nothing) she replies before I can get a thank you out of my mouth.

A beautiful sunset draws everyone to the deck railing to watch day transition into night, and soon after the bar area gets busy with people beginning to move their bodies in place as my playlist transitions to more high energy music.  As I look around the deck, a sense of gratitude comes over me – good friends, good fortune, and exactly the life I want to live at this point in time.

I notice Gabriela at the deck railing staring towards the horizon and the last remnant of the setting sun.
“I take this for granted sometimes” I comment, handing her a refreshed drink then standing next to her at the railing.
“As do I, but this is a new start for me, and I never want to lose my sense of gratitude”
I look at her.  “That was exactly the emotion I was feeling before I stepped over here – looking out at my friends new and old, grateful for this life”
She smiles.  “It permeates every aspect of your life, if you let it”
“Care to dance with the host, my special guest?”
“Why yes, kind Sir, I would”
I playfully escort her to the dance area arm in arm, then release her to move to the rhythm of the music, which she does with ease and grace.  Yeah, she’s going to be a great addition to this group, if she chooses to be.  The song fades to a surf song, and although I should have seen it coming, a mischievous Kim and Jade manage to sneak up behind Gabriela to swiftly untie her bikini top, stealing if off her body while loudly informing her of the new girl rite of passage.  I hold my breath, but she simply smiles and turns to dance with them for a few seconds, playing to the crowd before deftly unfastening the single button on Kim’s tunic, then turning back to me, grinning.  “I love your friends!” she shouts, providing a great sense of relief, but still I’m protective of my new guest even though it appears she doesn’t need protecting.  As the song ends, she spins and playfully falls to the side for me to catch her in one arm.  An impish grin comes over her face.
“Don’t move”.
As the next song starts, she slips over to Jade, recruiting her for a tunic stealing ambush of Kim, leaving her wearing only a skimpy white bikini bottom.  The crowd cheers loudly, and never-shy beautiful Kim eats up the attention.
Gabriela returns with a satisfied smile, and resumes dancing, winking at my playing partner’s girlfriend to become a partner in crime in swiping Jade’s bikini top freeing the exotic Polynesian’s lovely breasts.  I roll my eyes as her date pulls her off the dance floor apparently to reprimand her.  I keep Gabriela’s back to the argument – a short-lived one that has the guy leaving the party.  I have to find that girl a guy who gets her free-spirit.  Jade shakes it off and dances over to us.
“Fuck that guy!”
“Yeah, looks like that ship has sailed.  Let me get you another drink”
I escort Jade over to the bar, leaving my neighbor to dance with Kim.
“So what good is a great looking guy if he doesn’t get you, Jade?”
“True.  I need to find a great looking guy who gets me” she grins, and we toast to that notion.
“Mmmmmm, that spontaneous fuck on the beach the other night.  The thought makes me wet every time” she continues.
“Such an aroused look on your beautiful moonlit face as you so sensually rode me.  Yeah, I’ve played those distracting thoughts back more than a few times in my mind even in inappropriate places, knowing full well my mind and body are going to react”
“Exactly.  I want explore pushing the limits like that all summer long, and well beyond”
“You’re perfectly aligned with my goals, so let’s make sure our paths cross”
She steps around into my outdoor kitchen eyeing my upper body, and I hers before our eyes lock.
“Let’s call our hot fuck on the beach the other night, a good start, Will”.
I pour us both a shot.  “To the journey ahead”.
She slides by me lightly brushing her ample breasts along my lower chest.
“Jade, wait”.
A friend and competitor approaches for a drink, and I waste no time introducing them, mixing his drink and leaving them to talk.
“Matchmaker?” Kim asks upon my return to my two beautiful guests with refreshed drinks.
“Hopefully.  They could be a good fit.  At least he appreciates that fine rack of hers being on display”  I grin, eliciting a laugh from both of them.

I look around the deck seeing every man and woman bare-chested.  “I see you two have been busy”.
“Who?  us?” they respond in unison flashing innocent angelic looks which make me laugh.
The horny devil on my shoulder riding a high of my very sexual past few weeks urges me to make a play for that 3-way, but I swat him away and head off to chat with my other guests.
Minutes later the guests roar, and I find guess-who, having somehow stolen the newest guy’s shorts.  He stands and takes a nude bow, then with lightening speed, joins with another guy to untie the strings at Kim’s hips whipping her bottom off.  I laugh, watching all hell break loose with clothing flying everywhere, soon including my own as Gabriela launches a surprise attack from the rear, yanking my shorts down and off.  I turn to her, staring into her pretty eyes as my fingers grasp the knot at her hip.
“I hate to have to do this, but”
Her skirt falls to the floor.
She flashes a very warm smile.  “Yeah, I can tell how much you hated it”.
I smile back.  “I’m glad you’re having a good time”
She touches my upper arm “I am.  You’re a gracious host with wonderful friends”

Jade wanders by “Snapchat!” and leans in between us taking a selfie to send to her prudish ex-date.
“That’s mean!”  I exclaim.
“But hilarious, right?”  she fires back eliciting a loud laugh from our little cluster of friends.

My playlist shifts gears to Limbo music, and right on cue my party veterans set up the limbo bar and the parade of back-benders tries their skill at getting under the bar – the taller of us like me and Kim are out first, but even at probably 5’10”, Gabriela hangs in much longer, eventually bowing out to Jade’s 6 inch shorter advantage.  Gotta love these people who get the camaraderie of hanging out naked.

The party fractures into little side games like cornhole (bean bag toss), darts, and other games I have around for nights like this, while me, Gabriela, and Kim with a few others watch from the slightly raised hot tub while passing a bottle of tequila around.
I take a moment to look up at the stars.
Gabriela leans into me.  “Gratitude?”
“Yes, for having more than I deserve”
“You’ve got that right” Kim chimes in from the other side of me.
I put my arms behind their necks resting my hand on their shoulders.  “I owe you two for setting the tone for a series of uninhibited off the hook parties this coming summer”.
Kim looks at both of us.  “Let’s fucking tear it up this summer – take no prisoners, and limp into Fall classes with a wicked grin on our faces”
I scrounge up a few plastic shot glasses laying around and we all toast to tearing it up”
“There’s just one thing missing”  I yell out “Jade, get your sweet ass over here!”
Jade immediately runs over.
“Up on the edge of the hot tub”  I command. We sit shoulder to shoulder, my arms around these two beauties, Kim with the tequila bottle in hand.  “Jade, snapchat this to Sam, and tell her to fucking follow her heart!”.
“Damn, fucking straight!” Kim yells out, raising the bottle above her head as Jade takes the picture.
We ease back into the warm water, letting thoughts of Sam drift out of our minds, and arrive back in the moment as we watch the party progress.
“Oh shit!” I groan, as the guys roll out the ping-pong table and set it up for beer pong.
“Will, you have to defend your championship”, my tour playing partner yells.
The devil on my shoulder says ‘fuck the championship, you’re naked in a hot tub with two absolute babes‘.
I look at Gabby.  “Will, c’mon, you’ve got to defend”.
“Promise not to leave?”
She laughs.  “You’re going to have to drag me away from this party”

I thrust myself up out of the warm water and rush to the beer pong table with my cheerleaders screaming from behind me.
Somewhat drunk, I manage to win a string of games, albeit having to down a few more beers than I’m used to, and proclaim myself the winner by virtue of having the loudest cheering section.
To my surprise, Gabby appears next to me, bouncing me off to the side with a smack of her hip against mine, and I gladly return to the hot tub with Kim.
“Will, I love this girl” she says.
“Yeah, she’s going to fit in perfectly.  I just met her today and I just had a feeling she was one of us”
“She grabs the tequila bottle and takes a large swig”
“You’re spending the night, Kim”
“Sure, thanks.  That fucking Sam!  God dammit, I almost had her out of that shit”
“We’ll play the long game with her”  We yell for Gabby, playing a kick-ass game of beer pong.
Wanting Kim to have a great time, but stay well short of alcohol poisoning, I stash the bottle and stick with the strong weed making it’s way around the hot tub.  Still, she lays her head on my shoulder and casually coaxes me to an erection under the bubbling water while we watch the festivities.
“Will, did you want to fuck me that night we talked behind the pizza place?” She slurs.
I smile. “Of course, but not there, and not under those circumstances”
“I loved that talk we had”
I smile.  “As did I, and I’d love to have more.  Are we still on for the Cove (a local nude beach)?”
“Yeah, anytime.  Like I said, we need to go for it this summer – one for the record books”
We cheer loudly for Gabriela as she victoriously drops her paddle and walks away.
We high five as she eases back into the hot tub.
“Is there no end to your talent?”
She grins.  “You ain’t seen nothing yet”, then looks over at Kim falling asleep on my shoulder.
“We’d better get her on dry land before she slips under the water line”
“Good idea, but I need a minute”
Gabby lets out a hearty laugh.  “Seriously?  She fell asleep while”
“Yep” I cut her off and flash a playful rolled-eye look.

With one arm around each of our shoulders we walk Kim to a lounger and lay her gently down.
“She’s gorgeous, even passed out naked on a pool lounger”
“Shhhh, don’t let her hear that”  I grin in response.
I cover her with a towel, but she stirs and tosses it off.
“Oooookay, stay naked if you want”
A peaceful smile comes over Kim’s face, then she’s out.

It’s approaching 1:00 am and the party is beginning to wind down anyway – people collecting their clothes, and universally telling me how much fun they had.  Most live within walking distance or Uber home, relieving me of any safety concerns.

Gabby begins to help clean up.
“I’ve got this.  You’re a guest”.
“I want to help, Will.  It’s the least I can do for you inviting me into your wonderful circle of like-minded friends”
She retrieves her skirt and bikini top, but rather than put them on, she folds her clothes neatly and sets them on the table before proceeding to move dishes into the kitchen.
We talk, getting to know each other as the mess steadily disappears. I find her to be refreshingly open and warm, freely touching my upper body in an affectionate non-sexual way as we pass in the kitchen. I’m almost disappointed when my place is again clean.
I look for anything we missed.
“Oops, can’t leave Kim out here”
“Well, we could” she grins.
I lean down and scoop Kim’s limp body up in my arms and take her to my guest bedroom to tuck her in. She stirs but doesn’t awaken upon feeling my soft kiss on her cheek.
Gabby stands in the doorway with a gentle smile on her face and her clothes in her hand.
I approach her and walk her to the front door. “I thoroughly enjoyed having you here tonight. My friends loved you and universally hope you want you to be part of our group, if you’re interested”.
She smiles appreciatively and rises up on her toes to place a soft kiss on my cheek, freely allowing her bare breasts to brush against my chest. I give her an affectionate hug, before she heads out the door.
She turns around. “Up for some more star gazing?”
A broad smile appears on her face. “Yes, I’d like that”
She steps back inside and places her clothes on my hall table, then takes my outreached hand as we head out to the hot tub, Cacacha bottle in hand, then ease into the warm water to stare up at the clearest night sky I’ve seen in a long time.
“It’s beautiful and so humbling” she comments, snuggling up against me upon feeling my hand on her thigh.
“It sets my imagination on fire wondering what other civilizations live in nearby galaxies, and whether we’ll find them in my lifetime”
“Me too, although despite the often told alien abduction sci-fi, I imagine them as friendly and co-operative”
We each  take a sip from the bottle, then stare back up at the stars.
“That taste brings back memories of a great week in Rio and playing at Copacabana beach”
“That’s such a vibrant city, and fun to visit, but I always preferred the coastal towns to the north, away from the crowds”
“Which brings you to our little beach town?”
“Yes, the opportunity to go to school in such a charming beach community was a huge draw”
“Again, welcome, and I for one am extremely glad you chose this place”
“As am I.  What are the odds, I’d find a condo that on day one opened doors to such wonderful people?”
Another sip of her native drink and we relax further.
“The universe seems to give us what we need, when we need it”  I respond.
“I think it does, as long as we’re humble and show the gratitude we’ve spoken about tonight”
She snuggles in closer – her head on my shoulder and her fingers coming to rest high on my thigh.
I put my arm around her shoulder.
“So what made you look for a school so far away from home?”
“A need for adventure and to experience a different lifestyle. It was impulsive, but it just felt like something I needed, and wanted to do”
“This place immediately felt right to me as well”
She propels herself to the other side of the hot tub, then back, standing in front of me.
“Overthinking things makes me weary. I like to make smart decisions, but my heart takes priority”
I stare silently at the naked beauty in front of me. She smiles warmly.
“I tend to be more analytical, but when I think back, the heart and impulse-driven decisions have often been the best”
I impulsively grasp her hips and pull her onto my lap
“Like inviting you tonight on a whim, my new neighbor”.
“I saw something warm and welcoming in your demeanor that made me accept without hesitation, Will”.
She slides in closer straddling me with my turgid shaft pressed against her petals.
“Gabby, I never meant to imply this in my invitation”
She smiles warmly.  “Will, you’re not a player.”
“Hey, I could be”
“Uh huh” she grins.
I ease my hands down her long back and onto her tight ass cheeks.  She moves in close, her full c-cups brushing against my chest at the water line as our lips lightly touch – both of us gently moaning as she glides fully down my shaft to my tight balls.
She begins to sensually ride my full length.  “I find sometimes that it’s my body rather than my head or heart that inform my decisions”
“Sensations our bodies crave so strongly that they override all other senses”
“Sometimes override, and at other times join forces with”  she smiles.
We clasp hands and she leans back staring into the brilliant night sky while continuing to ride me, then playfully falls forward where I engage her in a deeply sensual kiss.
She flashes that warm, engaging smile.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see the outline of what looks to be a woman standing in the window of a darkened room of Gabriela’s condo next door.
I smile.  “I think we’re being watched”
“No, from a bedroom window in your condo”
She playfully rolls her eyes. “Want to take this inside, Will?”
“No, do you?”
“No, I want to stay out here in the warm night air”
I thrust my body upward to stand in the warm water. She smiles and wraps her legs around my waist, then clasping her hands behind my neck leans back and sensually rides my cock revealing all but the head with each penetration while barely missing a beat in our conversation.
I eye her sexy toned body gliding so gracefully on me. “Talk about gratitude”
“Ditto, stud”
Pulling her chest back up against mine, we engage in a softly devouring kiss with our tongues gently dancing while her hips sensually gyrate.
“I love having sex with someone I feel I can trust while getting to know them”
“Not many women feel that way. X number of dates, maybe you click, tentative, often average sex, little honest conversation”
“Been there, don’t want to do that, but I also don’t want to be *fucked* by some guy I barely know. I want this – minds and bodies connecting during a sensual exploration”.
“I like that”.
“See, I told you you’re not a player”
“I have friends, well acquaintances, who are.  It’s not my style”
“I met every one of your friends here tonight and they were all interesting and respectful”
“Yeah, they’re a good group.  Many of them are fierce competitors on the volleyball court, but all guys I can walk down the street and have a beer with afterwards”
She eyes my body very slowly before staring down at our physical connection as my cock disappears and reappears inside her beautiful body”.
Looking back up to my face, she looks lost in a haze of arousal.
Her fingers trace my well developed abs.
“You don’t look like a guy who drinks a lot of beer”
I smile and trace her flat, firm abs, then lightly caress her swollen clit.
“Seems we have that in common”
Our eyes gently lock as she moves on me, purring at the sensations of my touch.
While lost in the moment I grasp her ass cheeks and firmly pull her tight to me, fully penetrated, then step up out of the hot tub and pad across the deck to stand next to the padded double lounger.  Our lips merge in a deeply sensual kiss as she moves her hips in such an incredibly stimulating way.
Nose-to-nose after our kiss breaks, she says “You do remember we’re being watched, right?”  Now from a position twenty feet closer to Monique’s window.
I grin “I do, are you still ok with it?”
“I am.  I have to admit to a bit of an exhibitionist streak”
I stare deep into her eyes.  “Interesting.  I’ve discovered the same about myself over the past few weeks”.
I lift her up off my swollen rod and ease her down to the double lounger – laid flat.
A rush hits me as I stand at the foot of the lounger – my naked muscular body dimly lit by the subtle deck lighting, my cock rock hard and pointing up towards the crescent moon as I eye the beautiful soulful woman laying spread eagle below me.
I drop to my knees on the lounger between her spread legs, and kiss my way up her right thigh, teasingly kissing around her wet pussy before continuing over her abs, then easing two fingers inside her as my mouth finds tan-line free breasts.  Her nipples respond instantly to the warmth of my tongue, each one becoming more erect as I suck them gently into my mouth.  Her fingernails dig into my shoulders letting me know I’ve found a sensitive spot just inside her tight walls.  I look into her eyes, watching them glaze over as I explore that area.
She purrs “They say there’s no such thing as a g-spot, but whatever you call it, I’m super sensitive mmmmmmmmmmmm right there”
“As sensitive as your clit?”  I ask, easing my wet fingers out of her and up under her hood.
“It’s different.  Either can bring me to orgasm”
I look at her, marveling at the connection we’ve formed in less than 12 hours, and how completely relaxed and at ease she is.
“Good to know, Gabby”  I smile.
“See, you already have me giving away my secrets”.
I straddle her abs and gently massage her breasts.
“You gave these two secrets away the second I met you”
“I did, gladly, although from what I saw down by the beach, I might be giving them away to others”
“Another thing to like about this town – legal toplessness within a block of the beach”
“Walking into a bar with my breasts bared, might get me wet”
She grasps my shaft and begins to slowly stroke me.
“And you gave away this secret when my pervy roommate and I peeked over your fence earlier”
“I saw that, you know, and it felt so good that you just eyed my body for a few seconds and didn’t freak out”.
She smiles.  “Quite the opposite.  I actually got a little wet, both from seeing you, and finding that my neighbor enjoys being naked like I do”.
“And the perv?”  I grin.
“She didn’t say much, but she certainly didn’t object”.
“Good to know, I wouldn’t want to offend her by having her see something she doesn’t want to” I say, with a wicked grin while leaning back with my arms extended behind me while Gabriela explores my cock and tight balls in full view of our voyeur.
After a minute of this blatant display, I ease back down the lounger to straddle her thighs, looking intensely into her pretty eyes as I rub the underside of my cock over her wet clit.  A feral energy builds, driving me to fall forward pinning her wrists to the padded surface, never breaking our gaze as stretch my legs out between hers and firmly drive my erection deep inside her.
“I might have lied, Gabby”
“Not wanting you from the second I laid eyes on you”.
She stares back, looking hungry and deeply aroused.
“Yeah, I might be guilty there myself”
She wraps her legs around mine, and we engage in the most sensual thirty minutes of sex that I’ve ever experienced – me on top steadily fucking her, flipping us over to watch her move with such sexy grace – hips gyrating, breasts gently bouncing while loving the way I eye her body, then rolling her onto all fours while we trade off driving the penetrations.  Mmmmmm, the way her sweet ass moves is a work of art.
I’m sure Monique is enjoying every second, but little of what we do is expressly for her, we’re simply inviting her to watch.
I ease her onto her side, knees to her chest, gently biting her neck and rubbing her clit as I thrust against her tight little ass – our voices largely silent, save the purrs and moans. She cranes her neck around to kiss me, then with catlike speed, dismounts and rolls me onto my back pinning my wrists.
My turgid cock seeks her entrance just an inch out of reach as she stares down at me with a soft, but intense fire in her eyes.  I stare back, freeing one hand and easing a single finger steadily over the firm wet flesh of her swollen clit for a good thirty seconds, until she closes her eyes and sinks down my shaft burying my erection deep up her tight snatch down to my tight balls.  She bites her lower lip as her body steadily climbs under my caress, then begins to slowly ride me while unblinkingly focusing her deep brown eyes on my blue pools.  I free my other hand to caress those tight little ass cheeks.

We dance, seamlessly transitioning from her driving the penetration, to me thrusting steadily up into her, and back, deeply connected as our bodies climb.  She’s wonderfully transparent in communicating what she’s feeling, non-verbally teaching me to do the same, so I know when she’s close, and teasingly keep her right there – mouth open, panting, sensually riding me until I sense she’s at that perfect place.  Her voice catches as she exhales “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawd” and her sexy body shudders as an obviously explosive orgasm rips into her body.  Those pretty eyes roll back in her head, her body spasming with each touch of her hyper-sensitive clit as she slowly glides up and down my shaft.
When her eyes open, she lowers her mouth to mine, devouring my lips, with her tongue exploring my mouth.  My hands roam over her back and ass, before I ease one finger back onto her slightly less sensitive clit.  “I’m so fucking high” she whispers while staring down into my eyes after our kiss ends.  I flick my finger over her clit causing her body to jerk.
“Mmmmm, you are”.
“Mmmmm, I am”  she smiles warmly, staring into my eyes as I watch the softness fade to lustful intent.  She begins to ride me with long strokes – sensually at first, leaning back with her hands on my thighs, then sitting straight up, rhythmically moving her hips in a sexy lap dance.  I groan with pleasure as my arousal intensifies, she smiles and subtly adjusts the motion of her hips to keep me on a slow steady path.  “Mmmmmm”, she purrs, flashing a sexy wicked grin upon feeling me relax with my hands now clasped behind my head, completely surrendering to her will.
She takes me on a journey – dancing and playing with my body while searching for touches that make me strongly react – a closing of my eyes, opening of my mouth, just the right moan or groan.  I unclasp my hands and reach up to touch her face, then caress her arms and full swollen breasts before tracing her tight abs and lightly fingering her clit – my hands finally coming to rest on her hips.
I look into her eyes, finding her in the moment, watching and feeling me.  I climb higher, and as if she’d logged every reaction she begins to string together every movement that made my body react – circling her hips, riding the top three inches for several seconds before plunging back down, reaching back to fondle my tight balls, leaning down to lick my firm nipples, expertly keeping me achingly aroused.
Increasing her pace, she takes me to the edge, then smiles and eases me back down prompting me to relax before again riding me to the precipice – each time connecting us more deeply with her eyes and body.
Deep, intense sexual energy flows steadily throughout my tall muscular frame – an intensity that she’s in complete control over as I my body increasingly begs for release.
“Let me take you high, Will” she whispers while searching my eyes and keeping me close to the edge.
“Really, really fucking high”
Her eyes mesmerize me into a more relaxed state as ceases her motion and gently squeezes my throbbing cock with her walls for thirty seconds, before continuing.  An ache deeper than I’ve ever felt eases into my body, an ache she senses as she slowly steadily impales her body with my rock hard erection, keeping me in an other-worldly zone.
“So fucking high, you beautiful sexy man” she whispers, backing off, then sensually taking me straight to a fucking mind-blowing explosion that elicits a primal growl as I powerfully erupt inside her hot body.  She rides my rolling bucking hips like a sexy naked cowgirl, pretending that only the squeezing of my shaft is keeping her on board.
“Mmmmm, fill me Will” she moans watching me as my head spins with my mouth open.
“Ohhhhhhh fuck” I groan, flying every fucking bit as high as she wanted, while the contents of my balls splash against her tight walls.
I feel her hands on my chest as I breath slowly and deeply while she sensually rides me, watching while I enjoy the longest most intense orgasm of my life – one in which I let play out to it’s fullest before I come down from my flight.

I remain hard inside her as we sensually kiss, our naked bodies gliding over each others while our hands roam.
When she again sits up on my body, I look up into her eyes while lightly caressing her clit.
“Really, really, fucking high”.
She smiles.  “Yeah, me too.  So high”.

I laugh hard as she looks up to Monique’s window, smiles and waves.  She falls to my chest laughing with me.
“I should probably go talk to her”
“Yeah, tomorrow.  Tonight you’re sleeping under the stars with me”
“Bucket list Will, bucket list”
“Ooooooookay, if you insist”
We procrastinate by kissing, touching, and talking.  Several half-hearted “Will, I really need to go” statements pause our stimulating touches, but fail to make us rise up off of this comfortable lounger where we are now talking as I caress her firm ass cheeks.
“Will, I really do need to go talk to her”
“I know”
Again our lips lock in a long, sensual can’t-get-enough kiss – my hands roaming over her ass and up her long back as she caresses my pecs.
“One more time?”  I ask with a smile.
“Mmmmmm, soon.  I want more too”.
“Ok, but I’m going to hold you to that.  I know where you live”
“You won’t have to come knocking”, then leans down to give me a soft kiss before crawling off me and rising to her feet.
I scan her lean, tight, naked form.  “You obviously take very good care of your body”
“I do”  she pauses and scans mine.  “Mmmmm, and ditto”.

I reluctantly rise and escort her towards the back door, glancing up to find our voyeurs window unoccupied as we enter the house. Once at the front door, she ties her skirt loosely around her waist but leaves her bikini top in her hand.
“Tell her we’re totally cool with her watching us, ok?”
“After making her sweat a bit, yes” she grins before continuing “Will, part of my continuing once I knew she was watching us was to show her that sex can be really organic beautiful thing.  Little did I know that you and I would connect at the level that we did and spend an hour having wonderfully beautiful perfectly in-tune sex”
“Soul-connecting sex.  You’re a loving friend to her, although I was so into you, it rarely crossed my mind that she was there”
“Will, I can’t remember having a more enjoyable time than I did tonight, from start to intense beautiful end”
“Nor I”
“If I was looking for a relationship at this time, you’d be at the top of my list”
I smile and gently grasp her upper arms.  “There are many kinds of relationships my beautiful neighbor, and my deck is absolutely open to you any time you want to hop the fence – be it for a naked conversation, to have drinks together, watch a stunning sunset, or to further build on our soulful sexual connection”.
She sets her bikini top on the hall table, places her hands on my chest and stares deep into my eyes while enjoying the backs of my fingers caressing her responsive nipples.  “You could not have said anything more perfect than that, Will” she replies then kisses me with such soulful sensuality.  I untie her skirt, grasp her ass cheeks and powerfully pull her up my body where she instinctively wraps her long legs around my waist and clasps her hands behind my neck.
“Will, I really really need to go” she says.
“I know, you really should go”  I grin back, firmly squeezing her buttocks.
She feels my cock reawaken. “Something tells me you could go all night, Sir”
“With a beautiful, hot, soulful woman like you?  Hell yes”
“Sensual love-making, mixed with intensely physical take-no-prisoners fucking” she responds.

“Mmmmm, how strong is your bed?” she continues, looking deep into my eyes as she slowly eases down my full length then up to my head and back down, teasing me with a potential dismount with each stroke.
“Let’s go find out”
She smiles warmly, then eases up off my shaft and I lower her to the floor.
I feel her hand firmly grip my wet erection as she rises up on her toes to give me the most sensual, seductive kiss.
“Foreplay for next time, stud”  she smiles warmly, then grabs her clothes and walks out the door naked.
I boldly step out onto my little front deck as she disappears down one flight of stairs, then reappears stepping up hers.  She turns and looks back, her sexy nude body highlighted by the moonlight, staring at my naked aroused form for a good fifteen seconds before blowing me a kiss and disappearing inside.

Thanks for reading. Comments, and shared fantasies are always welcome. Stay tuned for future chapters…

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